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National Day of Action - Westchester, NY

Jason Gooljar | Amidst the massive commercial developments and shopping malls in White Plains, NY. NoWar Westchester part of the Wespac peace and justice family came out strong to remind the suburbanites that war and acts of aggression are being carried out in their name too. more...  0 Comments

Out of Iraq Day - Brooklyn Event

Charles Lenchner | Around 75 activists gathered in Brooklyn’s Lafayette Avenue Presbyterian Church to help bring the troops home from Iraq. They came to hear a braod range of voices representing New York City’s diverse progressive community. more...  2 Comments

The Mayor Has No Clothes: Bloomberg's Crime Myths

Sean Nortz | The only reason many people ignore these unsavory aspects of Bloomberg's administration is the oft-repeated myth that he has drastically reduced crime and made this city the safest in the country.

But some recent and criminally ignored articles by Paul Moses from the Village Voice make this argument highly questionable and unveil a system of corruption and deceit established with the aim of fixing New York City's crime statistics.

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Time's Up! Memorial Ride in 5 Boroughs

Barbara | TIME'S UP! organizes Memorial Ride in five boroughs to commemorate cyclists who died on NYC's streets in 2005. They will hold small memorials and erecting several "ghost bikes," with plaques to memorialize the fallen cyclists. more...  4 Comments

Comandanta Ramona of the EZLN dies

Chiapas IMC | San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Chiapas, México, January 6th 2005. - The woman who had the command of the taking of the city of San Cristobal on the 1st of January 1994, died this morning 6th of January 2006.

The news of the death of Comandanta Ramona was broken at the Otra Campaña meeting in Tonalá, Chiapas, where the Delegado Zero was participating. more...  0 Comments

CNN's Bizarre Response to Amanpour Spy Story

Chris Anderson | In the end, no matter the truth of the NSA / Amanpour story, it's something of a minor media scandal-- the fact that MSNBC would post a "complete" transcript, a transcript that would suddenly turn into an "edited transcript" a few hours later with only one question removed, leads one to doubt recent proclamations of increased media transparency. In effect, why bother posting a transcript online at all?

But even with the recent CNN and NBC statements, questions remain about the NSA spying program.

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Pornographer supports our troops, gets more than he bargined for

gonz3000 | A well camouflaged free-speech fight has been brewing in Polk County, FL, for the last few months. Like many an exercise in First Amendment rights, it involves a pornographer. But, this time around, righteous indignation at naked boobies is a means to an ends. more...  2 Comments

Christiane Amanpour Vanishes From Transcriptland

Chris Anderson | Less than a week ago, the New York Times published a lengthy article on the ways that the Internet is changing the news industry. Among the many practices mentioned was the opportunity for both sources and TV news organizations to publish complete transcripts of interviews online, even if only a fraction of the interview appeared in the time-crunched broadcast. As the Times noted, "some news outlets are posting transcripts of their interviews with newsmakers, and some reporters are posting their own material."

Now, it seems that posting the complete transcript of an important interview has boomeranged back on NBC in a big way.

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The Sago Mine Disaster

Cliff Willmeng | The effect on the families was devastating. State police and SWAT team members, who had already been assembled to keep the company safe, were dispatched to the church. A fight had to be broken up when one of the community members lunged for a company official. It was an anger that, no doubt, was born though years of company lies and abuse. If government power could not be used for the health and safety of these miners, it was dispatched rapidly enough for the safety of coalmine officials. more...  5 Comments

Quinn Is In

No Land Grab |

Neigborhood activists in Brooklyn are breathing a sigh of relief this morning, upon hearing the news that big Ratner booster Bill deBlasio has conceeded to and announced his support for Concilmember Christine Quinn (D-Manhattan) in the race for City Council Speaker. [Read More]

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3rd Annual NYC Grassroots Media Conference

Samantha Feltus | The fight for media democracy will not be won by academics, or lobbyists, or people representing one race, class or gender working separately. In order to effect change in the control and access to media, grassroots leadership is needed from diverse constituencies who understand that access and fair representation in the media is essential for realizing victories in social justice. more...  0 Comments

Katrina Survivors Confront NYC Mayor

Stephen Millies | Michael Bloomberg, New York’s billionaire mayor who bought his second term in November, hadn’t planned on being confronted by nearly a hundred protesters during his extravagant inauguration on New Year’s Day. But there they were, picketing on Broadway across from City Hall. Their 50-square-foot banner demanded justice for survivors of the hurricanes that devastated New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. more...  1 Comments

Photos From Iraq: December 2005

combat | A selection of pictures from Iraq taken in December 2005. Elections, murder, riots, repression. more...  2 Comments

NYC New Years bike ride was a blast!

roger m | We had a great time. This the best New Years eve party.

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Best of 2005

StayFree! | Hell, everyone else is doing it so we will do. Here are a few of the best - or, at least, most popular - Stay Free! posts and articles from the past year. An Inquiry into the Effects of Preservatives in McDonald's Food, or, What Does the Fungus Know That You Don't? Our at-home test of the difference between McDonald's and local fast food. How Did Mad Hot Ballroom Survive the Copyright Cartel?An interview with documentary producer Amy Sewell The Freaky Universe of McDonald's Advertising, A video history by Tim Harrod (from our magazine), Radio Free Clear Channel the media giant tries to... more...  1 Comments

Calling the Question of ACORN

No Land Grab |

Mark Winston Griffith brings up interesting points on the DMI Blog about the role of ACORN in big-city politics:

An issue that also deserves public debate is the role that ACORN continues to play in New York City politics and community development. From Bertha's famed spit swapping with Mike Bloomberg, to ACORN's penchant for striking shady, self-profiting, deals with huge corporate interests, ACORN has muddied the idea of community organizing as a process of developing grassroots leadership and building community power.


Giffith's comments have spurned additional commentary worth considering and debating:

"When community organizations play the real estate development game, the people who made up the game- real estate developers- will always win." — thfs

"Kudos to you Mark for daring to say what so many of us have only considered in hushed tones in fear of making the wrong people angry." — hushed

"What's the point of 50% "affordable" housing when a) they're evicting people who own homes already and b) no one will want to live in a congested nightmare that is going to become, as if it were even imaginable before, an even more congested nightmare?" — Brian F

Plus a comparison between ACORN and Sharpton's protests against Ratner in 2000 and their partnership in 2005 and political analysis by US Congressional Candidate Chris Owens.

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NYC Critical Mass: Business as Usual

roger m | The NYPD brought a large force out in order to vilolate the rights of Critical Mass riders this evening. Many riders still managed to come away positive. more...  17 Comments

Live From Iraq: Christian Parenti and GNN's Anthony Lappé

Vox Pop | • Spoken Word from Parenti and GNN’s Anthony Lappé (co-author of True Lies)
• Live Music from Phantasmatrash
• $3 pints from Six Point Craft Ales
• Friday January 6th 8:00 PM
• $5 Cover includes Free Instabook of the Vox Pop interview with Christian Parenti! more...  1 Comments

Bloomberg to Sign New Anti-Graffiti Laws

Visual Resistance | The New York City Council has passed three new anti-graffiti bills which Bloomberg is no doubt itching to sign into law. more...  5 Comments

MTA Strike--Partial Victory at Great Cost

Ronald B. McGuire | I give Roger Toussaint great credit for quickly perceiving that the labor and community solidarity necessary for a successful challenge of the Taylor Law simply was not there. We knew the strike was coming, yet not a single union went on strike in solidarity, not a single rank and file caucus called for a wildcat strike and not a single supporter committed civil disobedience to shut down the City and fill the City's jails with strike supporters more...  6 Comments

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