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Massacre Under Way in Oaxaca

Internationalist Group | In response to a state-wide work stoppage in Oaxaca, Mexico today, plainclothes police and gunmen linked to state governor Ulises Ruiz have unleashed a bloody massacre. So far today, there are at least three people confirmed dead, and reports of two more killed, with scores wounded in the shooting. An emergency protest has been called for Saturday, October 28, at 3 p.m., outside the Mexican consulate general in New York at 27 East 39th Street. more...  5 Comments

More Photos From Oaxaca Today

El Universal | There are the captions: more...  9 Comments

Represión en Oaxaca: Llamado del Subcomandante Marcos a Movilizaciones Nacionales e Internacionales

solidaridad con oaxaca | México, 27 de octubre de 2006. El subcomandante insurgente Marcos, delegado Zero del EZLN para La Otra Campaña, desde Buaisiacobe, Sonora, en el norte de México lanzó un llamado nacional e internacional para movilizarse "exigiendo la salida inmediata del asesino Ulises Ruiz, el castigo a él y sus sicarios y en apoyo a la APPO.". more...  0 Comments

Last Communique from NYC Indymedia Journalist Brad Will

Brad Will | NYC Indymedia journalist Brad Will was killed by Mexican government forces in Oaxaca today. Here is his most recent communique from Oaxaca, entitled "Death in Oaxaca." more...  5 Comments

urgencia oaxaca

greg | repression toca un periodista de Indymedia NYC more...  4 Comments

NYC Indymedia Journalist Brad Will Shot Dead by Government Forces in Oaxaca

Barucha Calamity Peller | Confirmed by La Jornada (Mexico) and Radio APPO Oaxaca, NYC indymedia journalist shot in chest today


Oct. 27th: A shooting occurred today in Oaxaca City, Mexico, leaving New York City Indymedia journalist Bradley Will dead after being shot in the chest by paramilitaries. He died before reaching the hospital, according to La Jornada. A photographer from the newspaper Milenio Diario, who was at Will's side, was shot in the foot and reported injured, his status unknown.

mp3 audio Radio APPO, the radio of the Popular Assembly of the Oaxacan People, is reporting truckloads of armed paramilitaries entering the city. They are calling for people to reinforce the thousands of barricades that have been constructed for months as part of the statewide teachers' strike and popular uprising that has demanded the removal of PRI governor Ulisis Ortiz Ruiz.

Narco News Report: Brad Will, New York Documentary Filmmaker and Indymedia Reporter, Assassinated by Pro-Government Gunshot in Oaxaca While Reporting the Story
Centro de Medios Libres(es)

Reports en español: 1 | 2 | English: 1 | 2

Last Communique from NYC Indymedia Journalist Brad Will | Massacre Under Way in Oaxaca | Llamado del Subcomandante Marcos a Movilizaciones Nacionales e Internacionales | Condena contra el asesinato de Brand Will de Indymedia NY

2004: Ecuador IMC Activist, Lenin Cali Najera Assassinated
more...  126 Comments

NYC Port Authority Violates Human Rights Law by Arresting Transgender People.\

kaitlyn tikkun | The NYC Port Authority Police have repeatedly violated NYC Human Rights Law by arresting and verbally abusing transgendered people for trying to use the restroom. Transgendered people and allies held a protest over 4 recent arrests. more...  6 Comments

Unfinished Business:leftovers from the Clinton years-are they the road "back to Seattle?"

Luke from DC | So the Democrats have captured the huge popular opposition to the war and moved it from the streets to the polls, where it will give them at least the house and maybe the Senate.

Where does that leave us? Where we were while Seattle was buillding up! more...  1 Comments

Vote for WBAI Justice & Unity Candidates

WBAI Justice & Unity Campaign | There is a high-stakes election going on now at peace-and-justice WBAI Radio (99.5 FM, that will determine the future direction of the station, and will influence that of the entire five-station Pacifica network. Some may see the ongoing conflict there as in-fighting or "factionalism." But it is in fact a major battle between competing ideologies about whether to keep WBAI's programming focused on the struggles of working class people, particularly those in communities of color. more...  27 Comments

Ad-Hoc Coalition Protests Racial Profiling on Staten Island Ferry

Next Left Notes | Passenger: Are you saying that an Arab wearing a shirt in Arabic is a terrorist?
FSA: I’m just saying you’d better not wear that shirt here anymore. more...  2 Comments

Direct Action Against Victoria's Secret Catalogue Clear Cutting

Danny | On the upper-west side of Manhattan two protesters chained themselves to the doors of Victoria's Secret to bring attention to the companies poor environmental practices. The company, which prints over one million catalogues every day, uses paper made from the virgin wood of old growth forests and needs to be pressured to use recycled paper. For more information go to more...  6 Comments

Photos: Anti Police Brutality Rally Union Square

Stanley W. Rogouski | A coalition of activists protested police brutality at Union Square || US IMC COverage more...  10 Comments

Israel, Palestine and Canda


Staughton Lynd Carries the Torch for Non-Violent Principles

Donald Paneth | “Someday, there’ll be a war to which nobody comes,” said Staughton Lynd, a leader in the early antiwar movement of the 1960s, as he spoke to a multigenerational audience about the prospects for preventing future conflicts like Vietnam and Iraq. || Staughton Lynd on Democracy Now! more...  0 Comments

No to Jail at Oak Point in Hunt's Point

el pinche simon | Community in Unity is a coalition of concerned residents and organizations that came together to ensure that:
No jail and no power plant
are built at Oak Point,
a 28-acre site in Hunts Point more...  1 Comments

Development Deja Vu in Hudson County

Elizabeth Weill-Greenberg | Delivered Vacant is a 14-year-old documentary about displacement and gentrification in 1980s Hoboken. It's being screened this weekend in Jersey City, and for good reason -- the parallels between Hoboken then and Jersey City now are astonishing. more...  0 Comments

Free Film Screening: On the Edge

naw | On The Edge is a documentary covering the brutal murders of hundreds of
poor young women in the border town of Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, murders
that have been repeatedly ignored and unresolved by police and
governments since 1993, despite the continued and persistent efforts of
family members and activists to obtain justice for the victims. more...  0 Comments

Labor 'Felon': What the Fall of Assemblyman McLaughlin Means For the Union Movement

Gregory A. Butler | Assemblyman Brian McLaughlin (D - Flushing) used to be the most powerful labor leader in New York City. Head of the New York City Central Labor Council, business agent for the street light electricians and all around power broker, McLaughlin was once the city's top union chief. Now, he's under a 44 count racketeering indictment, accused of stealing $ 2.2 million dollars and out on $ 250,000 bail. What does this mean for New York City union members? more...  4 Comments

Lynne Stewart's Crime of Courage

Stephen Lendman | The vindication of Lynne Stewart more...  0 Comments

For Real Justice, Free Lynne Stewart

MARKIN | Well, the Bush Administration has finally got New York Attorney Lynne Stewart where they want her. more...  0 Comments

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