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PetroBronx: From Venezuelan Hearts to S. Bronx Hearths

earthworm | S. Bronx community groups, aids to Rep Serrano, and Globalization activists will discuss the mechanics and implications of the pilot program by the Venezuelan government to provide low cost heating oil to community groups in the South Bronx. more...  0 Comments

Depleted Uranium - A Hidden, Looming World-Wide Calamity

Stephen Lendman | The hidden threat to all planetary life from US use of depleted uranium weapons in 4 wars more...  0 Comments

Janis Karpinski and Ex UK Ambassador Craig Murray to Testify At Bush War Crimes Commission

Bush War Crimes Comission | An unprecedented citizens' tribunal will hear testimony from international expert witnesses and whistle-blowers on war crimes and crimes against humanity alleged against the Bush administration.

more...  9 Comments

Memorial Bike Ride Video

aL | On January 8, 2006 there was a memorial bicycle ride for the 21 cyclists killed in NYC in 2005. It began in all of the 5 boroughs and visited all the sites of the 13 known deaths (details and locations of 8 are unknown). The ride converged in Manhattan about 150 people strong. more...  0 Comments

MLK Day march in New Orleans

Diane Krauthamer | Energetic demands rang throughout the streets of New Orleans on Monday morning as a diverse group of residents were joined by out of town volunteers to protest attempted gentrification of the city, in the spirit of Martin Luther King Day. more...  1 Comments

Remembering MLK: He Had a Dream

Antrim Caskey and Diane Krauthamer | In New York, a long line of people dressed in purple, the color of SEIU, wound around from the western edge of Central Park to its north end at 110th Street. The march began at Adam Clayton Powell and Central Park north and headed north to 125th street. Jumbo television screens at 125th Street broadcast the march and the speeches and performances that followed. The crowd was confined to the east side of the street by steel barricades that the police use so frequently now for large public gatherings.

Meanwhile, in New Orleans, energetic demands rang throughout the streets as a diverse group of residents were joined by out of town volunteers to protest attempted gentrification of the city, in the spirit of Martin Luther King Day. more...  3 Comments

Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) announces formation of a national organization.

Thomas Good | 4 generations of SDS activists are working to link the local chapters that have sprung up independently since the Iraq War began into a national organization. SDS founder Alan Haber likes to say he is "waiting for the next meeting of SDS". He won't have to wait long...the next SDS national conference, the first since 1969, is planned for this summer. more...  29 Comments

Gasoline Price Hiking Boycott

Stewart A. Alexander | Again gasoline prices are soaring out of control and the petroleum giants are back on track to make record profits. Washington will not act so Californians need to protect their interest by boycotting the petroleum industry. more...  1 Comments

Blood on the Brain


MLK Day Events Planned for Around the City

imcista | New Yorkers will celebrate the life of Martin Luther King over the next two days. A ceremony will be held at 4:45 p.m. Sunday at Riverside Church in Harlem where King gave one of his most famous speeches. On Monday, the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) will host a free event featuring the mothers of slain civil rights workers James Chaney and Andrew Goodman, Raul Midon and the Imani Singers of Medgar Evers College and a free-screening of the award-winning documentary “Standing on My Sister’s Shoulders”. We also have reports that there will be an MLK Day rally in Central Park and Sweet Honey in the Rock will be giving a children’s concert but don’t have any more details. Please let us know about any additional MLK Day events that are scheduled to take place. || Beyond Vietnam: MLK’s Classic 1967 Antiwar Speech || The Martin Luther King You Don’t See on TV || How Working-Class Direct Action Paved the Way for MLK Day || MLK Day 2003: A Surging Antiwar Movement Hits the Streets more...  2 Comments

Protesters outshout racist Minutemen coast to coast

Ruth Vela and Heather Cottin | The reactionary Minutemen group had called for Jan. 7 “Stop the Invasion” actions against immigrant workers in 19 states. But they brought out far more opponents than supporters. more...  9 Comments

NYU Strike Update

Bennett Baumer | From the upcoming Indypendent:

When the spring semester at New York University begins on January 17, striking graduate student workers will be back on the picket line. The fall semester ended with a series of large demonstrations by Graduate Student Organizing Committee (GSOC) members and their allies, who want the university to recognize their union, GSOC Local 2110, and NYU President John Sexton threatening the loss of stipends and work assignments for all striking grad students. more...  6 Comments

The g-string: Alito’s Laws in Your Draw’rs (The Indypendent)

AMY WOLF | Privacy has come under attack in the United States and so will Roe v. Wade if Samuel Alito is confirmed as a Supreme Court justice. Alito has and will continue to carry out a reactionary moral vision. more...  3 Comments

PEOPLE’S THE LAWYER: The BoSS is Back (The Indypendent)

ANN SCHNEIDER | Back in the bad old days there was the Bureau of Special Services (BoSS, aka the Red Squad), the largest of all the past century’s domestic surveillance programs, with a collection of 1.2 million index cards, files, photos and films on 250,000 people, dating back to 1904. more...  1 Comments

LINK WRAY: The Original Guitar Hero (The Indypendent)

STEVEN WISHNIA | Distortion is an essential part of the modern electric-guitar sound. Amplifiers are designed to produce it, and there’s a whole arena of tone-grunging effects out there, from generically named “Overdrive” pedals to the Tube Screamer, the Experience, and the Death Metal, not to mention the Big Muff Pi, the Super Hard On, and the Soda Meiser.
more...  2 Comments

Interviewing the Oracle: OCTAVIA BUTLER (The Indypendent)

INTERVIEW BY KAZEMBE BALAGUN | Winner of the Hugo Award for science fiction and a MacArthur Genius Fellowship, Butler’s fiction bends the boundaries of race and gender, while focusing on the problems of pollution, the legacy of slavery, and racism. The Indypendent spoke with Butler, while she was on tour promoting Fledgling, her first novel in nearly a decade. more...  1 Comments

Review: Mr. Spielberg Goes to Munich (The Indypendent)

CHARLIE BASS | As the least Spielbergian film ever made by Steven Spielberg, Munich comes as a both a welcome surprise and a slight disappointment – an appropriately conflicted experience. Spielberg has long struggled in his adult movies to reflect a world more gray than black-and-white, with his more recent films showing progress towards this realization.
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Neocons Make U.N. Power Play (The Indypendent)

DONALD PANETH | UNITED NATIONS, N.Y.— The U.S. takeover of the United Nations approached a conclusion on Dec. 23 when the Bush administration blocked the implementation of the U.N.’s 2006–2007 budget. The U.S. insists the U.N. General Assembly approve a series of “reform” measures within the next few months.
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Democracy Behind Bars in East Africa (The Indypendent)

NEELA GHOSHAL | Just a year ago, the East African nation of Uganda was still a darling of the West, hailed as an African success story based on its economic growth and success in combating AIDS. How quickly things change, particularly in Africa, where Western governments tend to wear blinders when it comes to the dictatorial tendencies of their allies. more...  8 Comments

The Great Gas Game (The Indypendent)

C.R. LEOPOLD | Schroeder's ardently warm relationship with an increasingly authoritarian Putin also raises questions. If real power lies in controlling the sources of European energy, then Schroeder is now positioned to assist Putin in his plans to regain Russian regional dominance. more...  0 Comments

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