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Loud as a Bomb: Banksy Bomb's Israel's 'Apartheid Wall'

Jed Brandt | Already a local graf hero for surreptitiously hanging his own anti-war paintings in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the British street artist known only as Banksy completed a series of paintings and montages on the gigantic containment wall Israeli occupation forces are building throughout the West Bank. It’s his best work yet. more...  1 Comments

Juiced-Up Bats Make Baseball Owners Fat (Indypendent)

Steven Wishnia | When George W. Bush spoke out against the use of steroids in baseball during his 2004 State of the Union address, it raised some eyebrows. Was this more important than the environment, AIDS, or high housing costs, which Bush ignored? more...  0 Comments

Street Vendors on the Lam (Indypendent)

Andrew Silverstein | On a warm spring night in Jackson Heights, an older Mexican vendor was filling an order of five elotes – fresh corn lathered in mayonnaise, covered in cotija cheese and dusted with a hot pepper powder. While he pulled the third corncob from a large pot in the shopping cart equipped with all his ingredients, a fellow vendor whistled, alerting him to an approaching police officer. In a panic, he covered his cart, pushed it against a wall and told his three customers to come back in five minutes. He then ran into a convenience store. more...  0 Comments

Congress Caves on CAFTA (Indypendent)

Susan Chenelle | Following a marathon session of arm-twisting on the part of the Bush administration on the night of July 27 – during which “the floor of the House of Representatives resembled the set of ‘Let’s Make a Deal,’” according to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) – the House of Representatives approved the long-contested Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA), by the slim margin of 217-215. more...  0 Comments

NYCLU Files Federal Suit to Stop Subway Searches (Indypendent)

Steven Wishnia | Civil liberatarian crusaders take searches to the federal courts. more...  0 Comments

Demonstrations in July Few, but Potent

D. Burbeck | Military recruiters are finding it difficult to complete the mission
of "No Child Left Behind" which it turns out is - there will be a place
for your children in the Military if they cannot make it to College. more...  0 Comments

Convictions Overturned in Cuba Five Case

FreeTheFive | A federal appellate court in Atlanta overturned the life-sentence convictions of the Cuba 5 and ordered a new trial on the basis that the men could not get a fair trial in the right-wing Cuban exile stronghold of Miami. more...  2 Comments

Worse than the Plame Case

The Prelude to "7/7" | A full independent investigation is needed to smoke out whoever betrayed national security and endangered our allies in the case of Muhammad Naeem Noor Khan more...  1 Comments

Two NYC officials endorse racial profiling

Scott Adams | Brooklyn Assemblyman Dov Hikind and Staten Island Councilman James Otto want racial profiling of Middle Easterners.
Hikind: "They all look a certain way...It's all very nice to be politically correct here, but we're talking about terrorism."
Otto: "Plain and simply, young Arab fundamentalists are the individuals undertaking these acts of terror...A particular group of people who are engaging in these terrorist activities. And they're not skinny, balding Italian-Americans from Staten Island." more...  5 Comments

Aug 1st Issue of The Indypendent Now Online

Indypendent | To subscribe, please email indysubs (at) yahoo (dot) com, or send $25 for a year's subscription (23 issues) to:
29 East 34th Street,
2nd Floor
NY NY 10016

Make Checks Payable to NYC IMC Print Team. Thanks for your support! more...  0 Comments

Indypendent: Operation Red Scare: The Academic Battlefield

Bill Berkowitz | David Horowitz, the 1960s left-wing radical turned right-wing activist/provocateur and Republican political consultant, has crafted a campaign to stifle the speech of liberal academics. more...  0 Comments

Hiroshima Cover-up: Stripping the War Department's Timesman of His Pulitzer

Amy Goodman and David Goodman | This weekend marks the sixtieth anniversary of the U.S. bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. William Laurence, the New York Times reporter who covered the bombings was also on the US government payroll. Journalists Amy Goodman and David Goodman call for the Pulitzer Board to strip Laurence and his paper, The New York Times, of the undeserved prize. See a href="">Commondreams for more info. more...  0 Comments

NY Times coverage of Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings

NY Times | Amy Goodman and David Goodman, authors of The Exception to the Rulers, are calling for the Pulitzer Prize Committee to withdraw the award given to the NY Times for its coverage of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki attacks at the time. more...  0 Comments

Civil War In Iraq, Made In the USA

AK Gupta | (from the latest issue of the Indypendent): "Every single thing the U.S. did led to civil war," says Christian Parenti, author of "The Freedom," his account of occupied Iraq. "The failure of reconstruction, the firing of the army, the blatant theft of Iraqi oil money, the use of the Badr Brigade, the use of Peshmerga, the use of death squads, the use of indiscriminate detention and torture, the destruction of Falluja and other towns in Al Anbar province," explains Parenti, created a raging insurgency and sparked civil war. more...  4 Comments

Great Lawn Code PINK-nic to support access to public spaces

CodePinkNYC | Join Code Pink New York on July 19th in Central Park at the Philharmonic concert to support New Yorkers’ rights to assemble. When: Tuesday July 19, 7 PM Where: Central Park, Great Lawn (look for the pink helium balloons on the west side of the lawn) more...  0 Comments

Military Recruiters Feel Pressure

antrim caskey | New York, July 14 --The New York City Counter-Recruitment Campaign demonstrated in front of military recruiting offices on Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn this afternoon. more...  9 Comments

Update on what Law-enforcement think about today's radical movement

Modern Anarchist | A necessary read for anyone interested or involved in today's radical/revolutionary movements. more...  0 Comments

NY Filipinos Join Int'l Day of Action to say 'Gloria, Resign or Be Ousted!'

NY Coalition 4 Gloria's Ouster | Humorous ringtones featuring the now-infamous “Hello Garci†wiretapped recordings blasted through loudspeakers along 69th and Roosevelt Avenue. more...  0 Comments

Clear Channel's Kim Bryant Defends Racism | Rick Delgado, the producer who was fired from Hot 97 for his role in their infamous anti-Asian/anti-African/anti-human Tsunami Song, is now producer of KYLD's morning show in San Francisco. /a> more...  0 Comments

Town Hall Meeting on NYU Union-Busting

GSOC Supporter | Several hundred people packed a Town Hall Meeting at NYU on Tuesday July 12 in overwhelming support of the first graduate student labor union at a private university in the United States. more...  3 Comments

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