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January Critical Mass: Times Up! EMT Helps Injured Scooter Cops, More Cyclists Arrested

Barbara | EMT-licensed cyclist Luke Son was the first responder in an incident where two police scooters collided while chasing participants in last night's monthly Critical Mass bike ride, January 27, 2006. "The behavior of the undercover agitators has gotten progressively more dangerous and what happened tonight is a perfect example. People are getting hurt on the streets," said Time's Up! volunteer Barbara Ross. Son, a volunteer mechanic with Time's Up!, stated that as scooters were blocking the line of riders and driving into cyclists, he witnessed one police officer slam his scooter into another. Son dismounted, yelling "I'm an EMT," and attended to the fallen police officers, fully aware that other cyclists were being arrested next to him. "I just went into emergency mode, and I dropped my bike and made sure the scene was safe. [Pictures and Discussion || Arrest Pictures and More Discussion] more...  25 Comments

Critical Mass - Scene of the Wipeout and a Picture of a Possible Undercover (moderator note: actually, a CM participant who is also an EMT)

Jonathan Quimbly | Reviewing my photos from this evening, I found this intriguing photo of a person in heavily cop-guarded territory who was apparently attending to one of the injured cops. more...  9 Comments

Retired Police Officer and Peace Activist Faces Court

Doris S. Wilk | John Phillips, a Captree Island resident, was accustomed to court appearances as a New York City Police Officer. Now retired, he finds himself on the other side of the law after he was arrested last October during the Long Island Camp Casey vigil in Mellville. more...  0 Comments

Hard Honest Worker Forced to Beg on the Streets

Dan Lilienthal | On 34th st. by 7th Ave., Bob tries to scrape money together so he can eat. A hard-working honest man from North Carolina, Bob left his welding job of 20+ years after skin cancer began to set in. His weight is now down under 100 (although the bundles of clothing he wears makes him appear bigger). He lives in subsidized housing in the Bronx, but has been unable for 10 years to receive any of his social security, as well as any welfare or housing stamps. With tears in his eyes, he tells me his stories. more...  4 Comments

Bush Pot Calls Hamas Kettle Black

Dave Lindorff | What’s wrong with this picture? Here’s our president, who began an unprovoked war of aggression that has killed as many as 250,000 civilians, telling Hamas to renounce violence. more...  0 Comments

Bail Update: Daniel McGowan Released Into the Custody of His Sister

Jane Doe | Minutes ago, Judge Ann Aiken released political prisoner Daniel McGowan into the custody of his sister, despite the urgent plea from the prosecutor for continued detention until trial. more...  10 Comments

Jesus, Kanye West and Hip Hop

Rosa Clemente | I was raised in the Catholic Church. From the moment I was placed under this religious institution, I was put in a situation where my savior would never look like me. For me Jesus Christ was a white men with blond hair and blue eyes. Much of my high-school years were spent going to church and confessing my teenage sins to a white man who would absolve me of those sins and tell me to pray to a white women(virgin mary) who in turn would save my soul. By the time I was 14 I thought all white men and women did was save people, the only man of color I saw in an position of authority was my dad, and papi did not look like Jesus and neither did mami.
more...  14 Comments

Historic leftist leader Schafik Hándal dies of heart attack in El Salvador

CISPES | FMLN leader Schafik Hándal died on January 24 leaving a long legacy of struggle behind him. Salvadorans and people around the world were saddened by the tragic news. more...  0 Comments

Uptown Anarchist Reading Group Meets This Wednesday

The Deconstruction Workers Local 136 | The Deconstruction Workers Local 136, a New York City-based anarchist collective, will hold the first meeting of its new reading group the Wednesday, 9 pm, in Hamilton Hall room 511, at Columbia University. All are welcome and attendees need not be affiliated with Columbia. The meeting will be brief and limited to discussion of potential readings, topics, and regular meeting times, all of which are open and yet to be determined by participants. more...  5 Comments

