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The Angel of Death Rides Again: Down with the barbaric death penalty


Why American Liberalism is impossible


Marine Recruiter Assaults Demonstrators With Baseball Bat

madhatter | A baseball bat-wielding Marine recruiter engaged in an unprovoked assault on two demonstrators outside the recruiting center and then seized the cellphone belonging to another demonstrator who had witnessed and photographed the assault. There are plans for a rally and press conference outside the recruiting center for July 5 at 5PM.
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Victoria's Dirty Secret protest photos

onto | The Wetland Activism collective staged a protest and direct action at the Manhattan Mall to expose Victoria's Dirty Secret: Victoria's secret is destroying the forests for its catalogues. Victoria's Dirty Secret. At the protest, the Wetlands collective flyered, chopped up mock trees with its shopping cart monster, entered the mall with banners, were kicked out, not arrested, almost got a massive balloon banner into the store, got it out and hung it outside on 33rd and Brodway for all to see. After that, they headed over to the other Victoria's Secret on 34th and 6th and caused another ruckus inside . . .

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bob avakian the voting trap

duko | the rcp line on voting more...  4 Comments

RGB Final Hearing Shut Down For Four Hours By Tennant Protests

Jess Garman | A huge crowd of angry tenants chanted for no increases this year as the NYC Rent Guidelines Board held their final meeting tonight in the basement of the Cooper Union Meeting Hall. Fed up with the unfair manor in which the meeting was held, the activists slowly walked out of the auditorium, not caring what was being said anymore, but satisfied that at least they had made their voices heard. As for the RGB, it approved this city's [second] [correction -ed.] largest rent hikes in 15 years: 4.25% for one-year leases and 7.25% for two-year leases. || RGB: Rent Gouging Bastards || Home Rule Saves Homes more...  18 Comments

Rush Limbaugh: Viagra-packing sex tourist in the Dominican Republic?

FofaF | In what's being spun as further evidence that Rush is a drugstore cowboy, the subtext of this pill-popping episode is quite likely the sexual exploitation some girl down in the Caribbean. Rush hates immigrants, but apparently his tastes don't match his politics... except in the sickest and most obvious ways. more...  2 Comments

RGB: Rent Gouging Bastards

Bennett Baumer | At a sleepy June 1 Rent Guidelines Board (RGB) meeting, a few tenant advocates sat idly while the board’s two tenant members made a resolution in support of home rule. Though Mayor Bloomberg is tepidly against the issue – restoring power over rent and eviction laws to city council – no one could foresee how the mayor’s appointed board chairman Marvin Markus would react. more...  2 Comments

'This is Forever' Discussion Series @ Bluestockings upcoming events: Critical Mass & Seeds of the New

the kids | 'This is Forever' Discussion Series, hosted by Bluestockings Books, presents two upcoming events: 'Critical Mass, War Machine' with Will Weikart on July 21st, and 'Seeds of the New' with Chris Carlsson (of Processed World, author of Critical Mass) on September 1st. more...  0 Comments

Guantanamo Protest: 25 People Arrested Monday at UN

Jess Garman | A demonstration to shut down Guantanamo was held in front of the United States Mission to the United Nations Monday morning. Today, June 26, is set aside as the U.N. Day in Support of Torture Victims and Survivors, and the demonstrators made clear that they stand in support of such a day. However, they do not stand in support of a hypocritical government that is celebrating this day while at the same time holding prisoners in extremely inhumane conditions at Guantanamo, Cuba. 25 members of the group sat down in front of the U.N. Mission, blocking its doors and saying they would stay until the international consensus against these illegal acts is respected, heard and acted upon.|| More Coverage || Movie Review: The Road to Guantanamo more...  2 Comments

Directions to Earth First! rendezvous

RRR committee | This years rendezvous will be in SW Virginia, July 3-10 more...  2 Comments

NLG Panel On the Green Scare Monday

Family & Friends of Daniel McGowan | Date: June 26, 2006
Time: 6:30 pm
Location: Cardozo Law School, Moot Court Room
Address: 55 Fifth Avenue (at 12th Street)
New York, New York 10003
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Getting Wet with Mermaids and Dykes

Amy Wolf | On any summer weekend at Coney Island, it will smell like hot-dogs, but at the Mermaid Parade, it’s a bigger sausage-fest then usual. Persistent photographers jockeyed for the best shots in the waiting area before the parade. Here they swarmed around sultry sea goddesses and tripped over tails of those who didn’t peek their interest.

All photos are taken by Bennett Baumer.

The full article can also be accessed at: Getting Wet with Mermaids and Dykes

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Antiwar leader Norma Becker dies

War Resisters League | Norma Becker, teacher, civil rights activist, and towering figure of the peace movement during the Vietnam War, died of lung cancer in her New York City home June 17. She was 76. more...  0 Comments

Endangered Harlem Community Gardens Incite Parade

Ula Kuras | In Harlem on a rainy Saturday afternoon, a small but enthusiastic group joined together to rally and march in a colorful parade to raise awareness and garner support for the protection of 65 community gardens across all the boroughs of New York City that are in danger of development. Nineteen of the endangered gardens are located in East Harlem. The dreariness of the day contrasted with the exuberance of the crowd as they visited several nearby endangered community gardens and encouraged participation by talking to local residents and distributing flyers along the way. more...  2 Comments

National Day of Action Tuesday for First US Army Officer to Refuse Iraq Deployment

Courage to Resist Friday | Denouncing "the deception used to wage this war, and the lawlessness that has pervaded every aspect of our civilian leadership", 1st Lt. Ehren Watada refused to deploy with the 3rd Styker Brigade when it left for Iraq on Thursday. Watada is the first commissioned U.S. Army officer to refuse orders since the U.S. invaded Iraq in 2003. He faces a court martial and possibly years in prison for his actions. || Olympia IMC || Previous Coverage in The Indypendent || || Courage to Resist ||A Brief History of U.S. Military Resistance more...  1 Comments

The Radical Faeries Drag March

Ida C. Benedetto | The Radical Faeries, an international group that promotes distinct LGBT _expression, culture and radical politics, marched from Tompkins Square to Stonewall last night. The crowd of roughly 80 faeries sported their best glam and drag. The march is an annual tradition to kick off Pride weekend and commemorate the Stonewall Rebellion. more...  3 Comments

Images: Anti-Immigrant Extremists Protest Revolution Books

Stanley W. Rogouski | Take 10 or so manipulated racist bozos with nothing to do on a Friday Night and what do they do? more...  13 Comments

Tenants Tell Rent Guidelines Board Meeting: Manhattan NEEDS 0% Increase Or People Will be Left To The Streets!

Jess Garman | The Rent Guidelines Board meeting met today in the basement of The Great Hall at Cooper Union. Tenants gave emotional testimonies and the Manhattan Borough President, Scott M. Stringer, spoke on behalf of the people seeking 0% increase and against Marvin Markus, the man who raises the rent.|| RGB: Rent Gouging Bastards more...  1 Comments

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