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Howie Hawkins for US Senate (Green) Renews Call for New 9/11 Investigation following Zogby Poll

Howie Hawkins | Howie Hawkins, the Green Party candidate for US Senate, today called for a new, independent investigation of the 9/11 attacks. Hawkins cited a new poll by Zogby International of Utica that found that "42% believe there has indeed been a cover up" (with 10% unsure) and 45% think "Congress or an International Tribunal should re-investigate the attacks, including whether any US government officials consciously allowed or helped facilitate their success" (with 8% unsure). "Four years ago thousands of innocent people were murdered. in our state's largest city: and yet no one has been held criminally accountable for those actions. Why hasn't the terrorist support network who helped hijack the airplanes been uncovered and prosecuted? Why hasn't Governor Pataki and Senator Clinton demanded to know who financed these attacks, a question the 9/11 Commission dismissed as unimportant? more...  0 Comments

M24 - Day of Out(R)age - Protest the Telcos

saveaccess | NYC PROTEST INFO: Wednesday, May 24th 12:30-1:30 Verizon World Headquarters 140 West Street at Vesey Street ACE-23 trains to Chambers St. Organized by the coalition with Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting (FAIR), the Grassroots Media Coalition, Paper Tiger TV.

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Banners Dropped throughout NYC in support of Immigrant Rights

m. | New Yorkers throughout this City’s diverse communities this morning awoke to messages calling for justice and equality for immigrants throughout the United States.

The messages, including “No Deportations”, “Legalization for All Immigrants”, “Rights for All Workers” among others, were painted on banners unfurled over prominent public sites throughout four boroughs.

The banners – penned in languages from English, Spanish, Korean, Urdu, Chinese and others - were dropped throughout the city in the early morning hours. Manhattan locations include 155th & Riverside Drive, 120th Street & FDR Drive, and Chinatown. Queens locations include the Queensboro Bridge and Jackson Heights and Brooklyn locations include the Prospect Expressway and the BQE. more...  6 Comments

Wired Publishes Secret Whistleblower Docs. In EFF / ATT Case

Wired | In a statement, Wired >writes: "a file detailing aspects of ATT's alleged participation in the National Security Agency's warrantless domestic wiretap operation is sitting in a San Francisco courthouse. But the public cannot see it because, at AT&T's insistence, it remains under seal in court records."

Wired has now published the documents online. more...  1 Comments

The End of Another Two-Newspaper Town in Philadelphia?

Civil Defense |

Yesterday, Joe DiStefano reported that the ad hoc firm set up by local developers Brian Tierney, Brian O'Neill, and Bruce Toll was close to sealing a deal for the Daily News and the Inquirer. If it's true  (DiStefano cites an anonymous "person familiar with the sale") then that's bad news. It means today might be your last chance to influence the sale by submitting comments through the website.

The purchase price for the two papers is expected to be more than $575 million, but that only begins to describe what's at stake here for the people of Philadelphia. Of all of the dramatic changes underway in the local media landscape, this one may be the one that will cause the greatest impact, especially if you compare the possible outcomes. [Read More at Civil Defense

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'If he didn't answer the way we liked, we would shoot his youngest kid in the head': Ex-GI

Various | Former Army Ranger and Iraq War Veteran Tells All more...  5 Comments

LES Activists Urge Landmarks Commission to Protect P.S. 64/Charas

Sierra Freeman | Supporters of preserving P.S. 64 packed a Landmarks Commission meeting Tuesday morning in an emotional hearing that could decide the fate of the 100-year-old school building that has been at the center of a long-running Lower East Side real estate battle. more...  1 Comments

Pajaritos y pajarracos

Andrés Devesa | Consideraciones sobre la gripe aviaria y las realidades ocultas del sistema more...  0 Comments

Hawkins Easily Wins Green Party Nomination for US Senate

Howie Hawkins | Longtime peace activist Howie Hawkins easily won the Green Party nomination Saturday afternoon to face Hillary Clinton in the race for Senate. Hawkins will challenge Clinton over the war in Iraq. The Greens support bringing the troops home immediately and believe that President Bush should be impeached for lying to the country about the reasons for the illegal invasion. "We have to stop going to war for oil," stated Hawkins. more...  0 Comments

John McCain - Unwanted Guest

Nicholas Allanach | Commencement ceremonies tend to be boring and only worth their tedium when finally over. Fortunately, for The New School’s class of 2006, this year’s commencement is one charged with controversy and ripe with protest potential –how exciting. Admittedly, inviting conservative Senator John McCain to be keynote speaker and recipient of an honorary degree from this “liberal institution” has had much in provoking the peaked interest.

Also see more...  1 Comments

Senate hearing on CIA nominee: Democrats rubberstamp Bush police-state spying

Patrick Martin | The Senate hearing Thursday on the nomination of General Michael Hayden to head the Central Intelligence Agency demonstrates the bipartisan congressional support for the Bush administration’s assault on the democratic rights of the American people.

