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A Memorial Service for (Grandpa) Al Lewis

Mark A. Dunlea | Mourners and celebrants packed Riverside Church in Manhattan on February 18th for a rousing
memorial service for Al Lewis. Lewis, known worldwide as Grandpa Munster, qualified the
Greens as an official party in New York State when he ran for Governor in 1998. The service,
broadcast live for more than 3 hours on WBAI, NYC’s Pacifica radio station, attracted a multi-
racial, multi-generational crowd.
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Pillow Fight Draws Over 100 to Union Square

Ida C. Benedetto | Some 100 people showed up at Union Square today to participate in a public pillow fight. The fight raged on for over and hour and a half. more...  14 Comments

Muslims Protest Danish Cartoons in NYC

fred askew | Muslims protest Danish Cartoons in NYC. [Also See: Defending the Islamic Movement and the Bolivarian Revolution. more...  13 Comments

Million Person, Critical Mass March against UN Nuclear Agency!

k.hawley | A march on the United Nations in New York may be whats needed to put the UN Nuclear Agency under the public and world spotlight and condemn and disenfranchise its fradulent authority from lending any justification to Bush's genocidal Iran war plans! more...  0 Comments


a | Noon be with the International Action Center:
Protest Racist Cartoons
Friday 12 Noon
48th St. & 2nd Ave.

Protest This Friday, Feb. 17
4:30-6 pm
42nd and Lexington (by Grand Central Station) more...  0 Comments

"Apartheid Israel Week" at Oxford

John Brown | Oxford University in Britain is appropriately commemorating the "30th anniversary of the international convention on the suppression and punishment of the crime of apartheid" with a series of speakers and events around the theme of 'Apartheid Israel'. more...  0 Comments

The Latest on Atlantic Yards

OnNYturf and New Yorker | a href=>Will from OnNYTurf writes: "A State Judge ruled Monday that the Empire State Development Corporation (ESDC), which is reviewing Ratner's development plan for the Atlantic Yards area in Prospect Heights, must dismiss its retained attorney David Paget. Until working for ESDC Paget was Ratner's attorney, and was actually working on Ratner's proposal to the ESDC. [...] The decision to boot Paget from ESDC was one half of the judge's ruling in a case brought by Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn and a coalition of Brooklyn community groups and Brooklyn lawmakers. In the other half the judge ruled in Ratner's favor to allow demolition of six buildings owned by Ratner." [Read More]

Meanwhile, IMC readers sound off on the recent WNYC report on the Ratner Arena. "Your interview with the filmmaker at 475 Dean Street represents the laziest kind of local reporting," one writes. more...  3 Comments

Getting on the Good Foot

Sarah Paterson | Men at foot parties can be divided into six overlapping categories: massagers, toe suckers, ticklers, tramplees, foot job guys and sissy boys/voyeurists. Fetishes invariably take on a different coloring when they are transformed into paid services. Everything looks a bit more bizarre under the bordello-red lighting of a dungeon, even a fetish as “tame” as foot worship. more...  1 Comments

Battleground for Democracy: Telecommunications at the Grassroots Media Conference

Peter Holslin (and Liza Sabater) | One workshop at The Grassroots Media Conference, held last Saturday at the New School, highlighted the importance of understanding media policy. Speakers at another workshop showed how to build an independent broadband server to provide free internet for limited areas. And at a third, some of New York City’s bloggers met face to face for the first time to discuss their trade.


One of the bloggers at the conference, Liza Sabater, also filed a report from the GMC: "It was a quick meeting and one in which, grok, I would have loooved to talk more about the business, networking and creative issues involving blogging. We need a whole day for that. Which is why I hope to continue nagging the people of Community Services Society and Drum Major Institute into funding a NYC blogger's conference as well as workshops for people who want to learn how to do it. Hey, I may even be able to get the good people of Eyebeam and The Guggenheim Museum to lend their labs and conference rooms for the events. So people, show me the money, the resources and the places and I'll show you a kick ass series of conferences here in NYC meant to bridge that frigging digital and netroots divide. OKAY?" more...  3 Comments

Greece: Video & report from clashes with riot cops during protest against the local and global "Big Brother"

AK (Assembly of Thessaloniki) |

...The installation of the spy software was done in the software of Vodafone’s main servers, and the Vodafone antennas which were used for spying are located around the region of the USA embassy in Athens...

