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Another White Rose (The Indypendent)

DONALD PANETH | Review: Sophie Scholl: The Final Days
Directed by Marc Rothemund
Written by Fred Breinersdorfer more...  0 Comments

Vacation Dystopias (The Indypendent)

BENNETT BAUMER | Review:Last Resorts
By Polly Pattullo
MONTHLYREVIEWPRESS more...  1 Comments

Slum porn (The Indypendent)

By Robert Sullivan
BLOOMSBURY more...  1 Comments

CITE SOLEIL: Ballots & Bullets in Haiti (The Indypendent)

Andrew Stern | As the Feb. 7 elections approached, the situation in Cité Soleil changed markedly. Gone were the young men toting automatic weapons and the gunfire. Instead, militants started donning tee shirts and organizing rallies to support the presidential campaign of former Aristide ally Rene Preval. more...  0 Comments

Hopeful...and wary in Bolivia (The Indypendent)

MIKE AGRESTA | “Our aim is to be a point of reference in the struggle,” says Ramiro Saravia, co-founder of Tinku. Almost everyone drawn in by the bulletin board eventually finds Tinku’s office, where almost every night a different meeting, discussion group, video screening or lecture is open to the public. There, the political consciousness encouraged in the main plaza is given full space to develop.
more...  0 Comments

Iraq Unravels (The Indypendent)

A.K. GUPTA | Retaliatory strikes on Sunni and Shiite mosques are still occurring, ethnic cleansing has multiplied and Shiite-based death squads are operating with impunity. The Washington Post reported that in just five days, Baghdad’s main morgue “had logged more than 1,300 dead since Wednesday... photographing, numbering and tagging the bodies as they came in over the nights and days of retaliatory raids.” The tally is almost certainly a significant undercount. more...  0 Comments

Nation-wide Raids Nabs 18 Eco-Activists (The Indypendent)

JESSICA LEE | The nationwide crackdown, dubbed “Operation Backfire,” has been hailed by the FBI as a major blow to environmentalists and animal rights activists. However, many supporters of the accused suspect that the string of arrests falls in line with decades-long FBI covert intelligence operations aimed at disrupting and discrediting political movements. more...  9 Comments

Vilified as ‘Terrorists,’ Eco-activists Face New Offensive by Business

CATHERINE KOMP | Moderators Note: This article was a edited from an original article found at

Please see the full copyright notice for the New Standard at the bottom of this article.


Business lobbies like these have drafted model legislation to address radical environmentalist crimes. The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), a conservative public-policy organization, collaborated with the U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance, an advocacy group for hunters, fishers and trappers, to write the Animal and Ecological Terrorism Act. If passed into law, the Act would consider arson, property destruction or trespassing as acts of domestic terrorism – if committed by animal-rights activists. more...  2 Comments

Looking for a Rainbow in New Orleans (The Indypendent)

NICHOLAS POWERS | Six months later, Reverend Walker is working on obtaining transitional housing for city workers, counseling his congregation and stepping through the political redtape that is strangling the city. more...  1 Comments

The People's Lawyer: New Council Bill Pushes 24-hour Limit on Trips to the Tombs (The Indypendent)

ANN SCHNEIDER | Right now, the rule is often violated, especially in the Bronx. A study by the NYCLU, proponent of the measure, found that more than half of all people arrested are arraigned more than 24 hours after being picked up. Because people of color are three-fourths of all those arrested in the city, it is a matter of racial justice that processing be done swiftly enough to comply with the 24-hour rule, which was mandated by the state Court of Appeals in 1991.
more...  0 Comments

Randall’s Island Rip-Off

Harry J. Bubbins | Originally proposed in 1999 as a 12-acre initiative at less than one third the current projected cost, this theme park project has metastasized into a $168 million, 26-acre enterprise with a 35-year lease, requiring ten of the island’s already overcrowded baseball and soccer fields to be bulldozed. more...  5 Comments

Memory Against Forgetting– An Open Letter on the "Green Scare"

