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The Magic Negro

Nicholas Powers | The more innocent a film is the greater the crime it conceals. more...  3 Comments

Hunger Action Faults Pataki, State Legislature For Failing to Raise Welfare Benefits for 16th Year in a Row

Mark DUnlea | The Hunger Action Network of NYS criticized the Governor and the State Legislature today for failing for the 16th year in a row to raise the general welfare grant for poor children and their parents. The welfare grant today is only half of the federal poverty level, guaranteeing that welfare participants will not have enough funds to provide even the basic necessities for their families.

“Over the last sixteen years, Congress has imposed stringent work requirements upon households receiving public assistance. The only adults left on welfare are those who are disabled or already engaged in work activities. Yet still the Governor and State Legislature refuse to raise the meager benefits, even though the federal funding formula for welfare has provided the state with a multi-billion surplus that was available to pay for the increase,” stated Bich Ha Pham, Executive Director of the Hunger Action Network of NYS. more...  0 Comments

Testify! (On Making NYC a Leader on Immigration)

DMI Blog |

While people all over the country are taking to the streets over anti-immigrant legislation some people in NYC need to spend some time in their seats. Their seats in the NY City Council's hearing on immigration that is. [Read More at DMI Blog]

more...  0 Comments

Illegal Alien Anglos in Mexico

Helen | Los Yankees more...  0 Comments

Enemy Mine

Sarah Stuteville | We’re in a known minefield in the forest, perhaps one Aki Ra laid himself, and he’s scratching intently at the hardened clay earth with a hatchet. It takes him 20 minutes to locate the first mine, laying casually on the forest floor roughly 200 feet from Chrun’s only source of water. It looks like a small green plastic toy, and it’s hard to imagine that it’s powerful enough to kill or maim. [Also See Common Language Project || Landmine Orphan Gets Second Chance] more...  2 Comments

After Massive Protests Nationwide, Smaller March in Washington Heights For Immigrant Rights

IMCista | Cispes writes: "Following the wave of protests nationwide against pending immigration legislation, immigrants, families, youth, religious, labor & community leaders gathered and marched through Washington Heights from 165th & Audobon to 186th & St. Nicholas." [See Pictures || See Nationwide Coverage from US IMC more...  1 Comments

Automatic for the People

Nicholas Powers | The individual versus the crowd is the great American myth. It is a fantasy of that connects to our identity as consumers. Most of us remember the classic Cold War image of Soviet workers standing in long lines for soap. Life without capitalism, we’re shown, is waiting in a hungry crowd. The only cure for state incompetence is the marketplace, an economic theory that David Harvey writes about in A Brief History of Neo-liberalism. It’s “the assumption that individual freedoms are guaranteed by the freedom of the marketplace.” more...  2 Comments

Gloria Arroyo Regime Declares "State Of Emergency" (The Indypendent)

Amanda Vender | With Filipinos planning to commemorate the anniversary, Arroyo was worried that history was repeating itself. So Arroyo issued Presidential Proclamation 1017 on Feb. 24, declaring a “State of Emergency.” more...  0 Comments

Sweatshop Beads For Sweaty Boobs (The Indypendent)

Bennett Baumer | "Mardi Gras: Made In China" examines the trail of global commerce and exploitation from the sweatshops of China’s Fujian province (where the beads are made) to the orgiastic streets of New Orleans.
more...  2 Comments

Photos from NYC Indymedia Benefit

Ms. Wolf | March 24 2006, Bushwick more...  2 Comments

Slow Roasted - Seven Years of Anti-Labor Practices Backfire on Coffee Giant

Worker Freedom | Starbucks settled 15 charges of unfair labor practices in New York Tuesday — a move the Industrial Workers of the World are hailing as a victory in their drive to unionize the coffee’s giants baristas.
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New Map Hack of Yankees Stadium Proposal

Will, OnNYTurf | Will at OnNYTurf writes: "Before I get into explaining the new Yankee Stadium map, take note that there is a critical city council sub-committee vote coming up on Tuesday, March 28. City Councilors need to hear from you before then. I strongly urge you to find that three minutes to look up their number here and give them a quick call about this project" [Read More] more...  0 Comments

