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Bronx DA Playing Dirty – Trial For Juanita Young Postponed Again

October 22 Coalition-NY | PACK THE COURT ON September 6, 2005 in support of Juanita Young!

Bronx Supreme Court - Part 60 (4th floor – Judge Barrett's chambers)
851 Grand Concourse (off 161st Street), Bronx (4/D to 161st Street) more...  2 Comments

Knickerbocker Ave. Workers Win a Pair of Victories

Sarah Stuteville | Four months after the official launch of their campaign for undocumented worker’s rights in Bushwick, Brooklyn, Make The Road By Walking and the “Awake Brooklyn!” campaign celebrated two victories in the past two weeks. more...  2 Comments

Hurricane Katrina - A New Yorkers First Reflections

Mark Naison | This catastrophe also reveals, far more than September 11, how deeply divided our nation is and how far our social fabric has been strained, not only by the war in Iraq, but by policies which have widened the gap between rich and poor and left many poor people in American feeling marginalized and alienated. more...  5 Comments

September Mobilization NYC Regional Consulta - Saturday 9/3

Tommy NYC | The September Action Collective is a group of organizers from across
the country who are committed to making sure that as many people as
possible are empowered to take action during the September 23 - 26
mobilizations. We formed to ensure that everything possible was being
done to create space for creative, autonomous direct action by a diverse
group of experienced and non-experienced participants, and that basic
mobilization logistical and information needs were met. more...  0 Comments

Poverty is Up, and Invisible

Kat | New stats out from the Census Bureau show one in five New Yorkers live below the poverty line. New York is facing a quiet crisis. more...  0 Comments

Well-Fed Media Pigs Call It "Looting"

Steven Black | White people spew over brown people fighting to survive. more...  11 Comments

Union Organizers Arrested at NYU

Hoipolloi Cassidy | Some eighty union leaders and activists staged a peaceful sit-down and arrest in front of NYU's library today to protest the University's decision to refuse to recognize its Graduate Employee's Union.

more...  3 Comments

Fundraiser For Documentary Film on Abortion Rights in Mexico

Aborto Sin Pena | Mexican Women Who Have Had Abortions Break Silence and Meet With the Zapatistas to Discuss Pro-Choice Issues in Mexico and Changes In the Mexican Constitution.

Unprecedented Encounter to be Included in the Upcoming Documentary “Aborto Sin Pena” (“Abortion Without Shame / Abortion Without Penalty”)

more...  0 Comments

2nd Activist Arrested at Camp Casey NYC

Lauren | Local activist, Bob Leingrin was arrested Monday night by Officer Nemo of the 13th Precinct. Nemo rode into Union Square Park on a NYPD issued bicycle and approached activists at Camp Casey. One activist, Bob Nash vocally compared Nemo to the likes of Lance Armstrong (of course, not in a flattering way). Bob Leingrin then interjected and an argument ensued between Nemo and himself. Eventually, Leingrin was placed under arrest for disorderly conduct and taken away in a squad car. more...  2 Comments

Jeremy Parker's "Kill Whitie" Parties in Williamsburg

Hip Hop Music | I don't even know where to begin on this one. Somebody call Tim Wise on the bat-phone. I've been saying for years that irony is now the last refuge of a coward. A singularly dishonest and deluded sort of coward who imagines his behavior a mark of courage, as he fearlessly refuses to take anything seriously. But the true... [Read More] more...  4 Comments

The Indypendent

NYC IMC print team | August 31 - September 14, 2005 more...  8 Comments

That Horrible Sinking Feeling... Thoughts on UFPJ

repost |

After attending a UFPJ organizing meeting in DC, Jim Macdonald has a bad feeling about the antiwar actions on September 24-16. And it seems like a lot of people reading the DC Indymedia website share his concerns. Read the article.

more...  5 Comments

Hot Races in the Democratic Primary

John Kerry | Stay Free! is discussing the contest for Brooklyn District Attorney while No Land Grab is focusing on the race between Betsy Gottbaum and Norman Siegel for Public Advocate. more...  2 Comments

Action Alert: NYPD arrests Camp Casey NYC organizer!

green in brooklyn | How you can help. more...  5 Comments

Nueva página web de la FT-CI + "Panorama Latinoamericano" N°1

FT-CI | . more...  0 Comments

Radio from the RNC-IMC

Kat | Radio-makers from around the country collaborated to create a 24-hour webstream covering the protests and exploring the issues behind them. Working closely with the dispatch team fielding calls, the crew in the studio conducted interviews with protesters in the streets and in the jails. A-Noise radio also created half-hour daily roundups summarizing the highlights of each day's events. more...  1 Comments

Willy Wonka and the Racism Factory

Jonathan McIntosh | The most recent film adaptation of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is shaping up to be one of the highest grossing summer blockbusters of 2005. This is the third re-incarnation of Roald Dahl's controversial story over the past four decades. As such, it is instructive, to examine it's transformation in relation to issues of racism and colonialism. more...  13 Comments


Peter Buknatski | Poem more...  0 Comments

Race, Class, and the Hurricane

Hip Hop Music | In the blog for Laura Flanders' radio show, genius musicologist Ned Sublette is very worried about Hurricane Katrina and how it's being handled in New Orleans:

>Here's the scandal: the poorest one-fifth or so of the city is still there in harm's way! guess what color the poorest one-fifth of new orleans is. it's as if you had advance notice that mohammed atta's crew was coming to the world trade center and evacuated all but the poor from it...[Read More]

more...  4 Comments

My experience and suggestions for Critical Mass

Obert | The bicyclists are winning in the ongoing struggle against police oppression. more...  8 Comments

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