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PHILADELPHIA: Demonstration in Memory of Brad Will and in Solidarity With Our Comrades in Oaxaca

Philadelphia IMC | This morning around 30 people gathered outside the Mexican consulate (located in the Bourse building) in Philadelphia to protest ongoing paramilitary violence against the people of Oaxaca, Mexico, including the murder of NYC Indymedia journalist Brad Will. more...  0 Comments

More Photos of Protest at Mexican Consulate

Mike Topper | Images from today's protest at the mexican consulate in NYC more...  1 Comments

Video: Direct Action at the Mex Consulate demo for Brad Will and Oaxaca (1)

onto | Hundreds protested the murder of Brad Will and others at the Mexican consulate today. Here's some video of the Direct action.

This video is rough, unedited and shaky. more...  2 Comments

Raleigh, NC: Protestors Occupy Mexican Embassy in solidarity with Oaxaca, in memory of Brad Will

viva | Protestors and friends of Brad Will occupied the Mexican Consulate in Raleigh, NC for over 3 hours today to demand justice for the people of Oaxaca, Mexico and immediate reprisals against the paramilitary death squads who kill with impunity. more...  2 Comments

videos of brad on may 2001 at nyc-imc

viddeohacker | excuse me but the text is in portuguese. the interview is in english. more...  0 Comments

Photos Protest @ Mexican Consulate

Ida C. Benedetto | protest for Brad and in solidarity with the people of Oaxaca. more...  0 Comments

12 arrested at the consulate; call for jail support

D | An estimated 200 demonstrators successfully shut down the Mexican Consulate in New York City this morning, in protest against the Mexican government's escalating violence against the Oaxacan people. Jail support is being held for our 12 comrades arrested at the this morning - PLEASE go to the 13th Precinct, located at 230 East 21st Street, between 2nd and 3rd Ave. more...  8 Comments

At least 11 People Arrested at Mexican Consulate Including Indymedia Photographer Erin Siegal

John Tarleton | A crowd of about 200-250 people gathered outside the Mexican Consulate this morning to protest state-sponsored repression in Oaxaca including the recent murder of NYC Indymedia Jounalist Brad Will by paramilitaries.

Brad Will is the second known IMC journalist to be assassinated. In 2004, an IMC Ecuador activist was killed under circumstances widely believed to be political. more...  28 Comments

At the Mexican Consulate; met with NYPD brutality

brad | Update from NYC Oaxaca Solidarity demonstration

Around 200 protestors blocked the Mexican consulate in solidarity with the people of Oaxaca and in response to the murder of Brad Will a member of the indymedia community in NYC.

The NYPD is using force to break up protestors and arrests are being made.

Protestors are calling for supporters to rush to the consulate at 39th st between Madison and park!
more...  0 Comments

Oaxaca Lives A Day Of Unrest

John Gibler | On one side, federal riot police formed a barricade with their shields. Behind them, riot tanks with mounted water and pepper spray cannons waited with their motors running.

Facing them, women linked arms, holding white flowers, Mexican flags, and images of the Virgin of Guadalupe. “A woman’s fist, raised against power,” they shouted in unison, standing only a few feet from the police. more...  0 Comments

Oaxaca Solidarity Demonstrations in the US on Monday, October 30th

el enemigo común | please add more events as a comment more...  20 Comments

Art making for Brad!

Erin Siegal / Rine | Today at Time's Up, friends gathered to create art in honor of Brad.

See also:Brad Will & The 5th St. Squat Eviction (From The Shadow--Feb. 1997) | Audio: "Death in Oaxaca" by Brad Will - read aloud by Onto | Words from Brad more...  8 Comments

Brad Will's Final Video

Brad Will | Ataque de policias y sicarios de Ulises Ruiz a miembros de la APPO... more...  8 Comments

Oaxaca Burns: PFP invasion right now

SImon Fitzgerald | See a full version of this story, complete with photographs, at La Luchita: Paz, Justicia y Libertad

What began as an article about the murders of Oaxacan protesters and a New York journalist changed as La Jornada is reporting that the invasion of Oaxaca by Mexican Federal Preventative Police (PFP) is happening RIGHT NOW. According to Radio Universidad, (reporting live over the internet) PFP have advanced to the Oaxaca City center and PFP elements wearing balaclavas over their faces are invading private houses and arresting protest leaders. more...  2 Comments

Bombs and Shields: Bradley Roland Will 1970-2006

B&S | I was preparing the entertainment Friday night for a Halloween Critical Mass after party, when a friend of mine in a dragon costume told me that people were looking for me, and that my longtime friend and roommate Brad Will may have been killed by gunmen in Oaxaca City, Mexico. more...  1 Comments

At the Viguera barricade, Oaxaca

From the Streets of Oaxaca | At the viguera barricade (about a 20 min drive from downtown) there are about 2000 people set to resist. in front of them is the PFP with small tanks and water cannons a green military helicopter "like a chopper" just landed behind the PFP line. Water cistern trucks have arrived and are filling up the water cannons. Behind the police line, their tanks and water cannons, and the military helicopter parked on the highway, are the townpeople of Etla. more...  0 Comments

Brad Will's footage of his own murder and the interviews he was taping before it happened.

Brad Will | Watch for yourself. Spread this footage far and wide. We will not forget. Brad's energy is now racing and raging around the planet. These shots echo in our hearts and our soul. This is the truth. From here we all know what we have to do. Make this and every other needless death stop! Free the Planet from all tyranny and oppression! Keep telling the truth. We can each make a difference! Let us make Brad proud of us in our reaction to this, and all injustice! more...  1 Comments

Translation from Centro des Medios Libres Ciudad de Mexico, as of 24:00


Infamia en Oaxaca, Brad's last footage

Brad Will | It is 16:32, beginning with interviews, then shooting, then running, then the camera drops. Usage through a Creative Commons by-nc-sa license more...  12 Comments

Brads Video Footage as posted on Chiapas Indymedia

Brad Will | Watch for yourself. Spread this footage far and wide. We will not forget. Brad's energy is now racing around the planet. This is the truth. From here we all know what we have to do. Make this and every other needless death stop! Free the Planet from all tyranny and oppression! Keep telling the truth. We can each make a difference! more...  0 Comments

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