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Bikes, Death and Sacrifice: A Short Story of my Night and Critical Mass

onto | I started out biking from Brooklyn to Union Square to catch this months critical mass bike ride. Saw a friend on the bridge. "I'm heading off to Seaport to see Ted Leo". "Cool, I'm going to Critical Mass." "Have fun." "Later". I made it to Union Sq north by 7pm. Chilled for an hour listening to the Rev Billy give his shpiel with the Hungry Marching band behind him. Flyers galore, beautiful bikes and beautiful people too. About 30 scooter cops on Union Sq. east waiting. Another batch on broadway waiting to snatch us. Fuck it. Let's go.[Critical Mass Roundup || Critical Mass London UK encounters police bully-boy tactics. || US IMC Feature on Critical Mass and Hurricane Katrina] more...  9 Comments

Journey To South Lebanon: Part One

W. Brandon Jourdan | Watch Video

On Sunday morning, we grabbed coffees and traditional Lebanese breakfast sandwiches called Knefes, and headed to South Lebanon. The highway to the south was lined with huge billboards with images of guerillas with anti-tank missiles and the words “Divine Victory” written on them, other signs with wounded children with the slogan “Made in the USA” written in large letters, and multiple others highlighting last month’s struggle between Hezbollah guerilla fighters and the Israeli Defense Forces.

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‘Destroyed’ FBI Puerto Rico Files Prompt Cover-up Charges

The NewStandard | In the wake of an activist's death at the hands of FBI operatives, the agency's revelation that it may have destroyed records on the independence movement in Puerto Rico has aggravated tensions over the government's presence on the island. In a recent response to a Freedom of Information Act request, the FBI admitted that it could not locate records relating to the activities of a prominent Puerto Rican nationalist. It also stated that its field office in San Juan, Puerto Rico may have destroyed the documents when purging its files years ago. [Previous NYC IMC Coverage || "A People's Tribute"] more...  0 Comments

'What is This World Coming To?': Lesbians Retaliate After Sexual Harassment

Renee Leonowicz | On August 19, 2006 at 2 a.m. seven lesbians in the West Village responded to sexual harassment, and consequently a hate crime, by attacking him. According to recent coverage that blatantly contained as little inclusion of the women’s explanation as possible, a bootlegger crudely attempted at picking up one of the women, an action he describes as gentlemanly, to which she responded that she was a lesbian. He retorted with a bitter hateful expression, one that the media has not divulged, a mordant threat to fuck them all, and consequently flicked a lit cigarette in their direction, which burned one of them. Supposedly, these events solely led at least four of the women to pummel him with belts, and, ultimately, stab him. Currently, the women, whose ages have been recorded as ranging from 14-31 and 18-31, are being held at Riker’s Island on $50,000 bail/$150,000 bond on charges of assault, gang assault, attempted murder, and a hate crime. more...  37 Comments

Pictures: Massive Turnout for Atlantic Yard Public Hearing

Brian Tubbs | The public hearing over Bruce Ratner's Development project had little to do with addressing those in power. Instead, roudy supporters faced off with the tempermental opposition. People for the project, mostly Union Laborers and the unemployeed are badly in need of jobs. Those against, are worried that the jobs and affordable housing are just a ruse. The proposal for the Nets arena and 16 skyscrappers is the biggest to ever hit NYC, but the communtiy and oversite committees have been closed out of the process. Here are some pictures. more...  3 Comments

The Battle to Rattle Ratner

Daniel Goldstein | The only scheduled public oversight of the mammoth Brooklyn project is a single hearing to be held today (August 23) at New York City Technical College’s Klitgord Auditorium at 285 Jay St. Out of scale and character with its surrounding low-rise residential neighborhoods, the Atlantic Yards project is the poster child of the overdevelopment epidemic that has plagued all of New York City during the Michael Bloomberg era. || "Victory Ride" to Atlantic Yards Hearing Wedn. at 5 p.m. more...  0 Comments

New York Jews Stage Penn Station 'Die-In'

