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Internal Police Docs. Provide 2002 WEF Overview; "Candid" Discussion of Infiiltration

NYTimes; Jim Dwyer | [note: this was the case that imc got subpoenaed for 2 years ago. wonder wha the heavily redacted bits say] In five internal reports made public yesterday as part of a lawsuit, New York City police commanders candidly discuss how they had successfully used "proactive arrests," covert surveillance and psychological tactics at political demonstrations in 2002, and recommend that those approaches be employed at future gatherings. more...  5 Comments

More tumult on Pace University campus

Brian Kelly | Students from the Campus Antiwar Network (CAN), and the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) were joined by university students, professors, original SDS’ers, and CAN members who faced repression at CCNY. They launched one of the largest protests Pace University’s campus had seen. The university, which is not accustomed to being challenged, let alone having to deal with large protests, was not prepared for the event. more...  12 Comments

Yankee Stadium, A Dizzying Blur

Onnyturf | Yesterday a blur of details were reported about how the New Yankee Stadium deal was rushed through approval and what the real financial picture is. City Council's complete passivity in the process is truely staggering, and of course there has been no facilitation for community review. [Read More at OnNYTurf] more...  0 Comments

Culture is like sausages: you don't really want to know what goes into it.

Wölfflin Jack | Is it enough for culture to talk about how liberating and progressive it is, while continuing to function within a system of production, distribution and consumption that's inherently repressive and hierarchical? more...  0 Comments

In today's Ha'aretz, Aluf Benn writes:

John Brown | Because of Exterminist policies like those sold to the world by people like Weisglass, Apartheid Israel now faces intense political pressure on a number of fronts - a hunger strike by Palestinian political prisoners, infighting over Iran policy, and increasing violent repression of peaceful protest against the Apartheid Wall. more...  0 Comments

Media Release: Former ELF Spokesperson Subpoenaed to Grand Jury, Protest Set | The "Green Scare" Continues... more...  0 Comments

"Great Walk" in Queens Draws Crowd

Aaron M. Cohen | Approximately 50 people marched through the ethnically diverse neighborhood of Jackson Heights, Queens, rallying afterwards on the corner of 73rd and Broadway. Bystanders stopped and listened as speakers protested the religious oppression of women around the world. more...  1 Comments

Veteran Says - Dishonorable Commander and Chief

reposted | author: Joseph DuRocher
A Veteran's Letter to the President:

"I Return Enclosed the Symbols of My Years of Service" more...  0 Comments

Union Scores Big Victory Against Starbucks at Labor Board

Worker Freedom | Coffee Giant Must Rehire Fired Baristas and Rescind National Anti-Union Policies
more...  25 Comments

City College of New York Students Protest War, Racism, and the Gentrificaiton of their School Today

Adam Parson | Recruiters target CCNY students, while tuition rises as education budgets are slashed, and some students join the army in what is in effect a de facto economic draft. Last year, three studnet and one CCNY secretary were arrested while protesting the army recruiters at a career fair, and were suspended from school for one month. While students this year hope to avoid arrest, they still feel that it is necessary to expose what is happening to their school. more...  1 Comments

Women of the World United for Change in NYC

Talia Whyte | Hundreds of passionate, dynamic women- and a few men- from around the world gathered at UN headquarters on February 27 for the start of the 50th session of the Commission on the Status of Women. The event marks 60 years of working for gender equality, peace and development.

Meanwhile, truthout provides an update on Cindy Sheehan's arrest Monday at the UN.
more...  0 Comments

IWW Settles NLRB Case Against Starbucks

Starbucks press release | The IWW Starbucks Workers Union has settled it's National Labor Relations Board case against Starbucks Coffee. Among the terms of the settlement are the requirement that two fired pro IWW baristas be given the option of re-employment by Starbucks. As is typical in these kinds of settlements, Starbucks denied any wrongdoing. more...  1 Comments

To Stop Giuliani Check Out the Mess in Child Welfare

Eugene Weixel | Fever for Rudy runs high: poll America's mayor is America's hottest politician, according to a new poll. Rudy Giuliani topped Quinnipiac University's national "Thermometer" survey of 1,900 voters, far outpacing Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.), who came in eighth. more...  1 Comments

Pace University SDS Students Face Secret Service Probe

Lauren Giaccone | Inside the event, Lauren Giaccone and Brian Kelly stood up and called President Clinton a war criminal and cited the atrocities he committed during his time in office (i.e. Rwanda, Sudan, Iraq, Bosnia) It was at this time that the two students were forcibly removed by Westchester police and brought to a room within the campus where Secret Service was waiting. [See Video]

A Press Release follows: more...  24 Comments

Pollution or Revolution

Guy Debord | On pollution and the necessity of revolution more...  1 Comments

Starbucks Faces March 6 NLRB Hearing for Anti-Union Violations

Cup o' Coffee | The National Labor Relations Board will hear testimony Monday from senior Starbucks
officials and members of the Industrial Workers of the World on allegations of threats, bribes, surveillance, discrimination, and retaliatory discharge of union employees. This marks the first time the world's largest coffee chain faces a Labor Board
hearing based on its treatment of baristas. The hearing begins at 9:30 a.m. at 26 Federal Plaza Suite 3614 in Manhattan. more...  2 Comments

Survival of the Dumbest (or why evolution is still an issue) (The Indypendent)

A.K. GUPTA | Another Creationist tactic is to dismiss Darwinism as “only a theory” – which was what school officials in Georgia tried to do by labeling biology textbooks with such warnings. The Darwin exhibit tackles this canard, explaining how in science theory is the highest form of knowledge, as opposed to everyday in which it signifies a guess. Gravity, after all, is “only a theory.” So one day soon, hopefully, the Christian right will, bible in hand, march off a cliff en masse to prove that their faith is stronger than gravity. more...  0 Comments

3-Way Fantasies Meet Complicated Realities: The G-String (The Indypendent)

AMY WOLF | The partie de trois is a “gateway” sex act, opening the door to other taboo-breaking pleasures. It might be hard to admit to your partner that you’d like them to strap on a mini and do you in the rear; but once you open your sex life to outsiders, you can rewrite the rules entirely. more...  0 Comments

Jah Love the Sisters: The AString (The Indypendent)

STEVEN WISHNIA | Reggae Sisters is a three-CD box of songs by Jamaican women singers from roughly 1967-75. Most of these women – with the exception of Marcia Griffiths, Judy Mowatt and Rita Marley, who went on to become Bob Marley’s backup singers – are little known beyond hardcore fans. more...  0 Comments

Empire Means Never Having to Say You’re Sorry (The Indypendent)

PAUL BUHLE | Review: In the Name of Democracy: American War Crimes in Iraq and Beyond
Edited by Jeremy Brecher, Jill Cutler and Brendan Smith.

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