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Resisting the Green Scare: Film Screening and Discussion | @ the Empty Vessel [on the boat!]***, Gowanus, Brooklyn
F to Carrol St., M and R to Union
Just south of the Carrol St. Bridge at 1st St. on the Gowanus Canal.
Map -

Also, see complete coverage of a weekend Green Scare events from IMC US. more...  0 Comments

Racism is Not Free Speech! A Call For an Emergency Response Network | Fighting the Minutemen and Far Right, Anti-Immigrant Groups
A call for an emergency response network

On Saturday, June 3, 2006 , the Minutemen and representatives from other far-right groups, including S.O.S Borders and New Yorkers for Immigration Control and Enforcement, held an anti-immigrant rally at 11am in front of the Mexican Consulate. These groups try to paint themselves as non-racist, reasonable groups that are only against "illegal immigration." But we know the truth: they patrol the border, erected their own wall and continue to harass anyone they seem to think is an "illegal" immigrant. In this climate it equals anyone that looks "Mexican." While the pro-immigrant movement has done a great job protesting against the anti-immigrant policies of the government, we need to have an equal reaction to the anti-immigrant groups and the far right.
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Take Action: Help Close the SOA and the El Salvador ILEA!

CISPES | This week Congress will vote on an amendment to close the SOA/ WHINSEC. Rep. McGovern (MA) will introduce an amendment to the Foreign Operations appropriations bill to cut funding for the SOA/ WHINSEC! Meanwhile, funding for the new International Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA) will also be voted on as part of the same appropriations bill. Salvadorans consider this Academy an extension of the SOA and a new effort by the U.S. to extend its grip on Latin America by continuing to support the forces of state repression. more...  0 Comments

Movie Review: An Inconvenient Truth

Hoipolloi Cassidy | The high peak drama in Al Gore's movie "An Inconvenient Truth" comes when Professor Gore explains how a frog dumped in hot water will jump right out, but if you gradually heat the water - at which point a collective gasp goes through the many sub-teen girls in the audience - and then Uncle Al seems to smile out at the kids and tells them, but we don't want the frog to be hurt do we, and the movie cuts to a giant cartoon hand pulling the cartoon frog from the jar and placing it on a lawn chair. Somehow that half-wit frog on his lawn chair, too dumb to thank us, reminds me of George Bush. more...  0 Comments

People Mostly Want to Escape

Fredric L. Rice | A growing number of people wish to hide or flee from the Theofascist terrorist State in America while at the same time the ability to do so shrinks.
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Five Amersino IWW members fired after rigged NLRB election

Worker Freedom | IWW and Make the Road by Walking supporters are walking intermittent picket lines at Brooklyn's Amersino produce distribution warehouse, after the boss provoked a short walk-out by firing two IWW activists. One, Eliezer Maca, was fired for challenging the boss's attempt to rig a union representation election by bringing in voters who did not work at the facility.

Staff Report - Industrial Worker, June 2006 more...  2 Comments

"The Species Is Gonna Blow Itself Up If...": Noam Chomsky Interviewed by World Press Corps at U.N.

Donald Paneth | Chomsky discussed everything from U.S.-Iranian relations to climate change to his favorite newspaper during a wide-ranging two-hour press conference. more...  2 Comments

Anti-War Movement Takes Action Against the Port of Olympia

Chiton | OLYMPIA, Washington- A group calling themselves the Port Militarization Resistance worked to bring attention to the militarization of the Port of Olympia using civil disobedience and direct action from Monday the 22nd until Wednesday the 1st of June. The 3rd Stryker Brigade used the Port of Olympia to load Stryker vehicles and other military supplies on to the USNS Pomeroy bound for Iraq. The Stryker Brigade is bound for Mosul in Iraq, where the United States has taken a former Iraqi air base and has established it as its own. The base is strategically close to oil fields outside of city.

PMR is continuing to organize as it has been rumored that more ships may be headed to Olympia this summer.

The protesters made a call to action in Olympia on the first day that Stryker vehicles were spotted coming in to the Port of Olympia. Thirty-seven arrests occurred during the protests. The most significant action taken at the protest happened on May 30th when protesters took direct action against the port and took off the fence at the entrance then entered the port property.
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Can Congress Prevent Flag Burning With an Ammendment?

