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Protest Henry Kissinger and Colombian President Alvaro Uribe (Union Killer!) at NYU -- Thursday, 6 PM

SALVADOR ALLENDE TE QUEREMOS | This panel, ominously named "New Political Policies
for the Americas" is no
neutral "dialogue" about the way forward for the
people of South America.
NYU is giving the stage to Kissinger and Uribe to lay
out neoliberal
policy--policy that has and continues to open the way
for union-busting,
corporate dominance and manipulation by predatory
lending agencies. It is
no surprise that NYU gives a voice to such characters,
because here at NYU
the administration follows the same policy of busting
unions for corporate
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My Day with the TWU Local 100 Rallying against the MTA

Jason Gooljar | There are two things that made me hop on a metro north railroad train to Grand Central. One was to help leaflet for NY Senatorial candidate Jonathan Tasini and to support TWU local 100 as they battle with a greedy MTA. more...  44 Comments

New School PhD and others Face Death Penalty in Ethiopia

New School Save Nega Campaign | As of December 13th, Berhanu Nega and other leading Coalition for Unity and Democracy members are on their fifteenth day of hunger strike and need all the support they can get! more...  1 Comments

McGowan Lawyer Interviewed on WBAI's Wakeup Call.

Wakeup Call | National Lawyers Guild attorney Martin Stolar, who recently represented accused environmental activist Daniel McGowan during his NYC removal hearing, was interviewed on WBAI's Wakeup Call by guest host Kat Aaron. To our knowledge, this is the first extensive interview Stolar has given to any media outlet. [Click Here For the Full Interview | Previous NYC IMC Coverage || Update from Family andf Friends of Daniel McGowan]

Please refrain from speculation and innuendo on Indymedia posts related to this case. more...  4 Comments

DIY Park

Visual Resistance | Speaking of badass non-confrontational temporary street art, San Francisco art collective Rebar pulled off an incredible intervention last month by turning a parking space into a park. Armed with rolls of sod, a shade tree, a bench, and nickels for the meter, they created an oasis of greenspace in the middle of downtown. Their explanation is smart as hell and worth reading in full:

The initial PARK(ing) intervention occurred on November 16, 2005 from noon until 2 p.m., without incident or interference from any level of institutional authority. Sort of makes you wonder what else you can do in a parking space . . [Read More] more...  0 Comments

Miguel Malo Recieves No Jail Time, 10 Days of Community Service, 3 Years Probation

Anonymous | Hostos College activist Miguel Malo received a sentence of ten days community service and three years probation following his conviction on reckless assault and disorderly conduct charges stemming from a May 2001 protest at the CUNY school. Malo received no jail time. more...  0 Comments

Victory! Coke Banned at NYU

NYU Inc | After two years of amazingly inspirational activist work at NYU, a ban on Cola-Cola products was passed at the All-University Senate meeting today! To see the Coke Ban in a global context, click here. more...  0 Comments

Incarnation Controversy Simmers

Susan Chenelle and Hanson Jones | In early 2004, independent journalist Liam Scheff set off a firestorm of allegations against New York City’s Administration for Children’s Services (ACS) and Incarnation Children’s Center (ICC) in Harlem, with an article he posted on His story, “The House That AIDS Built,” revealed that, throughout the 1990s, experimental HIV drugs had been tested on HIV foster children at ICC.
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Save Inca Cultural Center Timisoara, Romania

a | INCA Center is a non-profit, all-voluntary place dedicated to the
alternative culture. The place has hosted in the past 3 and half
years over 150 events: concerts, art exhibitions, projections & movie
nights, performance, festivals, etc. also for next year already we
have planned many workshops, conferences, concerts and others. If
city will evict us, and there is huge chance for this to happen, one
of the few alternative places in the region will disappear and will
leave us with no place to host all these events. Because we have
strong promises that we will never get a second place from the city.

