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Eminent Domain Abuse Again!

Big Cities, Big Boxes | Richard Musick has been writing eloquent op-eds lately, most recently a piece that appeared in The New York Sun on Friday, August 19, called Too Valuable? about the threat of the city's use of eminent domain hanging over Willets Point... more...  0 Comments

As NYPD Shifts Policy, Actors with Police Costumes at Risk for Arrest

Josh | Responding to an apparent but unannounced shift in NYPD policy, the Screen Actors Guild is warning its members that they may be arrested if the police discover they are carrying a police uniform. more...  2 Comments

'Peak Oil' Going Mainstream?

Peak Oil NYC | I have read through the whole Maass piece on peak oil in the Sunday Magazine section of the NY Times. I have many thoughts but I'm just going to rattle off a couple of key points and then post a copy my letter to Dr. Stephen Levitt, author of "Freakonomics", who wrote a dismissive review of the article on his blog.

First of all, hats off to Maass for scoring the interview with Sadad al-Husseini, the ex-Aramco executive. I think we might finally have our credible Saudi insider who is not beholden to the Saudi government or any other interest group that I can see. His comments seem to suggest that the Saudis have a limit to their production somewhere between 12 and 15 mbd. If true, this means they haven't peaked yet, but really don't have much excess supply capacity. It seems Matt Simmons is pretty close to the scary truth without the inside information and al-Husseini just gave us the wink and nod that he is close. I look forward to Maass' full book and hopefully more public statements from Sadad al-Husseini. [Read More At Peak Oil NYC]

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Pittsburgh Police Use Tasers At Counter-Recruiting Demo

CounterRecruiter | Pittsburgh Indymedia has more coverage on the protests including video of the shooting. At least five protesters were arrested and two were hospitalized. One woman was bit by a police dog. A second woman suffered injuries after being shot... [Read More] more...  1 Comments

Religion, and Unity-Struggle-Unity With Progressive Religious Forces

by Bob Avakian, Chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party,
Revolution #012, August 21, 2005, posted at

EDITORS' NOTE: This is part of a
series of excerpts on various subjects--drawn from conversations and discussions,
as well as more formal talks, by Bob Avakian--which we will be running in this
newspaper over the next period of time. This has been edited for publication.
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Vote for a kinder and gentler terrorist.

Kaczynski / 2008 | Choosing a President is never easy. After all, we are forced to choose between a handful of narcissists pre-selected by the ruling class. Since states are by nature terrorist, why not select the lesser of evils and pick the least terrorist amongst the candidates? more...  0 Comments

NYU Union To Rally August 31

UAW 2110 | UAW Local 2110 writes: "On Wednesday, August 31st, our historic first contract covering the NYU graduate assistants will expire. The NYU administration has announced they will not bargain a new agreement. How can they get away with this? Last summer, the Bush-dominated National Labor Relations Board narrowly voted to overturn the rights of graduate employees at private universities to organize."

From a previous report on the NYU union issue: "Several hundred people packed a Town Hall Meeting at NYU on Tuesday July 12 in overwhelming support of the first graduate student labor union at a private university in the United States." [Read More]

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Cindy and the Ranchmobile (cartoon)

CHUCKMAN | LEFT IN THE DUST more...  0 Comments

Seeking Dignity at Potter's Field

John Tarleton | An alliance of homeless activists and religious leaders has wrested an agreement from the city to allow monthly interfaith memorial services for the dead at Potter’s Field on Hart Island. About 2,000 to 3,000 unknown or unclaimed New Yorkers are buried each year in the pauper’s cemetery, which is administered by the city’s Department of Corrections. more...  2 Comments

Bicycle Lending Library needs your help

more bikes!! | you can be part of an amazing undertaking. . . a new project by and for bike activists, and bike enthusiasts alike more...  0 Comments

Whose streets? Our Streets?

Liz Elliott and Shay Sanchez | The future of Critical Mass in New York City remains uncertain, as environmental group TIME’S UP! is forced to foot the bill for an impending court battle. more...  3 Comments

Queeruption 9.

