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Israeli Immunity for Genocide

Andrea Howard | "Individuals have international duties which transcend the national obligations of Obedience and therefore have the duty to violate domestic laws to prevent crimes against peace and humanity from occurring." ——Nuremberg Tribunal, 1950 more...  1 Comments

Charges Against MXGM Cop-Watchers Dismissed

Brooklyn Chapter - MXGM | Three cop-watchers from the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement were arrested for witnessing an arrest in February of 2005. On Monday, charges against them were dropped after the arresting officer declined to cooperate with the prosecuting DA. more...  0 Comments

The Making of a Terrorist

arch.memory | Go ahead, call me a terrorist all you want. I am not bombing orphanages and ambulances. I am not brandishing forbidden chemical weapons on civilians. And yet I have trouble sleeping at night, just looking at the pictures. Do they see them? Whoever is pressing the button, do they see what they've done? Do they believe it's self-defense and justified? And Condi is waiting... How can they sleep at night? If anyone knows, please send me the name of that drug, I'd like some, too. And some for my sister as well, so she would stop sending me these messages when she can't sleep from the bombing in the middle of the night. And some for my aunt, since you're at it, so she would stop crying for God's sake and stop caring whether her 16-year-old son is back with her or if he's safe at all in the south. [Read More] more...  3 Comments

Review of New Indymedia Film, "i," From This Week's Indypendent

Chris Anderson | "i,” the powerful and occasionally frustrating new film by independent directors Raphael Lyon and Andres Ingoglia, tells of one such democratic moment, the Argentinean economic collapse of 2001 and the social uprisings that accompanied it. Along the way it also functions as one of the first, if not the very first, feature length films about the Independent Media Center (IMC, or Indymedia) movement, which chronicled the Argentine struggle as it unfolded. more...  3 Comments

NYPD Tries to Limit Further Dissent, Pedestrians and Bicyclists...

Protest, from NY Times | The Police Department wants to require parade permits for bicyclists traveling in groups of 20 or more, and any bicyclists or walkers who take to the streets in groups of two or more and disobey traffic laws for things like parades, races or protests, according to a public notice filed with the city.

Press Conference tomorrow at the Time's Up! Space at 10:30am with Norm Seigal & Steve Hyman. More details to follow. more...  2 Comments

When Terror Is Just Fine


Photos from Protest Against Israeli Attacks

Ula Kuras | An impassioned crowd of roughly 700 gathered on 2nd Avenue from 42nd to 43rd Streets in protest of the current Israeli attack on Lebanon and the ongoing occupation of Palestine.

“We are here to call an end to Israeli aggression against Palestine and Lebanon…No more attacks on Palestinians and Lebanese civilians – that is our message today,” said Riham Barghouti, a member of the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions Campaign in New York and a member of the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel. || Video || More Photos: 1 || 2 || Bolton: Lebanese Deaths "Not Morally Equivalent" || Ha'aretz: Nasrallah Still Holds All the Cards more...  13 Comments

Analysis From Ha'aretz: Nasrallah Still Holds All the Cards

Zvi Bar'El | Any diplomatic solution will have to pass through the Lebanese political grinder and gain Hezbollah's agreement ...

The question is not only what will stop Israel's onslaught but also what will the conditions be that will allow Hassan Nasrallah to nod approvingly ...

Nasrallah will have to approve this since there is not a single political power in Lebanon on Tuesday that is capable of carrying out the group's disarmament. In fact, the idea of a disarmed Hezbollah is so far-fetched to senior Israel Defense Forces officers and Israeli politicians that they are willing to make do with a "significant weakening" of the group. more...  0 Comments

PHOTOS: No War on Lebanon and Gaza protest, Israeli mission to UN

onto | Photos from the demonstration . . . damn it was hot. more...  26 Comments

Interview With Spoken-Word Artist Tara Betts

Susan Chenelle | We talked about seeking out new people, places and experiences to feed your art, dancing with Assata Shakur in Cuba, and women helping each other to articulate their experiences and to find better paths through life. more...  0 Comments

Ratner Protest Attracts Thousands

No Land Grab | Close to 2,000 people got all hot and bothered Sunday to protest Bruce Ratner’s plan to build 16 skyscrapers and a 19,000-seat basketball arena in Prospect Heights — the largest opposition rally since Ratner's Atlantic Yards proposal was unveiled three years ago.[Read More]

Also See "No Land Grab" blog: TV and radio coverage of rally | Celebrity War Over Ratner in Brooklyn | Rally Coverage | Blogosphere Coverage | DDDB Press Release | Flickr photos | Voices of Dissent more...  0 Comments

A Black Man? A Library?

