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2 anarchists still on hunger strike (Tarasio Zadarozni & Gerasimos Kyriakopoulos)

imc athens | ATHENS, GREECE: STATE REPRESSION more...  0 Comments

Community Unites to face cold, wage slavery

Worker Freedom | Despite the below-freezing wind chill and icy patches on the ground, New Yorkers showed yet another display of endurance as more than 50 people converged in Brooklyn to demand an end to Handyfat Trading Co.’s union-busting activities. In early January, Handyfat management illegally fired nine workers for union activity, despite the company’s claims they were fired because of their immigration status. more...  0 Comments

People's Peace Conference - New Jersey, Leading the Way

Erik-Anders Nilsson | Officially titled “The U.S. War in Iraq & Our Communities. Breaking the Silence: The Grassroots Speak”, hundreds and hundreds of peace and justice activists of all ages and colors came out in the bitter Jersey cold to attend the all day peace conference and workshops organized by longtime Newark activist Larry Hamm and his organization, People’s Organization For Progress.
more...  19 Comments

Bolivia: one year into the Morales government

Jorge Martin | Popular assembly in Cochabamba on January 16

On Tuesday, January 16th, a massive cabildo abierto (popular assembly) in Cochabamba, Bolivia's third largest city, decided to remove the prefecto (regional governor) and forced the consejeros departamentales (regional councillors) to install a people's prefecture. In doing so the masses, who have been on the streets since the beginning of the year, went over the heads of MAS aligned leaders of many of the peasant and trade union organisations and directly against the advice of the MAS government which recommended calm, negotiation and keeping everything within the legal framework.

This was the highest point of a developing mass movement for the resignation of the prefectos of La Paz and Cochabamba who have sided with the opposition prefectos of Santa Cruz, Beni, Pando and Tarija (the lowlands crescent of Bolivia) in their struggle for autonomy from the MAS national government and to defend their right of veto in the Constituent Assembly. more...  0 Comments

An Open Letter Calling Others to Oppose A Garbage Transfer Station in Brooklyn

Mitchel Cohen | Please add your name to this open letter opposing the garbage transfer station planned for Southwest Brooklyn. Also, very important public meeting opposing the garbage transfer station in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn on Thursday, January 25, 7:30 pm, at Shore Parkway Jewish Center, 8885 26th Avenue, between Cropsey and Harway Avenues, Brooklyn. To sign on, just send an email to mitchelcohen(at) more...  2 Comments

Indypendent Open House Tuesday, Jan 23rd., 7pm

Indy | Date and Time: Tuesday, Jan 23rd, 7pm

Location: 4 W 43rd St, between 5th and 6th Ave.
Ste. 311 more...  4 Comments

Overflow Crowd Turns Out for Beaver St. Antiwar Lecture

Hannah Vahl | An overflowing crowd gathered at the 16 Beaver St. cultural space Wednesday night to listen to a pair of radical scholars discuss the future of the U.S. occupation of Iraq. The length of the question-and-answer session, which evolved into a way for audience members to express their own frustrations and concerns with the situation in Iraq and American leadership and the need to create grassroots opposition, made the event more than a lecture. Anthony Arnove || Michael Schwartz || Jan. 27 March on Washington more...  2 Comments

Earth First Enemy, Pacific Lumber Co. files bankruptcy

The Toxic Reverend | Posting of a news story from the Santa Rosa California Press Democrat: about Pacific Lumber Co. filing bankruptcy. That is the lumber company that Juli Butterfly Hill was tree sitting about as an Earth First advocate. The question of Pacific Lumber spending too much money when they funded a recall campaign against the Humboldt County District Attorney that had charged them with fraud, is also posed. With a link to "Red Collar Crime" that is documenting the "political fallout" when criminal charges are filed against a corporation. at more...  0 Comments

Renowned Mexican Human Rights lawyer Joins Brad Will Case

Brad Will Family (posted by friends in NYC) | The Will family is pleased to have the renowned Mexican human rights lawyer, Miguel Angel de Los Santos Cruz, join the cause for justice in the case of Bradley Roland Will's death.

