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Well We Didn't Win, But We Had a Good Ride.

BikeBlog | Yes, Betsy Gotbaum won the democratic primary as NYC public advocate by 48 percent of the vote. I think this just goes to show you that most New Yorkers haven't got a clue what this position even is let alone how local city government operates. Not to mention that there was low voter turnout, which goes to show, people don't really give a shit. [Read More]

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[gangbox] Louisiana Goddamn... race, death and criminal negligence 27 feet below sea level....

GANGBOX: CONSTRUCTION WORKERS NEWS SERVICE | [gangbox] LOUISIANA GODDAMN... race, death and criminal negligence 27 feet below sea level.... more...  0 Comments

Price of Oil: In Remembrance of Ken Saro-Wiwa

Karim Olaechea | Please join us to commemorate the life and work of Ken Saro-Wiwa. On November 10th, 1995, Ken Saro-Wiwa and eight other Ogoni men were hanged in the yard of Nigeria’s Port Harcourt prison. Their only crimes: non-violently protesting against an oil company, and demanding protection of the environmental and social rights of the Ogoni people. Ten years on, a coalition of environmental and human rights organizations is mounting a national tour on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the execution of Ken Saro-Wiwa and his colleagues. more...  1 Comments

2005 World Summit: Global Declaration of Common Security

Joan Russow | For over 60 years states through the UN system have incurred obligations through treaties, conventions and covenants, made commitments through UN Conference Action plans, and created expectation through UNGA declarations and resolutions related to furthering international law and common security. It is time for compliance. more...  0 Comments

Juanita Young Found 'Not Guilty!'

October 22 Coalition to Stop Police Brutality | Anti-Police Bruality Activist Juanita Young was found not guilty today in Bronx Supreme Court by Judge P. Benitez after a four day trial taking place more than two years after her illegal eviction engineered by her landlord and the NYPD as a means to intimidate and silence political dissent. Previous IMC Coverage of the Juanita Young Trial:
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Anarchists provide aid to Katrina Survivors (new website)

Emergence Broadcast System | (Please Forward)

The Emergence Broadcasting System (EBS) , is going to New Orleans.

Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) has been informing New Orleans residents that they must leave their city in order to receive food and supplies when such resources are being made presently available by grass roots organizations in the New Orleans area. In addition to food and other supplies, hundreds of individuals, organizations, and private businesses are offering free lodging to victims of Hurricane Katrina.

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Babblin' on in Babylon

One People's Project | Well, it looks like our friends in the Minuteklan Project wanted to come out and see if they can bring their crap to the East Coast, so they held another meeting, this time in Babylon, Long Island in New York. About 100 people came out to see him, but they were all of us, and that made for an interesting afternoon on the Island. Chris Simcox, the co-founder of the Minuteklan Project, was the featured speaker at this meeting, and that was what prompted so many people to come out. We have at this link a slew of pics from the day, and as always, if you recognize anyone in the pics, hit us up and give us the story.
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Tri-State Commuters Adjusting to $3 Gas

Peak Oil NYC | While we will have to wait until the end of the month to see just how many commuters have switched over to MetroNorth and Long Island Railroad trains or private bus lines, reports are flooding in that there are many newcomers on the trains over the last 2 weeks since Katrina sent gas over the $3/gallon mark. more...  1 Comments

Shooting Stray Animals in New Orleans

BEST FRIENDS | CALL LOUISSANA GOVERNOR (I-866-310-7617) more...  1 Comments

Huntington Life Sciences Kept Off the NY Stock Exchange

Compiled | Anarchist animal liberation writes: "Unbelievably the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) had agreed to allow Huntingdon Life Sciences (LSR) to start trading their shares on the NYSE. However, in a last minute decision on the morning of September 8th, it was postponed."

A poster on UK IMC, Where HLS is based, writes that "HLS is whining in disbelief" at the delay.