Black Man With a Library | We've all heard the jokes. "How do you hide something from a Black person? Put it in a book?" or Chris Rock's version "Niggas love not to know... 'What's the capital of the Congo' 'I don't know, I'm keeping it real" Like all jokes, it contains partial truths. The oppression of Black people in America has been connected to the depriving of education. Since slavery, reading has been discouraged for the Black masses. Hence, reading for Black people has always implied resistance, rebellion and revolution. [Read More] more...  0 Comments

The Beauty of the System

Joe Bageant | America is a dark half continent of grotesque notions made manifest, such as Scientology, the GOP and the MacDonald’s “Big Bowl” meal. Americans seem to possess psychic flypaper that attracts strange unsavory notions. Worse yet, we act upon them. more...  0 Comments

Beirut Under Seige

Hardig | In a way, the eerie silence of no bombs going off, and the distant buzz of helicopters and fighter jets can be as scary as the actual bombardments. Well, not quite of course, the bombardment is nothing less than Hell on earth for those in the direct line of fire, while the silence is more of a psychological strain for those waiting to see if they will be in the line of fire. Last night as I lay in bed, I felt as though there was a lot of activity going on south from here. I heard not only fighter jets, but what sounded like helicopters as well. Actually, I heard what sounded like a small propeller airplane, but that must have been a helicopter; no small propeller airplanes are likely to be in the air over Beirut at this point. Unless it was an unmanned drone that is, perhaps sent out to inspect the success of the terror campaign so far. The Dahiyeh is no more. Lebanon is getting hit from north to south. Shou, Israel, are you running out of targets yet? [Read More] || DN: Rania Masri in Lebanon || DN: Hizbollah, the United States and the Context Behind Israel's Offensive on Lebanon || Angry Arab more...  0 Comments

Israeli Bodies, Lebanese Rubble: A Trip Through Monday's Photos in the New York Times

Chris Anderson | The photos, graphic and brutal, streamed onto the NYC Indymedia newswire, under the headline "Photos from Lebanon You Won't See in the New York Times." Trite, but true. A trip through Monday's newspaper demonstrates the Western media's calculus of suffering. more...  4 Comments

Photos from Lebanon You Won't See in the New York Times

Repost from CIMC | '" Dear friends and colleagues ,You will all have to excuse me for sending this. It's pictures of the bodies of babies killed by the Israelis in South Lebanon. They are all burnt. I need your help. I am almost certain these pictures won't be published in the West, although they are Associated Press pictures. I need your help exposing them if you can..." more...  6 Comments

Politicore Native American Punk Band Coming to NYC

iam | 18 Jul 2006 (Tue):
New York City, NY - At the Continental - 9:30 more...  0 Comments

Fighting For New Orleans: Common Ground Collective and New Orleans Worker Coalition Hit NYC

Jess Garman | With the year anniversary of Katrina less than two months away, two organizations made it clear that the city of New Orleans still needs help. For the Common Ground Collective and the New Orleans Worker Justice Coalition, the work has just begun, though they have both helped thousands of families, there are thousands more to go. “Across the city, workers are living in abandoned cars, working in toxic conditions, chasing after a web of subcontractors for their wages, and running from police and immigration authorities who have intensified their enforcement efforts while labor law enforcement is lax” ( Many former New Orleans inhabitants are forced to live on low wages and cannot find employment in the cities where they have since sought refuge. In addition, those who attempt to return find that they have no schools and no housing. This is why, both organizations felt the need to come out yesterday and spread the word that they are thriving, but need our help to keep on doing what they do. more...  1 Comments

MTA Finally Addresses Old Security Issue

kaitlyn tikkun | Unbeknownst to most everyone, there are tons of hiding places on some subway car designs. more...  1 Comments

New York Times Recieves Envelope With White Powder, Defaced Editorial

person reading the news | Less than a week after angry right-wing radicals called for the New York Times to be levelled as a penalty for its investigative journalism, the paper got a nasty letter in the mail Friday. Police were called after an employee in the paper's mailroom opened a business-sized envelope containing a beige powder. According to the AP, the substance is likely corn starch. more...  7 Comments

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