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Green Party Candidate Ready to Debate Markowitz

No Land Grab |

From Hot Indie News:

The Gloria Mattera for Brooklyn Borough President Campaign handed in almost 8,000 independent nominating petition signatures to the New York City Board of Elections at 10:30am Tuesday morning. 4000 signatures are required for the office.

"These signatures represent grass roots support for my campaign to bring open government to Brooklyn," said Mattera. "I look forward to a vigorous public debate with Marty Markowitz in the coming weeks on the issues most critical to the people of Brooklyn, including affordable housing, support for public schools, responsible development, and a healthy environment." [Read More]

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Asked for photo ID at New Utrecht High School on Election Day

Vincent La Marca | On the morning of Election Day, Nov. 2, 2004, I was asked by an auxillary police officer for photo ID in order to enter the polling place at New Utrecht High School. I felt this was a violation of privacy and inconsistent with Board of Election policy. I believe that IDs should be propery handled by poll workers. I'm sure hundreds of voters in Bensonhurst were asked for photo ID that day and that some of them were turned away from the polls. more...  1 Comments

Military Father Speaks Out Against the Iraq War (link to mp3 audio)

RadioActive (Maine) | A conversation with Dexter Kamilewicz, a Maine father who's son is speaking out about the conditions he and the other troops are really facing in Iraq. more...  0 Comments

Green Building Tour

Peak Oil NYC | This evening I took at tour of the "The Solaire" a 27 story, 293 unit building that was the first to be built under the Battery Park City Authority's groundbreaking Residential Environmental Guidelines. These “Green Guidelines” were developed in 1999 as a vision for the construction of environmentally responsible buildings in New York State. It was built in 2003 within a stone's throw from Ground Zero. The land itself was actually landfill from the excavation of the original WTC site. [Read More] more...  0 Comments

Street Vendors Converge on City Hall to Protest Unfair $1,000 Vending Fines

The Street Vendor Project | These fines, often imposed for such violations as not displaying one's license or being too close to a store front, can reach $1,000, which is equal to three months' earnings for many vendors and threatens to put them out of business. The vendors were joined by NYC Council member Robert Jackson and mayoral candidates Fernando Ferrer and Anthony Wiener, who all gave speeches singing the praises of vendors as hardworking small business owners in pursuit of the “American Dream,” and speaking out against the exorbitant fines. more...  1 Comments

CUNY Student Leader Miguel Malo On Trial

Asociacion de Estudiantes Latinos y Latinoame | Miguel Malo, student leader from CUNY's Hostos Community College, is being put on trial for the second time on September 6. Miguel was arrested in August 2001 for holding up a sign protesting cuts to English as a Second Language programs and bilingual courses at Hostos. more...  3 Comments

Threat To Chavez's Life

Rob Sewell | Bolivarian Revolution more...  0 Comments

Submit to Blacked-Out Media

Blacked Out Media | The NYC Indymedia Video Collective is currently seeking submissions for Blacked-Out Media. Submissions should be no longer than ten minutes in length and should serve as a socially/politically conscious mini-documentary. Segments should be high resolution and submitted on mini-DV. more...  0 Comments

This system can not have a good ending…

Koordinadora d'Osona kontra la tortura | A North American citizen say to an other: Do you know that Al Qaeda has kidnapped President Bush? – “Noo, really!?”-- “Yes man, and they say if we don’t pay the ransom, they are going to shower him with petrol and light him on fire, and everybody is going to be able to see it on television…!” -- “and how much is the ransom?” – “they want we pay, at least, they same amount of dollars than the Iraq’s war military budget of this year.” – “This is going to be difficult…” – “ No , on the other way around, it’s really easy. And looks like its going to be arranged soon, because the collecting campaign have already start and everybody is really into it” – “oh, yaw? And how much is the average amount they give” – “ ouch… it depends… you know… it depends on the economical possibilities of each one… and … the petrol stock in the service stations… there’s people who donate one litre there’s other people who gives ten!!!!” -- “We are going to burn Bush!” ( This is a joke that a listen in a bar on the West side of Philadelphia, near by Drexel University.)
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Why is Pat Robertson Not Treated as a Terrorist?

