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The Israel Lobby at Work. Supporting Joe Lieberman, supporting War and Occupation.

people at | In what ways does the "Israel Lobby" support war and occupation? By sending money to pro-Israel and pro-war candidates, naturally. Case in point is Joe Lieberman, who is facing serious opposition in his run for US Senate Democratic primary in August. more...  0 Comments

NYC Area Minutemen Play Village Voice Writer for a Fool

Stanley W. Rogouski | Jarrett Murphy thinks he's a smart guy but a NYC area Minuteman group takes him to school and shows him how the press was spun. || Border Battle Heats Up || 250 Years of Backlash || April 13 Indypendent more...  21 Comments

Four headless dead p****** found near Tijuana

Anna Cearley | The decapitated bodies of three police officers and a civilian were discovered in Rosarito Beach yesterday morning, and their heads were found hours later in Tijuana more...  0 Comments

Honor the memory of Pal Malater—Hungary, 1956


Rebuilding New Orleans

Diane Greene Lent | See more photos at I returned to New Orleans June 2-6, 2006 to photograph the rebuilding. The tent city went up in front of St. Bernard Housing Project. I toured Common Ground sites and heard a lot of great music. I had been previously, in March and things seemed pretty grim, but this time I left with hope. The people are demanding their right of return. The musicians are back and playing all over the place and making it New Orleans. more...  1 Comments

Hey, North Korea! America's REAL Targets to Hit!

CSD | A map of America's most important locations. more...  4 Comments

Third Time in a Week, Israel Kills Palestinian Children


Immigration News: 2, 000+ Caught in Raids, Judge OKs Profiling

Weekly News Update | On June 14, Assistant Secretary for ICE Julie Myers announced that ICE agents had apprehended 2,179 immigrants in a nationwide sweep between May 26 and June 13. Virtually every ICE field office in the US took part in "Operation Return to Sender," in collaboration with state and local law enforcement agencies. more...  0 Comments

Why Students Have No Rights

Ann Schneider | For New York students, the ban on cell phones in school may feel like an infringement on their right to free expression. Well-to-do parents insist it’s an issue of physical safety and want to be able to check on their children’s whereabouts throughout the day. more...  1 Comments

Marty Tankleff Defense Fund-June 21st Fundraiser

Justice for Marty | Marty Tankleff's case is a classic case of a false confession, corrupt criminal "justice" system, conflicts-of-interest, corrupt police officials, and more. Despite overwhelming evidence of his innocence, the State refuses to test extant DNA that could clear Marty's name. This case is like nothing you've ever read about. Please visit more...  0 Comments

The Lessons of the Spanish Civil War


Tomorrow! Ex-guerrillas, Coffee, Guatemala @ Bluestockings.

Ida C. Benedetto | Café Conciencia director Tim Kantz and photographer Ida C. Benedetto will give a slide show talk on the situation of fair trade in Guatemala for three small communities on June 20th at Bluestockings Bookstore. Also at Bluestockings, photo exhibit "From Bullets to Coffee Beans," telling the story of a community of ex-guerrillas farming fair trade, organic coffee after 36 years of civil war, up until June 26th. more...  0 Comments

Starbucks Workers at 57th and Lexington join the IWW

Wobble Wobble | This is the 5th Starbucks store in NYC to establish a public organizing committee and make collective demands from the company. some of these demands included a guaranteed 30 hour work week, an end to the 1 minute lateness policy, an end to unfair firings and immiedate action over rodent and insect infestation. Workers also call upon the company to stop all illegal anti-union activity, stop violating federal labor law and to abide by the National Labor Relations board settlement ( more...  0 Comments

New York Campaign for Telephone Justice's FATHER'S DAY VIGIL June 16,2006

Jess Garman | Members of The Campaign for Telephone Justice, which fights to end the unfair phone charges put on prison calls, gathered at the corner of 58th Street and 8th Avenue 8pm this Friday to give voice to the unjust "Prison Telephone Contract" which hurts thousands of families whose mothers, fathers, brothers and husbands are in jail. The contract, put in place by Verizon/MCI, charges prison families 630% more than other consumers. Thousands of children in NY have a parent in prison and "Families need to stay connected!"
more...  0 Comments

Pro-Palestine Rally in Union Square, Friday, June 16, 2006

Jess Garman | Demonstrators gathered at Union Square today at 6pm in solidarity with Palestine. Colorful signs shouting a vast array of messages wanted Israel out of Palestinian soil. Most of all, the groups want peace for the region and a space in the American arena for the Arab voice to be heard. more...  2 Comments

Saving New Orleans One House At A House

Steve Wishnia | In front of 1639 Deslonde St. in the Lower Ninth Ward, a small white wood house about two blocks in and three blocks down from where the levee broke, is a stack of a couple dozen old vinyl albums, their cover art washed away to mud-colored cardboard. The one on top is Miles Davis’ Sketches of Spain. Inside is a montage of family photos, also washed out except for one picture of a smiling middle-aged couple. The watermark on the outside of the house is a fecal-tan stripe, vague and dusty like spray paint, about eye level. more...  0 Comments

Town Hall Meeting on Home Rule, June 13, 2006

Jess Garman | Waiting outside the Town Hall Meeting on Home Rule, members of the community hope to have their voices heard and rent heights stopped. Right now, New York City suffers from record levels of homelessness and thousands of subsidized apartments are lost to the free market each year. This trend could be halted if the Home Rule Act (which is supposed to give the city permission to address specific local problems) was restored. more...  0 Comments

LA Gardens - a mirror for the lower east side

Pete Moss | LA indy media is doing a great job of covering this epic struggle. It resonates with New Yorkers because the forces agianst the farmers are the same as the anti-garden, anti-squatter and pro-landlord law enforsement here. more...  2 Comments

(VIDEO) "This Time of Peril: Three Studies in Terror" a short related to the greenscare

Jeremiah Jones | (free download) This Short video reflects on the concept of terror and the way this idea is effecting people today. more...  0 Comments

NYPD Tells Transgender March Organizers to “Go Back to the Village”!

Kaitlyn Tikkun | Just weeks, before one of the largest LGBT Pride celebration weekends in the United States is held, The New York City Police Department and the City of New York are attempting to deny sound and march permit applications for the 2nd Annual Trans Day of Action for Social and Economic Justice.
more...  3 Comments

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