"...the police attacked with a few riot police squads and a new type of chemical which causes dizziness and disorientation. The demonstrators clashed with the riot cops and the attack was blocked successfully allowing the march to continue... "

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Danish cartoons: Freedom of expression or licence to insult

Astrid Essed | With the publication of the Danish cartoons under the pretext of freedom of opinion, the European papers not only show an elementar respect for moslims, they also are escalating the existing tensions more...  1 Comments

Sex after 80: Living Longer is Getting Sweeter

Amanda Davis | I am what most people would term elderly. I am neither inexperienced nor stupid – and I write as a woman not a man – and I am financially independent. I enjoy sex and what goes with it, sexual relations. As an “older woman,” I’ll try to tell you what I like to get and give.
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Jackson Heights Community Forum, Feb. 16: Military Recruiters Out of Our Schools!

Steffie Brooks | Learn your legal rights in and out of the military:

-- as students and parents when military recruiters come to your schools, call your homes, and try to sign you up.

-- the case of Navy war resister and Conscientious Objector Pablo Paredes. more...  4 Comments

The Blizzard of '06

John Tarleton | I really hope the unusual weather we've seen this winter is just an aberration. A world turned upside down and inside-out by climate change and civilizational collapse is a nightmare scenario even if finally rids the world of corporate capitalism. || Worst-Case Scenario I || Worst Case Scenario II || The Science of Global Warming || Montreal Climate Change Conference more...  11 Comments

When it Snows, Where Do the Homeless Stay?

Jason Gooljar | Yes, I know it's snowing outside in New York and throughout the northeast and other regions. It does this every year without fail. It does look like a blizzard and I'm quite sure there will be a tremendous amount of snowfall. But a thought came to mind this time. It had to do with the homeless population. In times of inclimate weather, where do they go? more...  3 Comments

You’ve gone the wrong way, baby (The Indypendent)

ERICA PATINO | In Female Chauvinist Pigs: Women and theRise of Raunch Culture, Levy prods the definition of feminism, asking if women who align themselves with male chauvinism are really empowered, or if women who bare all for Girls Gone Wild, watch The Man Show, and go to strip clubs, are doing themselves a disservice and reversing years of feminist progress. more...  2 Comments

An Update and Discussion on the War in Iraq

Speakers include A.K. Gupta, reporter for The Indypendent. He has written extensively on Iraq, including the death squads, the fuel riots and, very importantly, who wants the US out, who wants them to stay and how can the US get out! He has spoken of Iraq on Democracy Now, and writes for Z Magazine and Left Turn. more...  0 Comments


Jeffrey Blankfort | McKinney, from Atlanta, Georgia, is an African-American warrior for justice and peace and an enemy of government hypocrisy. The other, Nancy Pelosi, is the white, privileged congresswoman from San Francisco, a consummate politician who, because of her prodigious fundraising abilities, was promoted by the party to run for the seat of the late Sala Burton in 1986 and is now the House Minority leader in Congress, thanks to her loyal service to the party and to the party line. ... Meanwhile, McKinney made her film debut this week in “American Blackout,” an independent film that premiered at the prestigious Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, and which explores the historic and disempowerment of the Black vote through her eyes and political career. more...  0 Comments

Sex Ed Suffers Under Standardization Regime

Erin Thompson | In January 2004, the New York AIDS Coalition released a report stating that 63 percent of public schools violated the mandated six lessons per year of HIV/AIDS training. In early 2005, Youth Organizers United, a youth-run advocacy group focused on reproductive health and HIV/AIDS education, completed a survey of 486 students attending five public high schools in Brooklyn and Manhattan. They found that one fourth of all students said they had not received any of the mandated HIV/AIDS training over the past year. more...  3 Comments

Pedicabs Face Midtown Ban

Michael Bielawski | They can be found near landmarks such as Central Park in the day and Times Square at night. The Central Park rides are in direct competition with the traditional horse carriages and that’s when the trouble came. Instead of friendly competition, the horse carriage companies have insisted pedicabs are illegal because we do not carry the vending license required to sell things in the city. We argue we are a service, and do not require a vending license, which doesn’t apply to us even if we wanted it. more...  6 Comments

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