Queeruption network | You are invited to the 9th Queeruption in Tel-Aviv, August 2006!

Se incluye texto en espanol.
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Protestor's Guide to Bush Ranch in Crawford

Clayton Halllmark | Whether you’re a Friend of Cindy Sheehan, a tourist, or a history buff, it's fun to sneak a peak at the president's Crawford, Texas, Ranch -- aka the Texas White House, or (to locals like Larry Mattlage) Prairie Chapel Ranch. Larry Mattlage is a not-too-happy neighbor of George Bush and, now, Cindy Sheehan. He really is a good guy, a Texan who wants to be left alone but is caught in the middle. More about Larry Mattlage later. To Cindy Sheehan, God bless you. We all have grieved, though most of us not for a relative killed in Iraq. We grieve with Cindy Sheehan. Since President Bush has no time for Cindy Sheehan, here is a sneak peek for her of where Bus should meet her. more...  1 Comments

Nickel-and-Dimed on Knickerbocker Ave

Sarah Stuteville | “They pay minimum wages. This store doesn’t. That one across the street doesn’t either,” says Manuel Guerrero, a union organizer for the Retail Wholesale and Department Store Workers Union (RWDSU). Guerrero walks down Knickerbocker Avenue’s busy retail strip in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Bushwick, cataloguing abuses on streets choked with cheap clothing and sneaker shops, bodegas, and 99-cent stores. more...  0 Comments

Murdered Iraq Journalist Active in L.E.S Gentrification Efforts

Bombs And Shields | According to the weblog Bobms and Shields, "recently murdered freelance journalist Steven Vincent was a key player in the gentrification of the Lower East Side. Before his tragic death in Basra, Iraq he was a major opponent of squatters and anarchists in the Lower East Side." [Read More at Bombs and Shields]

Background on the killing of Steven Vincent from NYC Indymedia

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Latest Edition of Riseup Radio: Breathalizers, Movies and Radio

Riseup Radio | On this edition of Rise Up Radio:

* youth news;
* The Michigan ACLU on their fight against mandatory youth breathalizer laws;
* Mark Rosenberg of Rooftop Films on their New York Non Fiction show and turning down publicity from Bruce Ratner ...

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Download The Aug. 11th Issue of The Indypendent

The Indypendent, NYC IMC | Download the entire issue as a PDF, or read the articles online. The Indypendent is "a free paper for free people," produced bi-weekly by volunteers in NYC. Be the media. more...  0 Comments

Dining in Babylon: Eating Is More Than Food (Indypendent)

Nicholas Powers | Do we eat just to eat? Or do we consume more than food when we eat? During the Holocaust, starving inmates of concentration camps waited before meals. As hunger tightened skin around bone, they set a table and served each other the thin soup because to fight for food was to lose the last remnant of one’s humanity.

More important than the food was the ceremony of eating. It reminded the inmates that they were not the animals of Nazi rhetoric but a people with memory and tradition.

In New York the language of food is also the language of war because it reflects a city caught in class struggle. Winners and losers eat differently even though they’re separated by few streets, as, for example, from Bed-Stuy to Fort Greene. more...  0 Comments

Groceries in the Garbage (Indypendent)

Jay Bachhuber | New York is a city where thousands of people go hungry every day, while trash bags bulge with uneaten and unspoiled food. According to a 2000 waste composition analysis, New Yorkers produce more than 400,000 tons of food waste a year, even while 480,000 people need food assistance every day. The city spends up to $71.38 per ton to ship its solid waste to landfills in Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania, placing a huge burden on taxpayers. more...  0 Comments

TeleSur Takes to the Airwaves

Kari Lydersen | Spanish-language TV both in the US and in many Latin American countries is perhaps best known for its sensational, sex- and drama-soaked telenovelas (soap operas) and variety shows, soccer games and news segments heavy on the blood and gore of accidents or street crime. more...  0 Comments

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