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Covering their faces in order to be seen

By John Gibler/Special to The Herald Mexico | The Chiapas-based rebels open an autonomous village to international visitors. more...  0 Comments

Come to Jan 7 Memorial Ride for Cyclists Killed in 2006

# | 2006 Bicyclist Memorial Ride, Sunday, January 7th, 2007

Some Locations: Bronx Ride: 9am: Meet@ Pelham Bay stop on the 6 train.
Queens/Brooklyn Ride: 945am: Meet @ Jamaica Center stop on the E or J trains.

Ride in honor of the bicyclists who died on the streets in 2006. These victims will not be forgotten.

Memorial Ride Video
Stories from Last Year's Memorial Ride: 1 | 2 | 3 more...  3 Comments

LES Ecology Center to Hold to Collect "E-Waste" Sunday at Union Square

Christine Datz-Romero | Sunday, January 7th at Union Square Park - North Plaza - 17th Street & Broadway - Rain or shine from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Acceptable items include all working and non-working:
Computers (desktop & labtop), monitors, printers, and other peripherals (keyboards, mice, external cd drive, modems, etc), TV's and cell phones
more...  0 Comments

EZ-Supply and Amersino warehouse workers fight back

Diane Krauthamer & Charles Fostrom | On a windy and brisk January morning, more than 50 foodstuffs workers and their supporters rang in the New Year with pickets to demand their basic rights as workers. The actions, held on the morning of Jan. 2 in front of local foodstuffs distributors, Amersino Marketing Group and EZ-Supply, were organized by the Food and Allied Workers Union of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW), I.U. 460.
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Encounter between the Zapatista peoples and the peoples of the world

zap | 03 Informative Bulletin about the Encounter between the Zapatista peoples and the peoples of the world more...  0 Comments

18th Annual People's State of the State Rally In Albany

Mark Dunlea | Call for Universal Health Care, Making Work Pay, Food Policy Council. Advocates of the poor called today for Governor Spitzer to make ending hunger and poverty a priority for his administration. Speakers at the 18th annual People’s State of the State in front of the state Capitol said that poverty was a rampant problem throughout the state, particularly in upstate cities. || DMU Blog: Gov. Spitzer and Arianna Huffington more...  2 Comments

Photos from Zapatista Encuentro in Oventik

John Gibler | Photos from second and third days of Zapatista Encuentro in Oventik more...  0 Comments

Palabras desde el Encuentro de los Pueblos Zapatistas con los Pueblos del mundo

zezta | See Chiapas Indymedia for stories, photos, and audio from the Zapatista Intergalactic Encuentro with the Peoples of the World in Oventik, Chiapas, Mexico.

Photos from John Gibler: 1 | 2

EZLN, 2007: Plan de acción nacional e internacional
Subcomandante Marcos: La Historia del EZLN es la historia de una dignidad que se hace colectiva

30 dic., Oventic: Inicia el Encuentro entre los Pueblos Zapatistas y los Pueblos del Mundo
31 de diciembre: segundo día de actividades en Oventik
3er boletín del Encuentro de los Pueblos Zapatistas con los Pueblos del mundo

English Communiques: 1 | 2 | 3

30 dic a 2 Ene: Escucha en Vivo desde Oventic Chiapas transmisión del Encuentro Intergalactica more...  0 Comments

Indybay: International News From 2006

Indybay | Year in Review

The independent media community reflects on the top stories of 2006, the efforts to censor them, and our collective work to continue their telling.

Top 25 Censored Stories of 2006 from Project Censored ||| A Deadly Year for Journalists: Reporters Without Borders Report | Democracy Now Report

International News from 2006 from Indybay
Oaxaca, a year in review from FSRN
"The Age of Mammals: Looking Back on the First Quarter of the Twenty-First Century" from NYC-imc
Houston IMC Year in Review: 1 | 2

more...  0 Comments

Grandmothers Against the War Holds New Years Vigil

fred askew | On the first day of the New Year, Grandmothers Against The War and supporters lined the sidewalk along 5th Ave in NYC. more...  0 Comments

30 dic a 2 Ene: Escucha en Vivo desde Oventic Chiapas transmisión del Encuentro de los Pueblos Zapatistas con los Puebl

Medios Libres | Escucha en vivo los 4 días del Encuentro de los Pueblos Zapatistas con los Pueblos del Mundo, desde el Caracol de Oventic, Chiapas, territorio rebelde del EZLN more...  0 Comments

Press Freedom Round-up 2006: 81 journalists killed - the deadliest year since 1994

Reporters Without Borders | In 2006
- 81 journalists and 32 media assistants were killed
- at least 871 were arrested
- 1,472 physically attacked or threatened
- 56 kidnapped
- and 912 media outlets censored

In 2005:
- 63 journalists and 5 media assistants were killed
- at least 807 were arrested
- 1,308 physically attacked or threatened
- and 1,006 media outlets censored

The deadliest year since 1994 more...  0 Comments

End of the neocons

Azmi Bishara | This year marked a major shift in American fortunes; one to which nationalist and leftist Arab political forces much respond in unity
more...  0 Comments

Brooklyn Warehouse Bosses' Christmas Gift: Exploitation in the Food Industry

Grounders | Workers are marching on the Brooklyn foodstuffs distributor to highlight a civil suit that they will file with the help of the IWW in federal court over unpaid wages and overtime. The New Years march will also act as a ‘friendly reminder’ to their boss that the NYS minimum wage will be increasing to $7.15 an hour, a figure which Amersino has conveniently overlooked in the past. more...  0 Comments

Oaxaca: Year in Review

FSRN | 2006 year in review audio report on Oaxaca from FSRN

2006 was also a tumultuous year in Mexico. The year kicked off with a nationwide listening tour launched by the Chiapas-based Zapatista rebel army. The so-called Other Campaign paused in Mexico City after police launched a vicious crackdown against activists and farmers in the nearby town of San Salvador Atenco. Soon after, the presidential elections captured much of the national spotlight as opposition candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador challenged the outcome that handed the presidency to right-wing technocrat, Felipe Calderon. Calderon assumed the presidency on December 1st amidst the strongest crisis of legitimacy ever faced by any Mexican president. ... But perhaps the ongoing political crisis in the southern state of Oaxaca could provide the most insight into what Mexico as a nation could face in the coming years. more...  0 Comments

Street Art Workers posters hit the street

Visual Resistance | Street Art Workers Releases New Poster Project:
Land & Globalization Poster Series
Wheatpasters and Distributors Needed!

more...  1 Comments

Longhair hippies and Afro Blacks, they all get together across the tracks...

Soul Imperialist | Yesterday afternoon, I spent four hours standing outside the Apollo Theater waiting to pay my respects to James Brown. It was time well spent. more...  1 Comments

Mass Demonstration in Washington, DC on January 27

Joan Stallard | United for Peace and Justice (1500 organizations) is teaming with over 500 additional groups to march on Congress to insist the US get out of Iraq. Massive numbers are expected to rally and to march around the Capital on January 27 at the start of a 3-day event.
more...  15 Comments

On Congressman Kucinich's Campaign


Jan. 9th - Kenyan School Benefit

Zoe Sullivan | This event is a collaboration between a local, volunteer-run organization and people in New York. more...  0 Comments

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