Al | When I think of these folks, I think of people who put everything on the line for their beliefs. I see them courageously blockading forest roads in the middle of nowhere from crazed loggers and cops; hanging huge banners from daunting heights off bridges and office buildings; hiking miles into a forest and setting up tree-sits in the darkness, rain and snow; disrupting bear, cougar, whale, wolf and shark hunts, on sea and land and frozen lakes, all the way up and down the Pacific coast and interior; dodging rubber bullets and wading through clouds of tear gas to shut down the WTO in Seattle; splattering eco-villains with creme pies; locking their bodies down to every kind of object in order to stop every kind of destructive activity; typing away at a computer or photocopying fliers in the neon glow of Kinko's while everyone else is asleep; driving through the night to make it to the next basecamp or demo; and I see them laughing and singing around a campfire under lush old-growth forest canopies and star-swept desert skies. more...  0 Comments

Solidarity With the Survivors of Katrina and Rita in NYC

Suzaka | On February 28, 2006 the NY Solidarity Coalition for Katrina/Rita Survivors held a rally outside the FEMA office at Federal Plaza. After the speak out the demonstrators were marching to City Hall to protest the evictions of Katrina/Rita survivors and to demand housing for all. more...  0 Comments

Google Map Hack Envisions Brooklyn's Future

No Land Grab |

Atlantic Yards

This image is a sneak peak of what has been billed as the coolest Google Map hack to date.

On Monday, OnNYTurf, the web site that brought you the clickable and searchable NYC Subway map, will launch a clickable Google map that offers wide-angle shots around the footprint [Read More at No Land Grab || Read More at OnNYTurf]

more...  1 Comments

Thai Protesters Demand Resignation of Neoliberal Prime Minister

Sarah Stuteville & Alex Stonehill | Thais especially in the anti-Thaksin movement say they fear the erosion of their still-young democracy and worry that big business's influence on their government has already led to the erosion of press freedom, a lack of transparency in government, and elections that are bought rather than won. Comparisons to U.S. President George W. Bush have been unavoidable. Other Stories by Indypendent reporter Sarah Stuteville: 1 || 2 || 3 || 4 || 5 || 6 more...  0 Comments

Democracy Now to Host Party, Gathering for Local Activists This Sunday

DN! | We are organizing a benefit show and networking event on Sunday, March 5. The
event will include music performance featuring four local bands, various speakers,
independent film screenings, and a tabling open-house for independent
media organizations and other activist groups. more...  0 Comments

Photographs from 3/02/06 Grandmothers Against the War Court Hearing in Manhattan Criminal Court

Mark Manley | 17 of 18 Grandmothers Against the War were in court this morning as a result of their arrest last October during a civil disobedience action at the military recruiting center in Times Square. The Judge refused to dismiss the charges and the Grannies will be returning to court in April to stand trial on charges of disorderly conduct. more...  2 Comments

Rachael Corrie's Voice Crushed Again

Katharine Viner | Last week the New York Theatre Workshop canceled the production — or, in its words, "postponed it indefinitely." The political climate, we were told, had changed dramatically since the play was booked. more...  17 Comments

Crimethinc: In Love With Love Itself, or a Revolution in Everyday Life?

Jed Brandt and Matt Wasserman | In January 2005, Indypendent writer Matt Wasserman had this to say about ""Recipes for Disaster": "Crimethinc is the American heir to situationism, born in punk shows and hopped trains instead of cafés and garrets. They have yet to inspire a May ‘68 but in their second book, Recipes for Disaster, they move from their previous manifestos and pamphlets to suggestions for taking action. They offer up a “moveable feast,” with 61 recipes ranging from “Antifascist Action” to “How to Make a Bicycle into a Record Player” to “Squatting.” All are forms of direct action, or “acting directly to meet needs.” (This book turns “just do it” into an anarchist slogan.) And nearly all take the status quo as a given." [Read The Original Review]

Now, Jed Brandt takes his two cents to the pages of Clamor magazine, and here to the open-publishing newswire: "If the Situationist author Raoul Vaneigem was right that those who speak of revolution without mentioning everyday life 'have a corpse in their mouth,' then maybe its fair to say that those who equate revolution with the lifestyle choices of well-read drop-outs confuse making love with jerking off. .""

The Brandt review, and assorted commentary, follows below. more...  82 Comments

NY Prosecutor Attends White Supremacist Meeting

@nti-racist | According to the Washington Post, Regan attened a conference organized by the New Century Foundation, labeled by the Souther Poverty Law Center a "hate group. more...  6 Comments

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