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TWU, MTA Reach Tentative Agreement

imcista #9 | According to TWU Local 100, the TWU "Executive Board Tuesday night voted 37 to 4 to approve a new 37-month contract with the MTA NYC Transit." [See Roll Call Vote || TWU-MTA Memoradum of Understanding]

Local editorial boards have weighed in. The New York Times argues that the Local 100 membershi[ has won, while the NY Post gloats that "Roger Lost." Meanwhile, New York Newsday's Jimmy Breslin looks at the racial tension behind the strike. more...  1 Comments

Reflections on Christmas

Astrid Essed | In my christmas-message to the readers I reflect on the great contradiction between the real meaning of Christmas, being the appeal to human rights and respect and the hypocrisy, used by the ''christian'' polticians more...  0 Comments

Brokeback Mountain: A Vicious Attack on the Queer Community!

Vincent Fischer | I both enjoyed, and was moved deeply, by the movie Brokeback Mountain. I am sure that I will see it again. Upon reflection, however, there are a few things that bothered me. more...  4 Comments

Smash Fascism in Connecticut

deletetheborder | A bunch of racists, anti-immigrants, white supremacists, and more are trying to stage a national protest at day-labor sites in the United States on Jan 7th, in the morning. Based out of Connecticut, Paul Streitz and his Connecticut Citizens for Immigration Control are calling on his mostly retired, old white male friends to scapegoat undocumented people for 'taking jobs' and 'being terrorists' and other myths. If you care about civil rights, human dignity, and believe that no one is illegal, please come out and stop them. more...  1 Comments

Brooklyn's Railyards: The Fight Continues

No Land Grab |

The NY Times published four letters (click link and scroll down) in response to the November 27 article, "It's a Matter of Scale in Brooklyn."

Topics covered are:

  • bypass of any local or legislative approval processes,
  • importance of city planning debate (as opposed to "scale"),
  • housing and
  • concerns over a Brooklyn luxury housing glut.

No action by The NY Times goes unanswered by TimesRatnerReporter Norman Oder, who points out (again!) that the project isn't just over the railyards (see headline and Jay Weiser's letter) and that there was no mention of the costs of the project (the arena would be the most expensive, ever).

more...  0 Comments

Interview with One People's Project

Stephanie | Jenkins talks about the creation of One People's Project, its current goals, racist ties amongst big name groups and individuals, and more. OPP celebrated its five year anniversary this past spring. more...  0 Comments

Paper Politics in Brooklyn

Visual Resistance | An Exhibition of Politically and Socially Engaged Printmaking
Curated by Josh MacPhee

5+5 Gallery

more...  0 Comments

Class, Race, White Privilege and the MTA Strike

onto | It's interesting how this strike was framed by so many different sides as a city issue, class issue, workers issue, but never as a race issue. Seeing as how the TWU is overwhelming people of color and immigrants, to ignore how race and white privilege in the MTA, TWU and regular New Yorkers themselves played itself out is itself to perpetuate the luxury of not 'noticing' it at all. This isn't a complete analysis, but rather some beginning questions. more...  36 Comments

Why I Don't Really Care For Christmas

Jason Gooljar | This year has finally marked an effort by me to explore the truth behind the two major holidays this nation celebrates. I've already learned that Thanksgiving is really marking the mass murder of Native American Indians in 1637. I learned of the evil that was carried out by the Governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony in declaring a day of thanksgiving after this most horrid mass extermination of man, woman, and child was carried out. more...  9 Comments

The Transit Strike and Independent Media

Anonymous | Workers of all colors stood up despite the fury unleashed on them.
They knew what was at stake: their right to make a decent living with
respect that could have a long-lasting effect on other
labor struggles. But you didn't hear these voices or issues in the
mainstream press. The media was too busy demonizing
some 33,000 workers who make $40-$50K a year. This is
in a city where -- hold your breath -- there are more
than 250,000 families worth over $10 million. more...  2 Comments

MTA Also Violated Taylor Law

Sonali | While the media is focusing on the illegality of the strikes, we should not forget that the MTA also violated a section of the Taylor Law when they tried to make last-minute changes to the pension plan. more...  2 Comments

NYPD Spying On Activists

roger m | For years, NYC Indymedia has documented the infiltration of undercover police officers at New York City protest events, as a trip through the archives shows:

[Undercover pig uniform this week... || NYPD's latest "Starskys and Hutches" - Undercover scooters! || How to Spot an Undercover Cop || Undercovers || A conversation with an undercover cop]

Now, revelations in this weeks New York Times further expose phony demonstrators and undercover bikers; much of the footage comes from I-Witness video and Democracy Now producer Elizabeth Press.

Also see this San Diego IMC Story: New Documents Show FBI Spying on Domestic Activist Groups

more...  10 Comments

And to all, a good night


Strike: Winners and Losers?

Analysis | The rank and file of TWU Local 100 is a definite winner. From the looks of it and I may, like Jed Brandt, eat my shoes, but I think the TWU has beat back the pension proposal by the MTA. The also shut down the largest city in the US and showed the strength that workers have. It was a lesson to workers and also to the bosses as to who runs this city. [See Also Juan Gonzalez: Both Sides Did What They Had To] more...  34 Comments

Link to photos of snitches in eco case

. | follow this link to photos of the 2 confidential informants in the eco-arson case more...  3 Comments

Transit Workers Take Control

Bennett Baumer | At the Sunset Park picket line, P.S. 24 elementary students lined wooden horses and screamed “TWU” while striking transit workers filed passed, giving the kids high-fives like NBA stars. Passing motorists also honked in support, creating a cacophony of chanting children and cars.
more...  5 Comments

Beyond the Nickel and Dime: Transit Strike Is Our Strike

Jed Brandt | This is a battle for New York. Gentrification, "Giuliani Time," a billionaire mayor, the whole issue of who owns this city. If the TWU wins, we all do. And the effect won't just be in the paycheck of the workers directly involved, but in the capacity of everyday people to learn from their own experience that so much more is possible than what the bosses, media and "authorities" demand.

To read the full analysis with embedded links to background information, see Red Flags: more...  17 Comments

Snitches Revealed in Court

Gumby Cascadia | Stanislas "Jack" Meyerhoff and Jacob "Jake" Ferguson are named as confidential informants in a detention hearing for Chelsea Gerlach today in Eugene. more...  0 Comments

Big Brother Bush and the NSA Spying on Domestic Groups

Todd Anderson | The shocking revelations about the FBI surveillances have occurred just as the NSA’s illegal wire tapping, and spying scheme that was approved by Bush has become salient. The domestic spying has blatantly intruded upon at least 150 activist groups without any affiliation with international terrorists that the Bush Administration has labeled as enemies to the radical right, and conservative neocons within the Bush Adiminstration. The US Constitution has been blatantly disregarded and violated with a virtually Gestapo like precision that is reminiscent of the Nixon Administration. [Also See: An Impeachable Offense? Bush Admits Authorizing NSA to Spy Without Warrant || A Boot Stamping on a Human Face] more...  5 Comments

Emergency Critical Mass in Transit Worker Union Solidarity?

here's an idea ... | We could probably pull it off ... and it would really hit the city where it hurts. more...  2 Comments

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