John Chuckman | America's fundamentalist carnival includes many fascinating acts. Pay your money, and you can watch preachers weeping and screaming, dismissing whole segments of humanity as evil, threatening murder, shaking down congregations for extra donations to named-after-themselves projects, or hitting people in the head to heal cancer. You will also see some monsters finally caught after years of molesting children or hear others advocating crimes against humanity such as using nuclear weapons. more...  5 Comments

Carnival Without Borders II

Guerillascience | This is the second weekly installment of (dun dun dunnnn!) The Carnival Without Borders, some great stuff this week and all very timely. I’d also like to ask everyone to help me out and leave some comments with links to posts that I miss (if I miss any, which I’ll try not to do, but I’m sure I will). In either case, here we go:

Most locally the CT Citizens for Immigration Control (CTCIC or CICC), an anti-immigrant group that I have protested in my home town, have begun efforts to start a chapter in Stamford, Connecticut. Connecticut Blog discusses the immigration issue in CT, CTCIC and the Stamford Advocate article that reported the “news”.

Amen to that. Danbury Mayor Boughton is the ultimate flip-flopper who only got critical over the immigrants once his political base criticized him over his proposal to make a place in the center of town where the day laborers to gather and lessen the congestion on Kennedy St.

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Billionaires Support Their Silent Advocate, Betsy Gotbaum, at City Hall

Maya Foxnew | Getting drunk on power, Billionaires for Betsy and Bloomberg took time off backroom schmoozing and dealing at City Hall to show their support for their Silent Advocate, Betsy, brandishing signs saying "Silence is Golden" and "Silence=Wealth." "We are truly Buy-Partisan, as that is the way to get things done at City Hall, whether it is a 1.6 Billion dollars of Corporate Welfare for Morgan Stanley, or 20 to 40 story buildings in Brooklyn", says Emma Nent Domain.
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Cyclists Declare Bike Lane Liberation Day

Barbara | Cyclists declare Tues, Aug 23, Bike Lane Liberation Day. Starting at 6:30pm in the 2nd Ave bike lane, between 10th & 11th St, the Clown Brigade made up of bicyclists and volunteers with TIME'S UP! direct action environmental group will ticket motor vehicles in the 2nd Avenue bike lane. The clowns will draw attention to what they believe the NYPD should be doing: enforcing laws that protect bicyclists, and in particular, ticketing motorists who violate Section 4-08(e), which explicitly prohibits stopping, standing and parking within, or otherwise obstructing, bike lanes & carries a fine of $115.

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Israel: The withdrawal from Gaza... a step towards peace?

Yossi Schwartz | Middle East more...  0 Comments

Corporate Graffiti is Legal, Phew!

Compilation |

Kat writes: "A party planned to promote a graffiti video game can go forward as planned this Wednesday in Chelsea. The Bloomberg administration had revoked a permit for the event, but District Court Judge Jed Rakoff said the mayor's view went against the First Amendment. "By the same token, presumably, a street performance of 'Hamlet' would be tantamount to encouraging revenge murder," he said in federal court in Manhattan. Of course, spraypainting without corporate authorization is still illegal."

Meanwhile, readers of the Stay Free blog debate the line between corporate and political speech and its relation to the Ecko case. And for more on the politics of street art, check out the Visual Resistance weblog.

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Corporate Graffiti is Legal, Phew!

Kat |

A party planned to promote a graffiti video game can go forward as planned this Wednesday in Chelsea. The Bloomberg administration had revoked a permit for the event, but District Court Judge Jed Rakoff said the mayor's view went against the First Amendment. "By the same token, presumably, a street performance of 'Hamlet' would be tantamount to encouraging revenge murder," he said in federal court in Manhattan. Of course, spraypainting without corporate authorization is still illegal.

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Pat Robertson Calls for Assassinatin of Hugo Chavez on 700 Club

reposted from | Media Matters found this amazing footage of Christian Fascist Pat Robertson urging assassintation. more...  10 Comments

Point of Agreement


Critical Mass Crackdown becoming PR Nightmare

bob | Bob writes: "Mobility justice activists from around world are outraged by NYC critical mass arrests. Now they are taking action on our behalf."

Meanwhile, the second annual Bike National Convention, sponsored by Times Up! continues until August 28: "2 weeks of rides, workshops & events to commemorate another year of bicycle action and enthusiasm." And on August 26, Still We Ride, a movie about the attempted repression of NYC's Critical Mass, will play at Rooftop Films.

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War & War Crimes & ICC, Oh My!

kalitara | A new documentary explores the Iraq War, War Crimes at Abu Ghraib & Guantanamo Bay, and the US exemption of the International Criminal Court. more...  1 Comments

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