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CitySol: A Solar Powered Festival

© Jen Yuson | CitySol hosted a number of green exhibits, a green market, and bands that played on a solar powered stage. more...  2 Comments

Legal surveillance, not illegal eavesdropping, stopped the U.K. terrorist attacks

Glenn Greenwald | To the extent that U.S. law enforcement agents attempted to assist in the pre-arrest surveillance of these terrorists, they were able to eavesdrop on the conversations of scores of individuals inside the U.S. by obtaining the approval of the FISA court, just as the law requires: more...  1 Comments

Sham UN Resolution Guarantees No End to Israel's War of Illegal Aggression

Stephen Lendman | UN Resolution 1701 guarantees no end to the conflict more...  0 Comments

Protesting Rice's Visit to the UN: Bring the Slaughter in Lebanon to a Halt

World Can't Wait | Today a group World Can't Wait activists and others gathered in front of the United Nations Headquarters in New York for an emergency protest of Condoleezza Rice's visit there. Rice's appearance was part of the process of authoring a UN resolution for a "ceasefire" in Israel's vicious war of aggression on Lebanon - a war made possible by, and enjoying the approval and direct military support of the Bush regime. more...  3 Comments

Be aware of the time. It is now 1984.

From Joe | "At a time such as this—in the midst of spectacular claims from London and Washington, a media barrage supporting them, and a massive disruption of commercial flights resulting from extreme security measures—it is all the more imperative that people not suspend their capacity for critical thought and political judgement."
more...  0 Comments

Drive out Bush Regime: Support NYC “World Can’t Wait” Chapter

Portland IMC repost | History is full of examples where people who had right on their side fought against tremendous odds and were victorious. And it is also full of examples of people passively hoping to wait it out, only to get swallowed up by a horror beyond what they ever imagined. The future is unwritten. WHICH ONE WE GET IS UP TO US. Endorsers of the Call to Drive Out the Bush Regime Include: James Abourezk, Aris Anagnos, Anti-Flag, Edward Asner, Russell Banks, Ed Begley Jr., Harry Belafonte, St. Clair Bourne, Gabriel Byrne, Margaret Cho, Ward Churchill, Kate Clinton, US Rep. John Conyers Jr., John Densmore, Jesse Díaz Jr., Ariel Dorfman, Tom Duane, Michael Eric Dyson, Steve Earle, Niles Eldredge, Daniel Ellsberg, Eve Ensler, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Jane Fonda, Michael Franti, reg e. gaines, Martin Garbus, Wavy Gravy, André Gregory, Paul Haggis, Sam Hamill, Suheir Hammad, Kathleen Hanna, Stephen Hays, Merle Hoffman, Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Mumia Abu-Jamal, Bill T. Jones, Rickie Lee Jones, Sarah Jones, Brig. Gen. (ret) Janis Karpinski, Casey Kasem, Ron Kovic, Jonathan Kozol, Jessica Lange, Lewis Lapham, Mark Leno, Rabbi Michael Lerner, George Lois, US Rep. Cynthia McKinney, Mark Crispin Miller, Tom Morello, Viggo Mortensen, US Rep. Major Owens, Ozomatli, Grace Paley, Harvey Pekar, Sean Penn, Jeremy Pikser, Harold Pinter, Frances Fox Piven, Sister Helen Prejean, Michael Ratner, Boots Riley, Mark Ruffalo, US Rep. Bobby Rush, Susan Sarandon, James Schamus, Richard Serra, Rev. Al Sharpton, Cindy Sheehan, Martin Sheen, Gary Soto, Nancy Spero, Gloria Steinem, Lynne Stewart, Serj Tankian, Jonathan Tasini, Sunsara Taylor, Studs Terkel, Gore Vidal, Kurt Vonnegut, Alice Walker, Naomi Wallace, Lt. Ehren Watada, US Rep. Maxine Waters, Cornel West, Saul Williams, Krzysztof Wodiczko, Ann Wright, Howard Zinn, and thousands more….. more...  0 Comments

Watch for Welfare Warriors

DMI Blog |

This past Saturday, August 5th, I participated in a community forum held at the The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Center on West 13th Street in Manhattan. The speak-out is an initiative of the Welfare Warriors, a project of Queers for Economic Justice (QEJ). Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Gender Non Conforming people facing issues of poverty had the opportunity to give voice to struggles at a community speak-out, share experiences of poverty and develop a campaign around public assistance.[/a>]

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Protest Condi Rice TODAY at the UN: Noon until...

World Can't Wait | Emergency p rotest today: NOON - Dag Hammarskjold Plaza across the street from the United Nations (E. 47th St. & 1st Ave.)

Over 1,000 dead, 1 in 4 Lebanese displaced from their homes, and a whole country destroyed: these are war crimes. And the Bush regime has given its full support, encouragement, and weapons to Israel to carry out atrocities. The Bush regime's "war on terrorism" has meant nothing but torture, bombs, and devastation for the people of the Middle East. And we must take responsibility to STOP the injustices being committed by our government in our names.