Meanwhile, FBI action against members of an anti-Huntingdon Life Sciences group in New Jersey, the so-called "SHAC 7," continues. Infoshop reports on both the background to the case and early press accounts of the NJ trial.

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Verizon Targets Public Cable

Lyell Davis | (from the latest Indypendent): In September the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives will vote on legislation that will determine the future of Public, Educational, and Government Television (PEG) in America.
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The Diplomacy of Assassination


Media Clampdown in New Orleans, Houston

Chris Anderson | Signs of a crackdown on media coverage of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina have begun to appear in earnest. Inside the Astrodome, where information about conditions has been hard to come by, widely supported efforts to set up LPFM station were being blocked by local bureaucrats. Meanwhile, Reporters Without Borders has drawn the public's attention to police violence against journalists covering Katrina in New Orleans, and Reuters Alternet describes new "prohibitions" against filming the corpses in the Crescent City. more...  2 Comments

Minutemen Come to Long Island

vicky! |
The Minutemen, a group known for patrolling the US-MEXICO border with GUNS and stealign water from the Arizona desert are coming to Babylon Long Island in hopes of recruiting more membersin thier anti-immigration effort.
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Wall Street Journal Points Finger Directly At Bush

No Doubt About It | No, not the editorial page, where hacks are paid to flack for the administration. But the news page, where reporters are stil paid to investigate government and figure out what went wrong.

While most newspapers are reporting the "political" fallout over the disaster that was Hurrican Katrina, the Journal has compiled the most well-researched and damning evidence that the Federal Government (and Bush policies in particular, especially the war) bears primary responsibility for the catastrophe and the slow reponse.

Here's the Journal's summary from yesterday:

-- The absorption of the Federal Emergency Management Agency into the gargantuan -- and terrorism-focused -- Department of Homeland Security.

-- A military stretched by wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, which made commanders reluctant to commit some active-duty units nearby.

-- A total breakdown of communications systems.

-- Missteps at the local level, including a rudimentary plan to deal with hurricanes.

-- A failure to plan for the possibility that New Orleans's levee system would fail.

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Photos from World Can't Wait Demonstration

Stanley W. Rogouski | I'm pretty sure this was the RCP or some other sectarian group but it was really the only thing I saw in NYC over the weekend so more power to them. It beat watching Clinton palling around with Bush on TV. The cops were very hands off until the march dwindled in size just before Union Square. Then a bunch of them moved in and started pushing people back into the park before arresting (two people I think).

More Info On Arrests || More Pictures

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A free day of workshops for new Indymedia Video volunteers.

NYC Indymedia Video | Learn the skills that you need to know for shooting and editing your own videos. The training will include an intro to videography and Final Cut Pro 5 The workshops are free for individuals who are willing to work a few volunteer hours for the NYC Indymedia Video Team. more...  2 Comments

Report Charges The New York Times With "Misleading" Coverage of Atlantic Yards

Big Cities, Big Boxes | The New York Times's coverage of proposed taxpayer-subsidized Atlantic Yards development by its own business partner Brooklyn developer Bruce Ratner has been misleading, inadequate, and largely uncritical, a new report charges. The Ratner project would require use of eminent domain... [Read More] more...  0 Comments

Document calling for the resignation of George Bush. Please print up and pass out.

American | Please print up and pass out on the street. more...  3 Comments

Behold The Pale White Lie. Why Conspiracy Theories Are Patriotic (Indypendent)

Nicholas Powers | “Have you heard about the Jews? Four thousand of them called in sick the morning of 9/11. Did you
hear about the blasts inside the towers? Planes didn’t destroy the Towers; the CIA stuck explosives inside and detonated them. A janitor heard bombs go off. Did you ever wonder why we didn’t see plane wreckage at the Pentagon? There was no plane. An ex-military guy said a missile hit it. C’mon, do you really think a bunch of Arabs
with box cutters could’ve pulled all that off?” more...  2 Comments

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