While there were scattered criticisms of the methods of the Bush administration, particularly its failure to consult with Congress, every senator on the Intelligence Committee accepted the premise that the United States is engaged in a “war on terror” and that the Bush administration’s escalation of domestic surveillance and wiretapping is a product of that war.

There was no challenge to the Orwellian label, “terrorist surveillance program,” which the Bush administration has chosen to apply to a program which actually involves the surveillance of the telephone calls and Internet messaging of nearly the entire American population—an estimated 225 million people. It would be far more accurate to describe the electronic monitoring and data-mining by the National Security Agency (NSA) as the “universal surveillance program”—or as the Pentagon once labeled its own version of the program, “Total Information Awareness.” more...  0 Comments

Indypendent to Host Community Reporting Workshop

IMCista | Looking to write but aren't sure where to start? The Indypendent, NYC Indymedia's award-winning newspaper, will hold a two-part community reporting workshop on Saturdays June 3 and 10 from 1-5 p.m. at our new office on 4 W. 43rd St. To RSVP, email or call 212-221-0521. || Latest Issue || "There isn’t a better place to develop a love for journalism." more...  0 Comments

Immigrants Rising in Brooklyn

Erin Thompson | “[We want] better pay, benefits, holidays, and [above] everything, dignity and respect for the immigrants,” said Antonio Rodriguez, who was fired for defending Eliezer Maca at Amersino. “We are here to work – and we need more respect.” || The American Nightmare || Nickle-and-dimed on Knickerbocker Ave. more...  17 Comments

FBI Opens Investigation in RNC Arrests; Singles Out Officer Wohl

Democracy Now | Democracy Now has learned the Justice Department has launched a criminal investigation of the New York Police Department over the NYPD”s treatment of protesters during the Republican National Convention. Last week the FBI sent the New York Civil Liberties Union a letter asking the group for assistance in what it described as a “pending criminal civil rights investigation into the New York City Police Department's arrest of certain individuals in connection with their protest activity at the Republican National Convention in August of 2004.” The letter went on to state “We are attempting to determine if any police officers” conduct violated federal civil rights statutes.” [Read More and Interview With Gideon Oliver || NYC Indymedia Breaks the Kyne Story (12/2004) more...  0 Comments

Coalition of Media Activists Launch Campaign Against Clear Channel (Again)

Civil Defense | It is really important to keep in mind that this is not a singular act by a lone DJ. This is a pattern of hate radio – hate as a business model. Groups like Youth Media Council in the Bay Area, the Social Action Committee in Philadelphia, the citizen coalition led by Bill Huston in Binghamton, and the REACHip Hop coalition in New York City have been challenging Clear Channel for quite some time. [Read More]

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The Staple Protest: Strike Back @ Domestic Spying!

Daithí | I remember speaking with a communication workers years ago, while they were on strike.
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Feds spy on Big Media to root out confidential sources!

ABC | Federal source: Government tracking major media phone numbers to root out confidential sources more...  0 Comments

As Bush Militarizes Border, Local Communities Say No.

Ella | Border communities are united in their opposition to the Goode Amendment, and fear that the placement of National Guard troops on the border with Mexico will further exacerbate the state-of siege mentality that has extended over the region since militarization of the region began, in the name of immigration enforcement and the war on drugs, over a decade ago. Currently, border communities face arbitrary detentions and arrests by the Border Patrol, racial profiling is rampant in Latino neighborhoods, the presence of military vehicles and infrastructure are pervasive, and the use of deadly force by Border Patrol agents claims innocent lives each year.

See also: Bush sending thousands of National Guard troops to Mexican border | No Troops at the Border! more...  0 Comments

Students Shocked By Brooklyn College’s Damage of Artwork

Marni Kotak | NEW YORK (May 14, 2006, 2:30PM) Five days after Brooklyn College conducted the unauthorized removal of MFA students’ work from the Brooklyn War Memorial, students were finally allowed access yesterday to inspect the current condition of their works and found extensive damages and many artworks missing. more...  0 Comments

Landmarks Commission to Consider P.S. 64/Charas Designation on Tuesday

Anonymous Poster | The 8-year battle over the future of P.S. 64/Charas is at a key juncture. Loisaida residents will press the Landmarks Commission on Tuesday morning to designate the former community center at 605 E. 9th St., and thus permanently thwart real estate developer Gregg Singer's plans to demolish the 100-year-old Beaux Arts building and replace it with a 19-story college dormitory. Community advocates want the city to buy back the building that it auctioned off to Singer in 1998 and restore it as a community center. Tuesday's hearing comes only days after a judge blocked P.S. 64's current owner from stripping the building of many of its most distinct historical features. more...  2 Comments

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