TODAY: Condoleezza Rice will be at the UN working out a vote on a
resolution supposedly to end the conflict. From the beginning of Israel's attack on Lebanon, the Bush regime has worked to prevent any ceasefire or even the mildest of restraint on Israel, and has been whipping up further justification for attacking Iran. War criminal Condoleezza Rice has no right to determine any measures taken in the Middle East conflict and must be protested today.

The World Can't Wait - Drive Out the Bush Regime will be outside of the UN this afternoon and demanding these war crimes be brought to a halt. If you're in NYC and have a conscience, be there.
more...  2 Comments

Britain’s airline terror plot: Questions that need to be answered

by the wsws editorial board | This article is available as a PDF leaflet to download and distribute
The claim that American and British security forces have thwarted a terrorist plot to blow up commercial flights between Britain and the United States should not be accepted uncritically. It is impossible to determine at this point whether or not such an attack was in the offing, although the mass media have, as usual, reported the assertions of the British and American governments as indisputable fact, without bothering to ask for any specific information that would substantiate the official story. more...  2 Comments

Indymedia Photography from Lebanon

Andrew Stern | Link to more photos, updated regularly: more...  0 Comments

Green Party Leader Convicted of Taking Bribes

Mark Knapp | After seeing several days of videotape surveillance from federal prosecutors, a jury today convicted Dean Zimmermann of accepting bribes. The former Green Councilman was indicted last January in the wake of an FBI corruption probe. more...  1 Comments

August 19th, Non-Silent Vigil for Abeer Hamza

nycnion | In March of 2006, Abeer Hamza, a 14-year old Iraqi girl from the village of Mahmudiya, witnessed the deaths of her father, mother, and sister, and afterwards was brutally raped, murdered, and set on fire. Five US soldiers have been charged with the crime, one of which has already confessed guilt. The soldiers allegedly pre-planned the attack, changed into civilian clothing, and then entered the home of Abeer Hamza. more...  1 Comments

Lieberman’s Defeat and the State of American Politics

Barry Grey | The response of Connecticut Senator Joseph Lieberman and the Democratic Party leadership to Lieberman’s defeat in Tuesday’s Democratic primary election says a great deal about the politics of the Democratic Party and the state of American politics as a whole.

Lieberman, a three-term senator and the Democratic vice presidential candidate in 2000, lost by a 52 to 48 percent margin to Ned Lamont, an heir to the Lamont family fortune and multi-millionaire businessman, who ran as an opponent of the war in Iraq. [Also See OnNYTurf: "Lamont Wins, Lieberman Vows to Frustrate Dem Campaigns Nation Wide."] more...  7 Comments

NYCLU Sues NYPD for Harassing & Detaining Photographers

NYCLU | August 7, 2006 -- The New York Civil Liberties Union today expanded a
federal lawsuit to challenge the New York City Police Department's
treatment of photographers and filmmakers. In the amended complaint
filed this morning in United States District Court in Manhattan, the
NYCLU alleged that NYPD officers are unlawfully detaining photographers
and threatening them with arrest if they will not destroy their images
or show them to police officers. more...  0 Comments

Fox Slimes Cindy Sheehan

Daithí | It’s either a slow news week at Fox News or a testimony to Cindy Sheehan’s effectiveness. more...  3 Comments

RFIDs are for dummies!

gothink3 | Citi and Chase banks are distributing “smart cards” or “blink cards” to their unknowing customers. Either way these cards contain RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and pose a threat to your privacy and bank accounts ie: digital pick-pocketing or worse a way to track humans. more...  2 Comments

NMASS celebrates new space in Brooklyn

Ula Kuras | The National Mobilization Against Sweatshops (NMASS) celebrated the grand opening of their new space in Brooklyn on 93 Third Avenue at Bergen St on Friday, August 5th. NMASS is a workers membership organization that was founded by young working people in 1996 in New York City. Its’ members cross all trades and industries but are united in their efforts to empower workers and fight for better work conditions. more...  0 Comments

To those organizing nyc protests against Israeli bombing

would-be protestor | Or make a conscious effort to post the links so we can find it. more...  8 Comments


Third World Solidarity Group | Support an immediate stop to the US-UK-Israeli invasion and occupation of Lebanon and Palestine, immediate and unconditional withdrawal of all Israeli troops, stop to all US-led bogus, gunboat diplomacy, adequate and fair representation of Lebanese, Palestinian and other Arab governments in the settlement of the conflict, support for the sovereignty and independence of the Palestinian and Lebanese governments!!! In the long term, end US-UK-Israeli exploitation, control and interference in the Middle East!!! more...  0 Comments

NYC Demonstration Against Israeli Aggression Draws Thousands

Lycophidion | On Saturday, August 5, some 3,000 protestors calling for an end to the U.S.-backed Israeli invasions of Gaza and Lebanon, as well as the U.S. occupation of Iraq, rallied and marched from Time Square to the General Electric building on 50th Street and 6th Ave. General Electric manufactures F-16 engines, used against the Lebanese, Palestinian and Iraqi populations. The rally was sponsored by the International Action Center, Al-Awda, Arab American Muslim Federation, Millions 4 Mumia, NYC Council Member Charles Barron and others.
more...  1 Comments

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