Brad, a New York based photojournalist and activist, was shot and killed in Oaxaca, Mexico last October 27th while videotaping the turmoil in the Mexican State. Although two government-affiliated suspects were initially held for the murder, they were released by Oaxacan state authorities in late November on claims of insufficient evidence. A number of human rights groups have questioned the legitimacy of the state investigation and are calling for the case to be moved to the federal level.
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Saturday: Immigrant Workers Fighting Back in Brooklyn!

D | Join Make the Road by Walking and the IWW in a march through Bushwick to protest the widespread failure to pay immigrant workers minimum wage and overtime throughout Bushwick. more...  2 Comments

Prisoners: New Regs May Deny Reentry of Genderqueer Folk to U.S

kaitlyn tikkun | Passports are now required for any citizen's reentry to the United States. This leaves the bulk of our genderqueer citizens locked out of the ability to enter and return to the US. more...  4 Comments

Massive Anti-war March Planned for Jan 27 in DC

Pat Elder for UFPJ |, National Organization for Women, Labor Unions Mobilize Members; Buses and vans coming from 30 states and 111 Cities more...  14 Comments

50 Shots and a Mule - New Documentary About Sean Bell Protests

Glass Bead Collective | 50 Shots and a Mule focuses on December 16 and December 22nd protests against police brutality sparked by NYPD murder of Sean Bell on his wedding day. The second part of the film was shot with a combination of regular and 360 degree "immersive" cameras.

See also: The 50 Day Sean Bell Vigil in Queens more...  2 Comments

Demands For Media Justice Echo Dr. Martin Luther King’s Calls for Equality and in Memphis

Robin Andersen | Media makers, critics, journalists, artists and organizers converged on Memphis over the weekend and their demands for media justice and equal representation echoed across the balcony of the Lorraine Motel, where a museum memorializes Doctor Martin Luther King’s struggle for civil rights. In the city where the besieged Dr. King’s voice would not be silenced, but forever amplified after his death, a cacophony of voices reconverged to challenge a media behemoth as oppressive now as the forces of inequality he decried then with such vigor and efficacy. more...  0 Comments

Interactive Map: Is Your Councilperson For Or Against Free Speech?

OnNYTurf | As many onNYTurf regular readers are aware, the NYPD plans to impose severe restrictions on our right to publicly assemble ... To help New Yorkers learn where their City Councilor stands and how to contact them about this issue, I am proud to announce today the launch of a new map that tracks the City Councilors on this issue: The NYC No-Freedom Zones Map. [Read More and See Map]

"Right To Assemble" Blasts From The Past from NYC IMC: WEF 2002: Police Arrest 87 Peaceful Marchers || Chaos on February 15, 2003 || RNC Archive more...  1 Comments

Wobblies March, Picket Brooklyn Warehouse

Tom Howard | On January 15, 2007, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, over one hundred and twenty IWW union members, supporters and labor movement allies marched on and picketed the warehouse of Handyfat Trading Inc. in Brooklyn. Ten days earlier, Handyfat owner Dennis Ho illegally fired nine workers in retaliation for their union activity, but allegedly over immigration status. Monday, Ho shut down Handyfat’s operations rather than face the picketing workers, at a loss of tens of thousands of dollars in business.

See Also: Photos and Video here more...  0 Comments

Jan 27 DC March: Contingent for Justice in the Middle East: Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon

Adalah-NY | Connecticut United for Peace (CTUP), and Adalah-NY: The Coalition for Justice in the Middle East are calling for a national contingent to march against the occupation of Iraq, against the occupation of Palestine, against the attacks on Lebanon, against attacks and other aggressions on Iran and Syria, and for justice in all of the Middle East. more...  0 Comments

Mapping Racial and Economic Inequality in NYC Health Care

The Opportunity Agenda | Health Care That Works is a new website designed to visually illustrate the economic and racial disparities that exist in New York City's health care system, and drive all New Yorker's of conscience to take action by emailing their elected officials. more...  0 Comments

The Subtle Process of Rewriting the History of Atlantic Yards

OnNYTurf | I have a friend whom I get in arguments with about whether the news room at the NYTimes operates completely independently in its reporting about Atlantic Yards or if it feels the elbow of NYTimes owner and Bruce Ratner business partner Arthur Sulzberger Jr. more...  0 Comments

Images: Martin Luther King Day in Times Sq.

fred askew | Martin Luther King Day in Times Sq.

Photographs: more...  0 Comments

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