Rachel's Peaceable Kingdom

Jason Gooljar | There was a room filled with love for a woman gone to soon. A woman who stood in front of a bulldozer to protect a Palestinian family's home and was murdered. A woman who we must demand justice for. A woman who's killer, a soldier who drove that bulldozer must be brought to justice. A woman who left Olympia, Washington because she wanted to connect with the people of Palestine and see the truth. I remain in awe of her and after hearing her parents speak I realize where she got it from. more...  4 Comments

Local Bike Community Ponders Commodification of Bike Culture

BikeBlog | "So now we look at the front page of the village voice and there is a anarchy symbol made out of bike parts and a huge photo in the middle of a masked rider with a paper bag over his head. I'm sure the cops now have more fuel for their fire in demonizing our bike rides as they connect the dots in some sadistic way to justify ramming us with their mopeds, but it would be nice to connect our own dots towards a more positive light. Such as how tall bikes and mutant bike gangs get people excited about riding their bikes and about making things out of discarded materials and about making our own culture instead of having it spoon feed to us by clothing companies." [Read More From Bike Blog] more...  1 Comments

Update: NY Public Library Backs Down; Queens Library Still Refuses to Distribute IndyKids

IndyKids | The New York Public Library has told IndyKids that it will distribute the paper to ten of its local branches. However, the Queens Public Library refuses to distribute IndyKids after it originally agreed to do so. more...  1 Comments


Sander Hicks | New York Green Party senatorial candidate Sander Hicks and 9/11 activist group today announced that they will jointly organize a public protest to allow State Attorney General and New York state gubernatorial hopeful Eliot Spitzer to respond to charges of “obstruction of justice” in connection with an inquiry into evidence allegedly suppressed by the 9/11 Commission. Attorneys for 9/11 Truth will present the Attorney General with a “Citizens’ Indictment” for criminal negligence in failing to investigate the attacks. more...  1 Comments

NYC Libraries Censor IndyKids Newspaper

IndyKids | A new project of New York City Indymedia, IndyKids, has been censored by two area library systems. After agreeing to distribute IndyKids to their local branches, both the New York Public Library and the Queens Public Library changed their minds and now refuse to distribute the paper. They say the reason for their decision is that IndyKids is not “balanced.”

Yet a look at the periodicals offered at the Donnell Children’s Library shows a striking bias. For example, “Biography Today-Profiles of People of Interest to Young Readers” September 2005 issue calls Pope John Paul II “the charismatic ‘people’s pope’ who helped topple Communism while championing Catholic values and a culture of peace.” more...  7 Comments

“Hey you! Stop!”: NYC Activist Dave Segal Writes About the Crime That Sent Him to Prison

Friends of Dave | “Hey you! Stop!”

Those words marked the beginning of a year and two month journey that will end in three days when I report to the Fort Dix Federal Prison. In the dark, early hours of January 31st, 2005, I found momentum pushing me to go ahead with an action that I had very poorly prepared for. I had come to the Bronx that night after having scouted out an Army recruiting station next to Westchester Square in the eastern part of the borough. With a few lighter fluid soaked rags, I hoped to put some small dent in the huge military machine. I failed pretty miserably. more...  13 Comments

Two Days of Anti-War Protest in the Bronx

El Bronx | The Iraq War anniversary weekend of protest included two days of action in the borough of the Bronx. Veterans, students, and various left groups converged on an obvious target in the people's midst: the armed forces recruitment station at Fordham Road and the Grand Concourse. Just a quick recapfor comment. more...  2 Comments

Get Ready for a Weekend of Local Anti-War Protests

IMCista | A wide array of anti-war protests will be held this weekend in New York. These demonstrations will take place in all five boroughs and many outlying towns and villages and will involve everything from carrying mock coffins to picketing local congressional offices but above all focus on military recruiters and their role in supplying fresh bodies for the war machine. more...  4 Comments

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