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CHUCKMAN | THIS EXPLAINS A LOT more...  0 Comments

Kids In Charge (IndyKids)

Sarah Stuteville | A Look at How Chiidren Run a School in India more...  0 Comments

The Risks of an Anti-War Movement That Plays it Safe

By A.K. Gupta | The war has generated a tremendous amount of opposition across the political spectrum, but the antiwar movement has failed to capitalize on it. There are only three inter-related protest forces that are positioned to influence the conduct of the war: the counter-recruitment movement, antiwar elements within the military and among veterans, and the traditional peace and social justice movement. more...  1 Comments

Class Action for Chicago Anti-war lawsuit

Chicago M20 Legal Team | After more than 10,000 anti-war protestors marched on Lake Shore Drive in Chicago on March 20, 2003, police detained and arrested hundreds of people. A lawsuit filed on behalf of over 800 demonstrators and bystanders who were wrongfully held has recently been granted class action status. more...  0 Comments

I Am Not a Burden! (IndyKids)

Alex Stonehill | A Look at a School in India more...  1 Comments

The War in Iraq, Three Years Later (indyKids)

Abby Gross | A Brief History of the Conflict in Iraq for the Last Three Years more...  0 Comments

Labor Voices (IndyKids)

IndyKids | Profiles of Union Members in Celebration of May Day more...  0 Comments

It Pays to Have a Union (IndyKids)

Amanda Vender | How Unions are Good for Workers more...  0 Comments

Coyote Seeks City Life (IndyKids)

Xavier Tayo | The Capture and Death of a Coyote Found in Central Park. more...  0 Comments

Baseball Gets A Homerun (IndyKids)

Bennett Baumer | A Review of the Wins and Losses in Last Month's World Baseball Classic more...  0 Comments

How to Make a Birdfeeder (IndyKids)

Amy Rose and Matt Perkins | Learn How to Feed Birds and Build Birdfeeders more...  0 Comments

Riots Erupt During Condoleezza Rice’s Visit to Greece

kraler | 4/25 | Thousands of people marched the streets of Athens today protesting Condoleezza Rice's visit to Athens. Several left wing parties as well as a big number of anarchist demonstrators declared that the American secretary of state is not welcome in Greece or any other place in the world for that matter.
more...  3 Comments

May 1 "A Day Without Immigrant" Strike/Boycott: Over 100 events at 60+ cities!

Lee Siu Hin - Immigrant Solidarity Network | As of April 24th, we have over 100 events at 60+ cities for the May 1st mobilization listed at our calendar! more...  0 Comments

PHOTOS: Roger Toussaint Goes to Jail

Andrew Stern | Toussaint began serving a 10 day sentence for his part in leading a walkout that stopped city transit in New York City. The walkout brought the city to a halt just before Christmas last year and violated a state law banning strikes by public employees. He was accompanied to jail by thousands of supporters in a walk from the Brooklyn Supreme Court across the Brooklyn Bridge. more...  1 Comments

Loud boom over NYC

NYA | Many of us heard the loud boom over New York this morning.

Is this a continuation of mysterious booms heard across the US? more...  12 Comments Black Women & Rape: Myth vs. Reality | In lieu of the controversy surrounding a Black stripper, who was allegedly raped by three members of the Duke University lacrosse team, we once again find ourselves debating the myth of the Black woman's sexuality. And what exactly are those myths more...  1 Comments

URGENT ALERT! Act Now to Save PEG Access and an Open Internet!

saveaccess | This week the Commerce Committee of the Congress will mark-up and vote on the Barton/COPE Act. The COPE Act will create new rules allowing the Phone Companies to enter the business of video delivery – but the legislation changes existing rules and protections in ways that will adversely impact on community media and democratic principles. more...  0 Comments

Countdown to April 29 March for Peace, Justice and Democracy!

srcnyc | March steps off at 12 noon Gather at 22nd and Broadway Grassroots Action Festival in Foley Square, 1:00pm - 6:00pm The April 29 March for Peace, Justice, and Democracy is only 6 days away. While a tremendous organizing effort has been underway for weeks now, the difference between a large protest and a truly massive one comes in the last week of mobilizing. What you do in this critical time can make the difference. more...  7 Comments

Be the Media! NYC Indymedia to Host Open House Tues. April 25

IMCista | We will be hosting an open house at our new space at 4 W. 43rd St. this Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. Find out more about how you can get involved with our various working groups--audio, video, print, web, tech and IndyKids--and the projects they are working on. NYC Indymedia is a grassroots media project that enables people to cover the issues that matter to them. Don't hate the media. Become the media!

The NYC IMC is located at:

4 W. 43rd St., Suite 311
New York, N.Y. 10035
Phone# 212-221-0521 more...  0 Comments

The Grannies Trial is the Place to Be!

geritol | Get thee to 100 Centre Street (floor 5) on Monday at 9:30 am if you want to be where the action is. more...  4 Comments

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