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2006 Best and Worst in Public Policy

DMI Blog |

Some 2006 trivia for you: What was the year's most covered celebrity wedding? The year's most famous person who died? The year's most famous birth? No sweat.

The year's best and worst public policy?

Public policy will never be as glamorous as celebrity, or even politics, but it determines the quality of our lives. I don't mean to be too zen about it, but critical to the change that we want to create is the knowledge of what currently exists. So here's a quick look back at some of the worst and the best of public policy in 2006.

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War in Somalia -- CIA and Private Military Contractors

(A) | US accused of covert operations in Somalia more...  0 Comments

Ez-Supply reneges on agreement with the union

Tomer Malchi | Throughout the Fall of 2006 the IWW has been putting pressure on EZ supply to sit and negotiate. Finally the boss came to his sense and negotiated an agreement. The agreement included recognition of the union, wage increases, a grievance procedure, paid time off and more. On December 26th on the heels of workers at 2 more shops announcing their membership in the IWW and demanding their rights the boss at EZ-supply reneged his agreement. more...  2 Comments

Climate Change: Rising Seas creates 70,000 Climate Refugees

Takver | Rising seas attributed to human induced global warming have submerged Lohachara island, once the home to 10,000 people. Unhinhabited Suparibhanga has also vanished, while the inhabited island of Ghoramara has lost two thirds of its area to the rising seas in the Bay of Bengal. more...  2 Comments

Landscape of Horrors: The Obscenity of Real War

A.K. Gupta | The end of the year means the release of serious films jockeying for Oscar contention. This year, violence and gore play the leading roles in many heavyweights: Apocalypto, Blood Diamond, The Departed and Flags of Our Fathers.

These movies excel in make-believe violence that keeps getting more graphic and extreme over time. Hollywood is forever chasing realism even though we see the movies to escape. No matter how real the bloodletting – the screams of anguish, the reverberations of explosions – we know it’s staged.

Yet we block out the real violence in front of us. Even as the Iraq War dominates the news month after month, we have insulated ourselves from it. || Rest of the Article more...  0 Comments

Lights, Camera and No Unions; Restaurant Workers Fight Job Segregation

Ken Nash and Mimi Rosenberg | WBAI's Building Bridges: Your Community and Labor Report presents this 29 minute radio program.


Journalists Say Free Press Threatened by Army Subpoena

Release | The U.S. Army has subpoenaed journalist Sarah Olson and placed another journalist, Dahr Jamail, on the prosecution witness list for the court-martial of Lt. Ehren Watada. more...  0 Comments

A Man Has To Go Back To The Crossroads: RIP James Brown

Soul Imperialist | James "Butane" Brown
(May 3, 1933 – December 25, 2006)
R.I.P. || Democracy Now on James Brown more...  1 Comments

Home for the Holidays - and Beyond

Housing Works |

dec06hearings 026 Congressman Jerry Nadler, flanked by NYS Assembly Members Dick Gottfried, Linda Rosenthal, Deborah Glick.jpg
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Here's To A Change in Criminal Justice Policies in 2007

DMI Blog |

The Department of Justice sent me little gifts for the holidays, each containing an up-to-date statistic (through the end of 2005) about our criminal justice system. The wrapping was pretty, but not what was inside. Here's a sample of what each little box contained:

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JustSeeds needs your help!

ryan | For 10 years, JustSeeds has been a critical resource for radical artists working outside the "art world" system. In the process of becoming a decentralized artist-owned cooperative, the floor suddenly fell out from under them. The collapse of Clamor Magazine leaves JustSeeds without a distributor and in colossal debt. Help save a priceless radical art project from shutting down forever. The community of art-activists around JustSeeds have launched national projects like the Celebrate People's History poster series, Street Art Workers, Drawing Resistance, Cut & Paint, and a hell of a lot more: now they need your help to continue. Below is a letter from Josh MacPhee: more...  0 Comments

Underpaid Workers to Serve Boss with Class-Action Lawsuit

NYC IWW | Workers at Giant Big Apple work long hours for less than the legal minimum wage, without overtime pay. Fed up with this exploitation, they approached the Industrial Workers of the World and Make the Road By Walking, a Latino community organization based in Bushwick, Brooklyn. With the help of the IWW and Make the Road, they filed a wage & hour complaint with the U. S. Department of Labor in fall of 2005.
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Injustice Index: "It Was the Best of Times, it Was the Worst of Times."

DMI Blog |

Someone doesn't need any mistletoe to make it through the next couple days...Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein will have his $53 million dollar Christmas bonus to keep him warm.

The rest of us, however - or at least those of us whose titles don't begin with a C and end with an O - might need a little something to get the blood moving.

Warning: What follows is pretty discouraging. Reads best with a little rum in your eggnog.

DMI's 2006 Injustice Index:

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Mexico City Solidarity with Oaxaca, Acteal and Atenco on Dec 22

~Bradley | On December 22nd, 2006, hundreds of people came together in Mexico City to honor the peoples of Oaxaca, Acteal and Atenco during a global day of remembrance and solidarity. The demonstration was held at the Hemiciclo a Juárez in Mexico City's Historic Center where people spoke about Oaxaca and the demonstrations taking place around the world. There were musicians, memorials, stilt walkers and banners calling for liberation of political prisoners and an end to illegal detentions, an end to torture, the living appearance of the disappeared and the exit of the Federal Preventative Police and Ulises Ruiz Ortiz from Oaxaca.

There have been reports of more than 60 actions in solidarity with Oaxaca in at least 37 countries on December 22nd, 2006. The EZLN called for the day of solidarity which marks nine years of impunity for the massacre in Acteal, Chiapas. The US and Mexican governments are responsible massacres in Acteal, Atencto and Oaxaca. more...  0 Comments

A People's Investigation: Defaming Sean Bell "On Condition of Anonymity"

Modern Pitung | Associated Press stories, carried in most New York media, have published information on the Sean Bell shooting investigation that was been leaked by a person only described as "a law enforcement official who spoke on condition of anonymity". Just who is the anonymous official, and what is his/her agenda? more...  0 Comments

Hands Off Oaxaca

fred askew | Activists gather at the Mexican Consulate in NYC and march to Rockefeller Center as part of the Global Day of Action in Solidarity with the People of Oaxaca called by the Zapatistas. more...  1 Comments

Apartheid: Israelis Adopt What South Africa Dropped

John Dugard | Former President Jimmy Carter's new book, " Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid,"
is igniting controversy for its allegation that Israel practices a form of apartheid. more...  0 Comments

Guilty of Fraud: Companies Who Lie of their Slave Trading

Bruce Afran | A federal appeals court today upheld fraud claims against major US banks, insurers and transportation companies who concealed their slave trading histories from consumers. more...  3 Comments

Mexican Consulate Graffitied in Support of Oaxaca

People Standing with Oaxaca | In the early morning hours of December 22, 2006, on the outer walls of the New York City Mexican Consulate, we spray-painted slogans supporting the people of Oaxaca. Specifically, we wrote: "Fuera Ruiz", "Viva Oaxaca" and "Avenge Brad Will" and stencilled red hand prints ― the blood on the hands of the Mexican government. more...  9 Comments

Images: Day of Outrage March and Rally

fred askew | Protestors march and rally around the financial district calling for Ray Kelly's resignation and indictments for the police officers who killed Sean Bell and wounded Trent Benefield and Joseph Guzman. more...  2 Comments

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