Also we know that the only thing that will make the city change their
mind is three things:
- International protests at Romanian embassies and consulates
- Strong international and national response through email/fax/phone
- The scandal goes to the media more...  0 Comments

Torture & White Phosphorus


D16: Howard Stern’s Last Day March and Rally

: | He’s been WAY pumping this up on his show. Although he’s been censored again and is no longer allowed to talk about the march, it’s still planned, and will head from 92.3 FM K-Rock to Sirius Satellite Radio, 57th and Columbus to 50th St, at least 7 blocks. 6 AM Friday December 16th starts his last show which he plans to hold outside with the fans (the rally), then as it draws to the end at 10:30 AM, he’ll start walking. more...  1 Comments

[gangbox] Volunteers Needed for the Gangbox: Construction Workers News Service

GANGBOX: CONSTRUCTION WORKERS NEWS SERVICE | The GANGBOX: CONSTRUCTION WORKERS NEWS SERVICE needs volunteer contributing editors, correspondents and tech support people. No prior journalism experience necessary. more...  0 Comments

'Sex Worker': Tales of a Hotel Dick

Steve Peacock | There are estimated to be millions of women and children around the world who are forced into the sex industry. Many are transported across the globe against their will. Others, however, enter the business for one reason and one reason only: the money's good. The following piece is the first in a series of excerpts from 'Hotel Dick: Harlots, Starlets, Thieves & Sleaze," a memoir of my five years as a plainclothes house detective -- or "hotel dick," as they are known -- at the Helmsley Palace, New York City's former playground of the wealthy and powerful. more...  5 Comments

A Lesson In Class

Bennett Baumer | The lines are becoming clear in a battle that many see as critical to organized labor’s future on college campuses. On the one side is a powerful university with a billion-dollar endowment, backed by anti-union faculty and reportedly aided by high priced union-busting lawyers. On the other side are more than a thousand members of GSOC, part of United Auto Workers Local 2110, supported by undergraduate and faculty committees, local politicians, the labor movement, prominent academics, religious leaders and thousands of other community members. more...  12 Comments

Brooklyn activist faces life in prison on 16-count arson indictment; Bail Denied, Extradiction to Eugene, Ore. Pending

Jed Brandt | UPDATE: Bail has been denied in the case of Daniel McGowan, and each of the other arrestees around the country. McGowan will be held pending his extradition to Eugene, Ore. and his arraignment.

According to spectators at Friday's hearing, prosecutors read through posts on the NYC Indymedia newswire (including this article) and mentioned them as part of the bail hearing. They made mention of other electronic communications on Thursday, and undoubtedly their attentions are ranging far and wide.

Please refrain from speculation and innuendo on Indymedia posts related to this case.


Federal marshals arrested six environmental activists in a series of coordinated raids in four states yesterday, Dec. 8, in apparent response to a string of arsons in Oregon and Washington attributed to the Earth Liberation Front (ELF), including simultaneous attacks in 2001 at the University of Washington's Urban Horticulture Center and the Jefferson Poplar Farms in Clatskanie, Oregon. Daniel McGowan, 31 was arrested in New York City. Authorities have also stated that there will be more arrests, with at least one indictment immediately outstanding. more...  24 Comments

It’s the Man, ma: A Review of 'Syriana' (Indypendent)

CHARLIE BASS | Syriana examines how the connections between American oil interests and nation-building go much deeper than the actions of Bush I and II. Gaghan presents a hard look at the shared interests between nations, corporations and individuals, yet still allows filmgoers to draw their own conclusions. more...  1 Comments

the g-string: Men vs. Women or Love vs. Materialism? (Indypendent)

AMY WOLF | Dowd charges all women with a weakness that only a privileged few are able to consider. This elitism is compounded by her unwillingness to acknowledge the role media plays. She rails on half-starved, “dithery singletons” like Ally McBeal and Carrie Bradshaw, but does not critique the industry and advertisers they exist for. more...  0 Comments

The Mainstreaming of Porn (Indypendent)

KRISTIN WARTMAN | Pussy sells. Everyone knows that. Lately, however, the objectification of women has gone to a whole new level. Women are now working in tandem with men to produce and exploit the mainstreaming of porn. They’re lining up to participate in, provide and produce porn. It feels like the “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em” mentality has taken over the minds (and bodies) of women. more...  2 Comments

Antigone Now (Indypendent)

NICHOLAS POWERS | The Left titled her the Rosa Parks of the antiwar movement. The Right compared her to Walter Cronkite who turned the public against the Vietnam War or to eccentric conspiracist Lyndon LaRouche. Analysts tried to explain her but Sheehan’s power comes from an older time, from the ancient Greek drama Antigone. more...  0 Comments

The Campaign to End AIDS Revives a Movement (Indypendent)

SUZY SUBWAYS | To make sure the movement’s a long-term survivor, the Campaign to End AIDS (C2EA), a national coalition of HIV service providers and advocacy groups, pulled off an ambitious series of events from October to early November. more...  0 Comments

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