ALL CITY Forum on Popular Education & Liberation March 3-4th | For those interested in Popular Education strategies as means to educate our communities outside of the traditional educational institutions, come through to El Puente March 3rd and 4th located at: 211 S. 4th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211 ( more...  1 Comments

Target: Dennis Basso 1.25.06

Win Animal Rights | Where: Dennis Basso 765 Madison Avenue New York, NY 10021 between 65th and 66th streets.
When: 4:30 pm January 25th 2006 until store closing (around 6:00) more...  0 Comments

A brief history of NYC anarchist bookstores

By Dan Sabater

I first got involved in left-wing politics in 1987 at the age of 15. I became an Anarchist in 9th grade (1988) and started hanging out in the LES. more...  10 Comments

Accepting Submissions for New Indypendent Sex Issue

The Indypendent | Right now the award-winning newspaper, The Indypendent, is accepting non-fiction articles (up to 1000 words); Photographs and Illustrations.

We are also accepting select advertisments.

Anthing related to sex, love, sexuality, gender and all of its myriad sister issues (Abuse, disease, children, husbandry, Sam Alito, etc.) will be considered.

Please send your submissions/questions to the following email address:

Deadline is Feb 2nd by 5:00pm. No late submissions considered.
Thank you.

The Issue Coordinators more...  9 Comments

VIDEO > Housing Rights for New Orleans Hurricane Survivors

FluxRostrum | This video includes interviews from evacuees in NY and those who've returned to New Orleans. This issue is currently effecting the lives of thousands of people and it's still not too late to help put pressure where it needs to be put to force the goverenment to deal with these people properly. more...  1 Comments

Voting Veracity

Erin Thompson | In New York state, individual counties are responsible for buying and implementing systems compatible with HAVA and NYS Election Board standards. After months of public hearings that ended only last month and four years of inaction by state legislators, counties are currently undergoing a 45-day comment period, during which members of the public can review options from vendors and give feedback about which machines the state election commission should certify. more...  3 Comments

New indictment in Eco Justice Actions

news | new indictments are being issued today for a broader spectrum of eco actions dating back to 1996. many of the people are already in custody, but several are not and are being sought by the feds. more...  1 Comments

Music Teachers on Strike

Dan Lilienthal | About 20 music teachers from the Midori & Friends Foundation are picketing in front of their offices on 7th ave. by 27th St. I had an opportunity on my way to work this morning to speak to a few of the individuals. They are calling attention to their wages, of $40/class taught, which have been frozen for 7 years now, and recent negotiations for a new contract have stalled. Their contract expired last June.
Meanwhile, they note that Judi Linden, their executive director, is being paid in excess of $135K for her position with the not-for-profit organization. more...  14 Comments

The Wyoming Institute (d/b/a The Manhattan Institute)

DMI Blog | We must, together as New Yorkers, find a way to drown out the Manhattan Institute's efforts with a loud chorus of dissenting boos each and every time it seeks to promote unpopular, unprogressive and, frankly, un-New York views from within our borders. Let them move out of New York and become the Wyoming Institute; then they could promote their views while awash in local support. But as long as they have hijacked and continue to defame the name of a New York City borough and persist in advocating extreme political philosophies we do not share, they should hear our disapproval as often as possible. [Read More at DMI Blog

more...  2 Comments

the fine art of surveillance

re-poster | artists face off against video surveillance: an over-view more...  0 Comments

Brooklyn Community Groups File Suit to Block Ratner Destruction Plan

OnNYTurf | Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn and several other Brooklyn Community groups will file a lawsuit in state Supreme Court, either today or tomorrow to block Bruce Ratner from prematurely demolishing buildings around the Atlantic Yards area.

The suit posits that Ratner is trying to preempt the State Environmental Quality Review process. Ratner recently has threatened to begin tearing down buildings in the neighborhood that he owns. He has said that the buildings are in danger of collapse. But Ranter has denied access to independent engineers to verify his claim. If there is nothing wrong with the buildings, then DDDB asserts Ratner is barred by State rules from bringing them down. [Read More at OnNYTurf || No Land Grab ] more...  2 Comments

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