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Thousands march in Oaxaca

John Gibler | In the first major protest since the Nov. 25 smackdown, the APPO marched in Oaxaca City.

See Also: 10 de diciembre: 8va megamarcha en Oaxaca more...  4 Comments

Mexico Federalizes Brad Will Investigation; Local Activsts Debate the Chances for Justice

Chris Anderson | Nearly two months after Brad Will was gunned down on the streets of Oaxaca City while chronicling a popular revolution against the State governor, and more than two weeks after that uprising suffered a brutal wave of repression, the investigation into the murder of the NYC Indymedia journalist appears to be hostage to internal Mexican politics. more...  1 Comments

The Police Stories of Candelaria (Puerto Rico) and New York City

Juan Antonio Ocasio Rivera | The streets of New York City and the residential areas of Candelaria, Mayaguez, Puerto Rico are witnessing disturbing scenes of police violence and abuse. While marches and demands for justice take place here in New York, the residents of Candelaria are beginning to overcome the effects of police terrorism and are demanding justice and freedom from the humiliating abuse heaped upon them by local police. more...  1 Comments

Federal Officials Raid Oaxaca Police Offices

NYTimes | Six days after President Felipe Calderón took office, federal agents raided the prosecutor’s office and state police headquarters on Friday in the troubled southern state of Oaxaca, where state law-enforcement authorities have failed to arrest anyone in the killings of at least 11 antigovernment protesters and a New York City journalist.
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El Puente Campaign Garners Victory, But More Work Looms

T. Dohery | ***The Organizing Meeting on December 9th is cancelled and the Rally on December 12th is postponed.***
After eight weeks of hard work, and nearly 5,000 petition signatures sent to Mayor Bloomberg, our Campaign for Justice has yielded a victory on our demand to move the El Puente Academy for Peace & Justice to a temporary home at Boricua College. Additionally, DOE sources indicate they are close to finalizing another demand to secure a permanent building for the Academy. more...  0 Comments

New York Gridlock

StayFree! | After last week's news about congestion pricing, I'm all fired up about Growth or Gridlock, an extensive report about New York's coming traffic disaster (and by extensive, I mean terrifying). The report has been making a lot of waves in metro sections this week, probably because it's not geared to lefty tree-huggers or health-conscious types, but to business people. (The report is by the Partnership of New York City, a nonprofit organization comprised of a select group of two hundred CEOs from New York City’s top corporate, investment and entrepreneurial firms.) The findings: traffic congestion in the city leads to... more...  6 Comments

The “Green Scare” One Year and Beyond: Looking Back, Moving Forward

CROC | Civil Rights Outreach Committee, 12/7/06 One year ago, a nationwide sweep of arrests revealed the FBI’s “Operation Backfire,” a vast investigation and persecution of environmental and animal advocacy. Today, in cities throughout the world, events will mark this anniversary with displays of unity and firm opposition to government repression, Operation Backfire and the broader “Green Scare.” more...  0 Comments

Helping Low-income Students Realize their Potential Beyond High School

DMI Blog |

In our ongoing effort to bring poor and low-income students to college, WRI's High School Coordinator and other Hunter students, and alums made presentations on access to higher education to several classes of high school students at The High School of Violin and Dance (HSVD) in the Bronx, NY. Principal Lippold responded to WRI’s outreach and invited us to come uptown.

As the school website declares, “Our mission is to prepare a diverse group of students to be intelligent, caring leaders in society. At HSVD, parents, students, and staff work together to provide opportunities that meet the needs of every learner. We offer a college preparatory program that values higher-level thinking and artistic expression.”

HSVD's history is encouraging. HSVD opened in the Bronx in September 2002 as one of 12 new smaller high schools, all part of the restructuring plan for the Morris HS building as the phase out of the old Morris was concluded. Before restructuring, Morris High School was considered a failing school.

In September 2003 the Gates Foundation joined the New York City Department of Education in supporting 67 small high schools citywide. “By transforming large failing schools like Morris High School into small learning communities and creating new high schools that offer personalized learning and rigorous coursework, this ambitious effort will provide students the high-quality education they need to succeed in the 21st century. The city is leveraging the foundation's investment to open a total of 200 new small schools throughout the five boroughs, including 60 in the fall of 2004.”

HSVD is housed in a renovated building with good space for teaching and learning. The students we met were engaged and eager to go to college. So then why is WRI needed there?

Ana Cuaz summed it up nicely yesterday, “Placing students in pretty buildings, although conducive to their learning experience in the classroom, does not substitute the encouragement and support that is crucial to helping them realize their potential beyond high school.” Involved and dedicated staff and teachers surround HSVD students but not all high schools are equipped that way. Applying for college, understanding the college environment and succeeding in academia can be baffling to those of us who are left alone as a 12th grader.

Ana reflected on her experiences with students yesterday, “When I attended the HS for Telecommunication Arts and Technology in Brooklyn, we took classes in a trailer park across the street while classrooms were being renovated. The renovations were important of course in creating an environment for students that was safe, clean, and comfortable, but the resources available for students was lacking. I wasn't told about opportunities to go to college. I wasn't even encouraged to apply. In fact, my counselor told me, I would never get accepted to Hunter College. There needs to be a balance, and an equal emphasis placed on all of the different factors students experience in HS because no matter how unimportant each may seem, they all contribute to the experience as a whole. Too much emphasis placed on any one factor will surely result in the failure of another.”

