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Comunicado de Prensa: Respuesta del CMI NY a la Muerte de Brad Will

Traducido por SuZQ | Brad Will fue matado el 27 de octubre, 2006, en Oaxaca, México, mientras trabajando como periodista para la red global de Indymedia. A él le han tirado en el torso mientras que estaba filmando un asalto de paramilitares armadas contra le Asamblea Popular del Pueblo de Oaxaca, una fusión de maestros en huelga y otras organizaciones de la comunidad exigiendo la democracia en México.

Brad Will es el segundo periodista IMC conocido de haber sido asesinado por sus actividades políticos. more...  0 Comments

PFP Occupation of Oaxaca Reveals Growing Polarization Within the Populace

James Daria Narco News | The city of Oaxaca is no longer filled with the smoke of burning buses and tear gas, but instead is burning from the inside as further polarization of the community has increased tensions amid a “peace” brought about by the forces of law and order. The city, paralyzed for the last two days, tried to return to normalcy as many business reopened. Overshadowing the this normalcy was the threat of more violence among the people due to a march convened in support of the Oaxacan state governor Ulises Ruiz Ortiz more...  4 Comments

Oaxaca Solidarity Demonstrations in the US on Wednesday, November 1st

el enemigo común | "The EZLN makes a call to the Other Campaign in México and to the north of the Río Grande so that this 1st of November of 2006 there are mobilizations wherever possible, and that streets, highways, tollbooths, bus stations, airports and all types of means of communications are closed entirely, partially or intermittently, be these closures real or symbolic."

please add more events as a comment

EZLN Call for November 1st Actions and Solidarity with Oaxaca

Mexican Consulates in the U.S. & Canada

Call to Action Across the US Against Mexican Consulates more...  5 Comments

Protest Bush regime meddling in Nicaraguan elections

sandino | It is important that each time Trivelli interferes in Nicaragua's democratic process that solidarity activists complain to the State Department (202-647- 3559 for the Nicaragua desk or 202-647-6575 to leave a recorded comment) and to your elected representatives (Capitol Switchboard 202-224- 3121.) You should demand that Trivelli be removed as Ambassador to Nicaragua more...  0 Comments

IMAGES: Sunday Protest at Mexican Consulate

Erin Siegal | more...  1 Comments

Footage needed of press getting arrested

Erin Siegal | more...  0 Comments

Photos from Oaxaca: the Battle is not over

repost | Photos here

From 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 more...  1 Comments

New England Day of Action for the People of Oaxaca and Brad Will!

Mike | We will keep up our actions until Oaxaca is free, until all occupying forces are withdrawn, Ulises Ruiz is forced from power, the prisoners are liberated, and the killers brought to justice. more...  1 Comments

Protest, 5PM Today, Mexican Consulate


Radical Doubt

COSTANZO PREVE and ROBERT DANNIN | I encountered Preve's work a couple of years ago and have since collaborated with him on an interview. Preve’s philosophy is sui generis and politically transgressive. He is amazingly prolific with about twenty books and hundreds of essays in print in Italy. He has developed a razor-sharp critique of American imperialism that articulates what many Europeans think but are unable or unwilling to say. He considers left/right political distinctions to be artifacts of 20th century whose only remaining function is to promote electoral alternance in the absence of real democracy. Preve's command of the history of ideas is prodigious and based on complete fluency in greek, German, French, Italian, Spanish, and English. He is an accomplished student of classical German ontology in the tradition of Marcuse. His political analysis is far more developed and (i believe) more on-target than Negri and Hardt. Among his recently published work is a trilogy: The History of Dialectics, History of Ethics, and the History of Materialism. Later this year he will also publish a major work on the history of marxism. He has declared himself a resister to the American imperium and calls for the end of the US military occupation in Europe, Iraq, and elsewhere. Preve writes very provocative social critique in the tradition o not just political screed. His ideas are truly incendiary, his positions revolutionary yet never extreme and always well-reasoned. more...  0 Comments

1997 footage of Brad Will / 5th Street Squat Demolition

toddchandler | I shot this super8 footage almost ten years ago on the morning that the city illegally demolished the building at 537-539 East Fifth Street in New York City. There had been a small fire inside and the city, in violation of a court order, quickly moved to destroy the building with residents' belongings, pets, and Brad(!) still inside. more...  2 Comments

Wednesday Bike Ride for Oaxaca!!!!

Friends of Brad Will | If you are in New York City, join the Friends of Brad Will this Wednesday, November 1st for a Bike Ride in Solidarity with the People of Oaxaca! We are meeting this Wednesday at 1 pm at 40th St & West Side Highway (12th Ave)

If you are not in New York City, we are calling on people from around the world to join the Zapatista call for November 1st actions in solidarity with the people of Oaxaca by organizing a Bike Ride for this Wednesday or As Soon As Possible! more...  0 Comments

Roundup: Oaxaca Solidarity Demonstrations in the US on Tuesday, October 31st

el enemigo común | please add more events as a comment more...  6 Comments

PHOTOS: Monday Demo at the Mexican Consulate

Erin Siegal | Photos from the demonstration and actions at the Mexican consulate more...  0 Comments

Photos from Mexican Consulate

marco | More photos from the Oct 30 demo in NYC more...  0 Comments

Rebel Spirit: Mexico Rises Up Against a Corrupt System (Sept. 21, 2006 Indypendent)

Newshound | PDF for Sept. 21, 2006 Indypendent || Oaxaca on the Brink: Popular Rebellion Spreads in Southern Mexico || Mexican Leftist to Lead "Government in Resistance" || Zapatismo in El Barrio more...  0 Comments

Media Roundup: Direct Action at Mexican Consulate for Brad Will and Oaxaca

compilation | Video 1 || 2
Photos 1 || 2 || 3 || 4 || 5 || 6 || 7

Stories of the Day: 1 2 | Urgent Jail Support for Consulate Arrestees | Indianapolis | Raleigh, NC | Philadelphia | Chicago | San Francisco London | New Zealand
Other Stories: Mexico's Lower House of Congress Calls on Oaxaca State's Embattled Governor to Resign | Photos from Oaxaca more...  4 Comments

Photos: Direct Action at Mex Consulate for Brad Will and Oaxaca

onto | Some photos from the action at the consulate. more...  0 Comments

Video: Direct Action at the Mex Consulate demo for Brad Will and Oaxaca (2)

onto | Hundreds protested the murder of Brad Will and others at the Mexican consulate today. Here's some video of the Direct action.

This video is rough, unedited and shaky. more...  5 Comments

PHILADELPHIA: Demonstration in Memory of Brad Will and in Solidarity With Our Comrades in Oaxaca

Philadelphia IMC | This morning around 30 people gathered outside the Mexican consulate (located in the Bourse building) in Philadelphia to protest ongoing paramilitary violence against the people of Oaxaca, Mexico, including the murder of NYC Indymedia journalist Brad Will. more...  0 Comments

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