Jewish Conscience | A group of more than 20 Jewish protestors staged a “Die-In” during rush hour this morning outside Penn Station, unfurling large banners and lying down on the ground to demand a cessation of continuing Israeli military aggression in Lebanon and Palestine. In a peaceful demonstration, silent protestors created a harrowing scene reflecting the large civilian death toll in Lebanon and the aftermath of war. Coordinating with the group in New York, Jews in Los Angeles, Philadelphia and San Francisco staged similar events throughout the morning. || First Person: Leaving Israel || A Brief History of Zionism || From Israel With Love more...  17 Comments

Pesticide Spraying Alarms Residents in Brooklyn

Ula Kuras | Concerned residents joined members of the No Spray Coalition at the Church Avenue subway station off the F line in Brooklyn to protest the truck spraying of pesticides that occurred on Monday beginning at 7:45pm to 6:00am the following morning in Greenwood Heights, Greenwood Cemetery, Kensington, Windsor Terrace and Sunset Park.

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Resisting the de-Greening of Harlem

Ula Kuras | The threat to Harlem's 19 community gardens prompted a group of about 15 gardeners identifying themselves as Harlem United Gardens (HUG) to meet weekly on Friday evenings in order to prevent the further destruction of green space in their neighborhood.

“I understand we need housing," says Benay Chisholm of Nueva Esperanza Garden. "But, they should allow us some green space. We put 18 years of our love in it.” more...  2 Comments

Oaxaca media under violent attack

jlaw | Paramilitaries and police in Oaxaca have begun a violent campaign to shut down all media operations critical of the Ulises Ruis regime. more...  0 Comments

Harlem Tenants Organize Against Gentrification

Eleanor Moonier | Harlem residents gathered in resistance to threatened displacement at a community meeting held by the The Harlem Tenants Council last Wednesday at St. Ambrose Episcopal Church. "We have got to debunk the myth that people are leaving on their own when, in fact, they are being pushed out in droves," said Nellie Hester Bailey, director of the Harlem Tenants Council. more...  3 Comments

The Death of Discourse: NY1 & Hillary Clinton

Daithí | “Imagine our surprise when we checked the Pace University website last night only to find that the Senate Town Hall Meeting, scheduled for August 22nd, is now marked CANCELLED. As you know, Jonathan Tasini was denied participation in this event due to the arbitrary "threshold" set by NY1 of $500,000 either raised or spent by the campaign. NY1 presented a Republican Senate debate last weekend; no Democratic Senate debate was set…” more...  11 Comments

NYC Rescinds Proposed Parade Permit Regulations and Cancels Police Hearing

Times Up! / OnNYTurf | NYC rescinds its new parade permit regulations and cancels August 23 police hearing. Overwhelming support at People's Public Forum last night at St. Mark's Church helped to apply pressure on city to back off. [OnNYTurf || Assemble for Rights Response || StreetsBlog || Newsday more...  7 Comments



Letters From Lebanon: This Pain Has No Ceasefire

Barucha Calamity Peller | Five hours after the ceasefire between Israel and Hezbollah, in a village just north of the Litani River I walk over houses, houses that have become ruins of what once was. more...  1 Comments

Infoshop News Daily Brief: August 16, 2006

Infoshop News | A daily brief on news and events from Infoshop News. This is a sample of our new service. more...  0 Comments

The August 12 protests and their implications

Fred Bergen | Only the working class, mobilizing the power that is uniquely its own to stop war production and paralyze the war industries, and based on its material interest in the defeat of imperialism, can stop the war! But the strategy needed to stop the war -- massive political strikes aimed at bringing down the government of the imperialists -- requires a political break with the bourgeois forces. more...  1 Comments

Possible Pretext Behind the NYPD Parade Permit Proposal

DMI Blog |

Less conspicuously, these police-initiated restrictions on the use of public space present a potentially broader threat, not particularly to people in prosperous, safer neighborhoods where unconstitutional police searches and seizures are rare, but to people living in minority-dominated, often poor neighborhoods accustomed to constant, aggressive policing. [Read More from DMI Blog || The People's Lawyer: You + Me = Parade? || Recap of Rule Changes || Assemble for Rights || UFPJ Call to Action || OnNYTurf]

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You Gotta Give it To ACORN...

John Atlas | Wrenching concessions from private companies is a major goal of activists these days -- and that's exactly what ACORN did with Forest City Ratner and its Atlantic Yards housing and development plan. more...  12 Comments

Anti-Semitism for dummies

Susan Fields | Anti-Semitism for dummies more...  1 Comments

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