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Shut Down Wall Street?

Sam | The Black Mens movement and Fight Back! have issued a call to shut down a center of capitalism in protest of police war on people of color. Where do we stand? more...  27 Comments

Rally Against the Green Scare: Images, Speech

Family and Friends of Daniel McGowan | Speech for Support Daniel Rally, Foley Square, New York City by Tim Doody, Family and Friends of Daniel McGowan

PHOTOS: 1 | 2 | 3
Press Release
The “Green Scare” One Year and Beyond: Looking Back, Moving Forward

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Images: Rally for Sean Bell, 12/6

fred askew c/o onto | Photographs from the Rally for Sean Bell in Foley Square NYC, 12/6/06

More Photos: Sean Bell Funeral | New Black Panther Party Demonstration more...  0 Comments

Oaxaca: A Portrait of Rebellion -- with Barucha Calamity Peller & Friends

Friend of Brad Will | What: Oaxaca report-back presentation + discussion
Where: 16 beaver st. 4th floor (directions below)
When: 8pm, Monday December 11 more...  1 Comments

Iraq Study Group Calls for Stay-the-Course Lite: Now What?

IMCista | The bi-partisan Iraq Study Group released its long-awaited report on the war earlier today. While critical of the war’s handling, this collection of recycled Inside-the-Beltway power brokers basically called for more of the same—more advisors, more war and no timetable for withdrawal and certainly no reparations to the Iraqi people for destroying their country. So, now what? United for Peace & Justice, the nation's largest antiwar coalition, is calling for a national mobilization in Washington, D.C. on January 27. Is that enough? What more should the antiwar movement be doing? || Iraq Study Group Report || Jan. 27 March on Washington Seeking One More Chance to “Succeed” || Support the GI Movement to End the War || The Iraq War Grinds On || Dennis Kucinich: Defund the War || more...  0 Comments

Health Department Abandons Proposed Change to Transgender Birth Certificates

kaitlyn tikkun | The NYC Board of Health killed a proposal to allow transgender New Yorkers to change the gender designation on their birth certificate without undergoing gender confirming surgery. The proposal was widely hailed by the transgender community as a groundbreaking recognition of transgender people and garnered worldwide attention. more...  3 Comments

Tempest in a TimesSpot

The Invisible Ham | A recent dustup between the New York Times and the democratic blogosphere reveals how little actual difference there is between the two. more...  0 Comments

Eric Ng Memorial Ride - Saturday, Dec. 9 @ 1pm

visualresistance | We are planning for a memorial ride this Saturday, December 9th, meeting at 1pm in Washington Square Park and then proceeding to the site of Eric’s death. Non-bikers can head straight to the site, on the West Side bike path near Clarkson St. Please bring flowers (especially sunflowers), sidewalk chalk, paint, whatever you want. There will be a memorial service after the ride with music and a slideshow, and a party later that night. Check back here for further details; we’ll update this post as soon as we can.

See also: Original Story on Eric's death | Tears and Rage: Reflections on Death more...  4 Comments

Tears and Rage: Reflections on Eric Ng's Death

onto | Another death, another tragedy. 'One more bullet cracks the night.' This bullet had 4 wheels though. I can't believe this last year. Daniel McGowan going down; Meg Perry killed in New Orleans; Imogen at the New School; Brad Will in Oaxaca; Eric Ng in New York City. 5 people from all different aspects of this movement, taken down. And these are just the ones I knew! All in their 20's and 30's. And more: Sean Bell in Queens. The South Central Farm torn down. The last barricade in Oaxaca gone, Radio Universidad over. About 300 immigrants die a year crossing the border. The Iraqi death toll reaching 1 million soon. What the fuck is going on here? more...  1 Comments

APPO comunique: Flavio Sosa's Arrest and the state's systematic cleansing of Social Movements

luna | APPO them against us. they have armies, repression, terror we have unity, organisation, solidarity and hope. Movilise! more...  0 Comments

Jane Harman, the Manchurian Candidate

David Roknich | Nancy Pelosi was much more diplomatic than I will be in opposition to Jane Harman's bid for the chair of the House Intelligence Committee. Here's a picture of Ms. Harman without the redeye of a cheap flashbulb photog: a professional shot that reveals her as a deer in the headlights of the Neocons, as she sings the praises of what a "great job our intelligence people are doing in spite of great obstacles". Obstacles like Stud Terkel's lawsuit against AT&T, for instance, for helping the NSA spy on you and your neighbors.
UPDATED 12-04-06 more...  1 Comments

Ward Churchill to Speak in NYC | Indiginist Scholar, Activist and Professor Ward Churchill will be making a historic and rare appearance at the New School in lower Manhattan on Monday December 11th. Mr. Churchill will address the ongoing attempts to erase indigenous history in a talk titled "Sterilizing History: The Fabrication of 'InnocentAmericans'". Do not miss this historic and groundbreaking evening! more...  8 Comments

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