KENNETH J. THEISEN | Sometime between now and the 2006 elections in November, the U.S. Senate will debate one of the most pressing questions facing the American people. No, they will not debate the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and possible U.S. withdrawal. They will not take up the Bush regime’s preparations for war, possibly even nuclear war, against Iran. They will not seriously talk about global warming, the degradation of the environment, preparations for the coming hurricane season, or the Bush regime’s massive spying on the American people, or any other pressing issues. Instead they will debate whether or not to amend the constitution to allow Congress to ban the burning of the American flag. more...  1 Comments

Israeli Poll Indicates Strong Current of Anti-Arab Racism

Kenneth J. Theisen | A recent poll taken in Israel is very disturbing. It shows that racism toward Arabs is very strong among many Israeli Jews. The recent elections in Israel also indicated that such racism was beneficial to parties that take a racist stand against Arabs in Israel. Is this anti-Arab racism part and parcel of Israeli politics in the 21st century or an abberation? more...  0 Comments

21 Arrested at UN in AIDS Protest

Tim Murphy | Amid U.N. summit on global AIDS, activists demand that U.S. commit to science-based prevention and drugs for 10 million by 2010
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Over 1,500 Aids Activists from Around the World Demonstrate Outside UN Special Session on HIV/AIDS

Catharine Bufalino | Activists Converge on Meeting of World Leaders to Denounce Failed Promises and Demand Universal Access to HIV Treatment and Comprehensive Prevention. Days before on May 30, on the eve of the UN General Assembly High Level Meeting on AIDS, hundreds of United Nations staff formed a human red ribbon commemorating 25 years of AIDS on the lawn of the UN. more...  0 Comments

The Rude Guy

The Rude Guy | The Rude Guy uses ideas instead of ideologies to blast the right the left and the center, and offer up some solutions to war, healthcare and rent. more...  0 Comments

Beltway Insider to Edit Village Voice

Repost | The Village Voice, the legendary half-century-old alternative New York weekly known for its muckraking spirit and vibrant arts commentary, has a new editor in chief, Erik Wemple, editor of Washington City Paper. more...  2 Comments

Indypendent to Host Reporting Workshop Series in June

NYC-IMC Print Team | The Indypendent will hold a two-part community reporting workshop on Saturdays June 3 and 10 from 1-5 p.m. at our office on 4 W. 43rd St. Award-winning journalists from The Indypendent and Democracy Now! will cover the basics of lede writing and organizing a story, interviewing, research and more. In our trainings, we emphasize participatory, hands-on exercises and small group discussions. No prior experience required. A limited number of spaces are still available. more...  0 Comments

How I Get News About Iraq

Chris Anderson |

Christopher Albritton stands by his argument that the "imprisoned journalist" narrative in Iraq has been greatly exaggerated (see his response to me in the comments). Meanwhile, the Burningman writes (again in the comments) that "the journalism coming out of Iraq is among the worst I've ever encountered."

Rather than resolve the dispute here, I thought I'd approach the matter sideways and analyze my own news consumption regarding the Iraq conflict. In other words, how do I, concerned, politically active, internet savvy citizen get my news about the "Vietnam of our time"?

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!Todos Somos Atenco! Two events about the police repression of flower vendors and the Zapatistas in Atenco this week

nyc zapatista | Join us for an evening of films, first hand accounts, and discussion about recent police violence in the towns of San Salvador Atenco and Texcoco, Mexico.
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NYC Media Activists Target Verizon HQ

Ellen Kobak | Local media activist groups demonstrated outside Verizon Wednesday afternoon. Corporate-sponsored legislation pending in Congress that would both restructure how the Internet is used and strip local governments over cable companies drew people's ire. || Telecoms Push for Net Takeover || MNN's Public Access Update || AT&T Protested in San Francisco ||Telcos Help NSA Tracking Millions of Phone Calls || More Photos || OnNYTurf Action Alert more...  1 Comments

Video: Vigil of Defiance at Senator Clinton and Schumers office

onto | About 75 concerned people protested the offices of Senators Clinton and Schumer on Wednesday over the pending immigration bills in the legislature. Organized by the Immigrant Communities in Action coalition and the American Friends Service Committee, this action was also a vigil for 4000+ who have died crossing the border in the last 10 years since Operation Gatekeeper. The many amendments to the Senate bill (like the Hagel-Martinez bill) would place 370 miles of more wall at the border, as well as increase the amount of border patrol and detention centers, ensuring more deaths, violence, and indefinite detention for migrants. For updates on the movement against borders, see more...  0 Comments

Photos from May 24 Day Of Out(r)age

mlc | Here are some photos from the May 24 National Day of Out(r)age protest at the Verizon Building in New York City. more...  1 Comments

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