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Dear Hillary Clinton, Until the Wall Falls...

Daniel Doyle | Upon hearing of your plans to visit this area of rich history and unrest, I was encouraged for, not only an accomplished political leader, but a fellow American, to join me in visiting the ravaged hopes and futures of so many Palestinians and Israelis. For nearly six months I have been working for a local Palestinian NGO that promotes community development, food security, capacity building, and environmental justice. Many of our efforts are undermined by the Israeli Occupation and, now, the Separation Wall. You and I have both had a chance to see it firsthand. I must say I was surprised at your response that the Wall must not be judged as an attack against Palestinians, just terrorism. It made me wonder if you have spent much time on the other side of it – the “Terrorist” Side. more...  0 Comments

Grassroots Media Makes an Impact: The NYC Grassroots Media Conference, Saturday Feb 11th

RadiKelly KaPOWski | New York’s grassroots media community is visible, it’s loud, it’s eye catching and it’s everywhere. Grassroots media is the comments written on an ad in the subway, it’s the sticker on a payphone, it’s the public access show, it’s the song playing at a club and it’s the free newspaper available in your local coffee shop. In every corner of New York City, there are people making and distributing media to educate others on the issues that they and their communities face. People are making media with whatever means they have available to them and taking back public space from corporate hands. more...  0 Comments

NY Press Kills Cartoons - Stall Walks Out

NY Observer | The editorial staff of the alternative weekly New York Press walked out today, en masse, after the paper's publishers backed down from printing the Danish cartoons that have become the center of a global free-speech fight. more...  36 Comments

Paris Hilton versus Howard Stern—the Newspaper’s Double Standard.

By Josh Dairnst | Recent public relations scoops on these celebrities are a cameo study for both reverse racism and reverse sexism in America. To the point—Paris Hilton has been accused of being a “slut” in no uncertain terms (and been gossiped about regarding troubles of sorts like lawsuits); for amongst other things, because of a commercial she did with her body writhing in provocative and or touching ways. So exactly “who” is it that calls Hilton a slut in newspapers (and who are the people who readily accept this labeling)? But more importantly what are their “motives” for doing so?

more...  5 Comments

Remembering Al Lewis: 1923-2006

Anonymous | "I've been in the struggle over seventy years -- it doesn't bother me I may not win," Grandpa Al Lewis said in a cantankerous, wide-ranging 1997 interview with The Shadow. "The victory is in the struggle, for me. And I accepted that a long time ago."

On Friday, the 95- (or 82) year old Lewis passed away. Best known as "Grandpa Munster" for his role in a television sitcom, Lewis was a social justice fighter going back to labor and tenant struggles during the Great Depression. In recent years, he was a Green Party gubernatorial candidate and the host of a weekly radio show on WBAI-99.5 FM. Do you have any personal memories of "Grandpa"? Feel free to share them here.

Today, Democracy Now! reported that "Grandpa Al" was 82, not 95 as he always claimed. Does the difference matter with regard to Grandpa Al's legacy?

[Democracy Now || Wakeup Call more...  10 Comments

When Freedom of Expression Becomes a Weapon

Wave | Like children following the Pied-Piper, many of us now lock-step behind the tune “Freedom of Expression,” deaf to the fact that there was precious little of the “RAGE, FURORE, VIOLENCE, DEATH THREATS” shouting from the headlines of mainstream news sources during the first two days of those stories. Given the virtual real-world absence of actual expressions of outrage, the mainstream media’s handling of this story plays like propaganda aimed at deepening the divide between “Us and Them.” more...  2 Comments

Police Sue City

oddly supportive observer | i personaly find it difficult, however important to support these folks.


but the first ammendmant is important to me, so i am reposting this new york times article by jym dwyer more...  3 Comments

Betty Friedan, Landmark Feminist Author and Activist, Dead at 85

Pine, Daily Kos Diarist | Noted feminist Betty Friedan died today on her 85th birthday. Friedan was most famous for her 1963 manifesto The Feminine Mystique, which helped to usher in the 2nd wave of feminism in the United States. A journalist by training, Friedan drew attention to the unfulfilled dreams of suburban homemakes constrained by the culturally-conservative attitudes of 1950s America.

more...  1 Comments

Union victories at NYC Union Square Starbucks

Tomer Malchi | On Friday Nov. 18, Starbucks workers at Union Square publicly declared their membership in the Starbucks Workers Union. Throughout the weekend workers showed their strength by refusing to take off union pins in the face of management attempting to enforce a no-pin policy. Our key demands were for guaranteed hours, a group meeting with management, and an end to anti-union discrimination. more...  21 Comments

