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finch | Bush confesses his criminality and hopes that his ‘act’ of contrition will save him from the dock. He has finally acknowledged that the invasion (and occupation) of Iraq was/is based on incorrect information (lies). Supporters and citizens who desperately hope that Bush’s admission demonstrates his contrition had their hopes dashed against the hard reality of further sordid deeds – the illegal 'bugging' and monitoring of US citizen’s private communications by the NSA. [Would anyone seriously expect this criminal administration to change character?] Bush’s admission is a political gesture, a strategic manoeuvre in response to increasing international disapproval of the dishonesty of his regime. more...  0 Comments

A Real "People's Strike"?

Ideas For Action |
Transit Strike in NYC!

I remember sitting in meetings over the past several years talking bout how 'we were going to shut down the city' or how we were going to build support for a 'peoples strike'. Well, all of a sudden we find ourselves (those who live in NYC) we find ourselves in a place where workers have literally shut down major parts of (arguably) the worlds most important city. [Read More] more...  6 Comments

Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) Launch More Attacks on Palestinian Civilians


White House, FBI Lied to 9-11 Commission About "Missing" 9-11 Black Boxes

Dave Lindorff | The NTSB apparently did get the boxes from the planes that crashed into the World Trade Center, just as trade center clean-up crew members had claimed. So what is the government hiding by denying that the recorders were found? more...  0 Comments

Support the NYC Transit Strike

Panama Vicente Alba | NYC Union Town
Local 100 TWU is on strike for wages , benefits, job protection DIGNITY & THE FUTURE workers of this city
The hemorrhage of workers rights stops here!
The Strike
All workers will be better for it
more...  9 Comments

Transit Strike is On, + pix

Antrim Caskey, photos by Zalmai | Hundreds of TWU members and transit strike supports rallied outside of Gov Pataki's office yesterday to ask the governor to step in to avert a strike. However, the mood was one of defiance and determination; at 4:30pm yesterday, the strike felt imminent.

Fadila Mrkulic, a self-described janitor and 33-year memeber of SEIU 32BJ, came out in vigorous support of transit workers. "Every New Yorker should stand behind these people, it's not like they want to be millionaires...I'm ready to walk from Queens. These people need our help. I'm not afraid of walking."

Stanley Switalski, a member of the TWU also stood in the cold evening streets in support of the strike. "Right now, Pataki's gotta say, give them (what they want). " Switalski predicted that if there is a strike, "the losers going to be us, the Transit Authority and the people. "They're not afraid. They are ready to strike," he summed up. more...  1 Comments

"Judge in Scooter Libby, Sibel Edmonds cases is redacted in action"

Bill Conroy | "What do two of the biggest national-security news stories of the century — the Valerie Plame leak scandal and the legal case of FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds — have in common?
They both are being presided over by the same federal judge in the District of Colombia, Reggie Walton, a Bush appointee to the federal court and a man who appears to have a few well-kept secrets of his own."
more...  0 Comments

Past rulings don't support Bush's use of war powers

Charlie Savage | President Bush's assertion that his powers as commander in chief allowed him to authorize wiretaps on Americans despite a 1978 wiretapping law has little support in past Supreme Court rulings. more...  0 Comments

STRIKE! Transit Workers Set to Walk at 12:01 a.m. in Defiance of the Taylor Law

Anonymous | Post breaking news stories to the NYC Indymedia newswire.

Transit workers have requested community support. If you can make it, head to the bridges listed below with signs, bells and whistles.

Hundreds of thousands of leaflets will be available -- or you can bring your own materials.


The following initial locations to leaflet the public between 6:30 - 9a.m. Tuesday morning:

Brooklyn Bridge - Brooklyn side
(first priority in order to screw up Bloomberg's media op)

Williamsburg Bridge - Manhattan side
Queensboro Bridge - Manhattan side
Manhattan Bridge - Manhattan side
George Washinton Bridge - Manhattan side
145th Street Bridge - Manhattan side more...  38 Comments

TWU Workers Make Last Stand at Pataki's Office Just Hours Before Strike Deadline

Erin Thompson | Outside of Governor Pataki’s New York City office on 3rd Avenue, thousands of workers crowded into police barricades along the two city blocks between 38th and 40th streets, holding signs in support of a new contract with the MTA and chanting “Shame on Pataki.”
more...  0 Comments

Men vs. Women or Love vs. Materialism?

Amy Wolf | Dowd charges all women with a weakness that only a privileged few are able to consider. This elitism is compounded by her unwillingness to acknowledge the role media plays. She rails on half-starved, “dithery singletons” like Ally McBeal and Carrie Bradshaw, but does not critique the industry and advertisers they exist for. more...  2 Comments

Subway v. Williamsburg

... | This sign was spotted in Williamsburg along Bedford Street (courtesy of the Gothamist). The campaign is being run by more...  5 Comments

Haiti's Achievements with Aristide and Lavalas - now lost since the U.S. led coup ousting him

STEPHEN LENDMAN | Haiti's achievements under Aristide and Lavalas during their 10 years in office and conditions there now since the coup more...  0 Comments

Karl Rove and the Ghost of Christmas Present

B. Caherty | DAWN asks; Karl Rove aka Turd Blossom are you being naughty or nice? more...  0 Comments

MTA-TWU Talks At A Standstill

Gotham Gazette | After holding off on a strike this morning, talks between the MTA and the TWU seem to have completely collapsed. Most likely, if there is a transit strike in NYC, it will begin on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, as the Wonkster writes over at the Gotham Gazette:

"If there is a full-fledged transit strike, many will blame the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s handling of its surplus and its using some of the money to fund holiday discounts-- complete with television ads showing Santa on the subway." [What YOU Can Do If There's A Strike || Transit Workers Need a Decent Contract || Interview with TWU Local 100 Pres. Roger Toussaint || My Day With The TWU

more...  2 Comments

Katrina’s Aftermath: The Catastrophe Continues

Richard Mellor | Three months after hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans I wondered what was happening down there. If the coverage in the national US media was anything to go by, the worst was over, Katrina hit, the scenes of abandoned people and desperate evacuees were gone, and everything must be getting back to normal. more...  0 Comments

D.C. Watch-----Finally Watched.

Elijah Gatewood | Private news agency investigating D.C. government officials
is put on spot. more...  0 Comments

Teamsters Raid On IWW Drive Fails

Worker Freedom | On Nov. 1, Local 810 of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters lost an NLRB election for the roughly 300-worker transportation department of New York City internet grocer FreshDirect, LLC. The local had lost an election in 2004 for the same unit. Despite having won the support of over 100 workers who could have been organized into a powerful union presence, Local 810 abandoned the field after that election.
more...  3 Comments

Iraq: Make or Break in 2006

A.K. Gupta | After Rep. John Murtha’s revelation that the U.S. Army is on the verge of falling apart, it’s clear that 2006 will be a make-or-break year for the U.S. occupation. This realization is the motivating factor in the Bush administration’s campaign for “Victory in Iraq.” It wants to crush the armed resistance within the next year so it can begin to draw down U.S. troops and avoid a rout in next fall’s congressional elections. But, as a recent U.S. Army War College report put it, the U.S. is caught in a trap: “We can’t stay, we can’t leave, and we can’t fail.” more...  1 Comments

Wakeup Call Interview with Tookie Williams

Kat Aaron, Wakeup Call | WBAI's morning news show, Wakeup Call, interviewed Stanley Tookie Williams less than 24 hours before he was killed by the state of California, following the denial of his clemency petition. more...  1 Comments

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