Popular tribute for Salvadoran leftist leader Schafik Handal - Feb. 4

CISPES | Historic FMLN leader Schafik Handal died on January 25. 100,000 came out for his funeral in El Salvador, and now CISPES and the local FMLN chapter will honor his memory on Saturday February 4. more...  0 Comments

Coal Company Halts Emergency Rescue Effort at Mine Accident

antrim caskey | Bob White, WV - Sixteen miners have died in thirty days in West Virginia. Despite a "safety stand down" issued by Governor Joe Manchin, many Boone County residents said it was business as usual today. The "stand down" meant an hour long safety meeting for most and then the resumption of work. One miner, who did not want to give his name, reported that each piece of mining equipment was being examined and those that needed repair were being pulled out of the mine. That miner did not work for A.T. Massey Energy, West Virginia's largest and most reviled coal company. He used to work for Massey, but no longer. I asked him if his employers took safety seriously or did they just tell miners to shut up and get back to work. "That's how Massey treats you," he said.

Please see attached links to West Virginia station WSAZ which provides an investigative report on how Boone County rescue crews were prevented from entering the mine site by mining workers. Veteran miner Paul Moss of Sissonville, WV, died when his bulldozer struck a gas line. As the bulldozer went up in flames Massey employees were blocking rescue crews from the accident scene. As WSAZ reports, it wasn't until officials threatened to arrest the Massey employees that they were granted entry.

more...  0 Comments

Our Fundamentalists and Theirs: Political Cartoons, Jyllands-Posten, and Beyond

occasional IMC contributor | I’ve often wondered what I would have done if I had been older when the Satanic Verses was published. Someone on the left—and not some mealy mouthed democrat, either, but someone on the real left, a progressive, a radical, an anti-imperialist—needs to say this, needs to say that the entire foundation of Western modernity is grounded in a movement away from religious censorship of communication and thought. Marx thought this was true; 19th century anarchists thought this was true too. Of course, they also knew that it wasn’t always true—that political freedom covered up and served as a mask for deeper systems of economic and social unfreedom. But they also knew that despite all its flaws, this Enlightenment move was a good one, and that the shackles of religious censorship were better off than on. Perhaps all this makes me a sraight white man, or an “unreconstructed enlightenmentist.” But my political radicalism comes from belief in these things, too. more...  52 Comments

Medgar Evers College Celebrates Black History Month

Christopher Hundley | This month, Medgar Evers College celebrates Black History with a series of exciting events, including a Retrospective on The Million Man Marches and The Millions More Movement (February 3rd), and a special tribute to Vice Chancellor of the New York City Board of Regents, Adelaide Sanford on February 25th. more...  0 Comments

The Rude Mechanical Orchestra is seeking Trombone Players!

The RMO | Hello there. The RMO, a radical marching band in NYC, is currently seeking trombonistas. If you play trombone and wish to be part of a band that plays music to support social change, please let us know. more...  2 Comments

BUSH STEP DOWN: Get on the Bus to DC this Saturday

DEMAND BUSH STEP DOWN!!! more...  10 Comments

The Anti-Sheehan: Who is Dan Clay?

Kat Aaron | In his State of the Union address, President Bush mentioned a soldier, Dan Clay. Why this soldier, of the 2243 American military personnel killed in Iraq? Here are some answers. more...  15 Comments

Court Solidarity Requested Thursday in NJ Palestine Activism Case

Anonymous | On Thursday, February 2nd, 2006 at 1:00 PM, the trial of activist Abe Greenhouse resumes in South Brunswick, NJ. Greenhouse is accused of charged with disorderly conduct for allegedly placing a pie in the face of former Israeli cabinet Minister Natan Sharansky, facing up to six months in jail if convicted. more...  0 Comments

World Can't Wait to Rally in Times Square Tonight

World Can't Wait | As Bush steps to the podium to deliver his State of the Union address on Tuesday night, ‘political drown-out” rallies will take place in 65+ cities across the country. In New York City, people will gather at Times Square at 8, Rev. Al Sharpton and others will speak. In Washington DC, the rally will be on the west side of the Capitol on the National Mall. Featured speakers are Cindy Sheehan and Ann Wright. more...  1 Comments

Banner Drop: Filibuster Alito

GW | Anti fascist anarchist activists unfurled a banner on NYC's Upper East Side during rush hour today... as part of a nation-wide call to action to halt the approval of Alito to the Supreme Court. "It's as if George Bush was going to be president for the next 30 years, wouldn't you try to do something?" more...  4 Comments

NYU Grad Student Rally & Union Support

Erin Siegal | In front of NYU's Bobst library Thursday, NYU students, strikers, and supporters held a rally. [Coverage From NYU Inc. || Nerds For GSOC 1 || 2 more...  1 Comments

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