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Attention! Congressional Investigation into Saturdays Events

@ | A congressional investigation may be opened as a result of radicals storming the capitol's steps on Saturday. more...  0 Comments

Libby's a distraction.

Carolyn Kuhn | Think Valerie Plame and her supposed CIA employer, Brewster Jennings, were secret? How about Paul Jennings, Burke Dennehy, Irish-Anglo Bank, Robert Ellmann, Jean C. Edwards? Were they secret? Or was Libby just trapped to take the fall for his boss Cheney plus Bush and Rove -- the ones who should be investigated and tried. more...  0 Comments

Despite the Cold the Fight Continues

Linnea Covington | A small group of people gathered today to make a stand for human rights as there has still been no indictment of the officers that shot and killed Sean Bell in November. Viola Plummer and Omowale Clay spoke to the gathering about taking a stand against the police, civil and human rights, and the removal of Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly. more...  1 Comments

Ready, Aim, Fire: The Politics of Arson

Kat Aaron | Two Seton Hall students were sentenced last Friday to five years in prison for setting a fire that killed three of their fellow students. Three deaths, five years. The two young men could be out on parole in as little as 16 months.Daniel McGowan is also going to serve prison time in an arson case. He participated in an two arson attacks at a tree farm and a lumber company. He didn’t kill anyone. Yet the shortest sentence he faces is longer than the 5 year maximum term that the two Seton Hall students will serve. more...  2 Comments

Record Number of New York City Children Under Investigation Die.

Eugene Weixel | When the number of removals spikes so does the number of child fatalities. It's easy to figure out why. Caseworkers are swamped with "cover your ass" reports from various mandated reporters. They spend hours waiting in family court while other cases are placed on their desks, some of these cases being about real children who are in real danger more...  0 Comments

Antiwar and Looking Ahead: What's it Going to Take?

Jed Brandt | Once again, hundreds of thousands have demonstrated their opposition to Bush's war and domestic repression. That's not stopping Bush's push into Iran, Somalia and increased troops to Iraq and Afghanistan. Just as activists need to become organizers, dissent must turn to resistance. (All opinions stated here are the authors alone.) more...  39 Comments

México: ¿Ahora Qué/What Now? Monsivais and Reguillo at NYU Feb 1, 6:30 pm

NACLA Report on the Americas | In an exclusive appearance in the United States, two of Mexico’s most important public intellectuals, Carlos Monsiváis and Rossana Reguillo, will discuss the roots and repercussions of the current political situation in Mexico at New York University’s Silver Center (100 Washington Square East), at the Randolph Sommerville Theater (703), on February 1, 2007 at 6:30pm. more...  0 Comments

New NYPD Parade Rules Released: Any 50 Vehicles Or Pedestrians

OnNYTurf | It appears the NYPD's new parade permit rules will impact 50 or more bikes or pedestrians, whether there is any violation of a law or not, a group of 50 or more will be required to obtain a permit from the NYPD or participants will be subject to arrest.

Again, to be clear, that is 50 of anyone will be required to obtain a permit, whether in the road or on the sidewalk. || Read More || NYCLU: NYPD Modifies Proposed Parade Permit Rules || Police Permits of Free Speech || Times Up: NYC Spends 1.3 Million Policing Critical Mass || Singapore on the Hudson more...  3 Comments

NYC’s immigrant food warehouse workers unionize w/IWW

madhatter | NYC’s immigrant food warehouse workers unionize w/IWW;
Not Without a Fight: NYC’s food warehouse workers unionize

by Diane Krauthamer and David Graeber

For every restaurant and every shop in New York there is a backbone — the workers who make sure ingredients reach those restaurants and their staff. No one is supposed to think about them. Certainly not the
diners. But they exist, because they have to: behind the closed doors of dank and often filthy wholesale and distribution warehouses in Brooklyn and Queens’ industrial areas, suffering under sweatshop-like
conditions, pulling shifts that begin before dawn and end well after dusk. Owners regularly take advantage of these immigrant workers' lack of familiarity with United States labor laws by pushing the envelope of exploitation, refusing overtime and paying far less than minimum wage. more...  4 Comments

Recruiters Take War to College Campuses

Igor Kossov | Colleges play an increasingly important role in the military recruitment strategy. With the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the U.S.’s need for soldiers is greater than ever. To meet that demand is increasingly difficult in New York City, especially among the student population, most of whom think that the Army is not for them.
more...  1 Comments

NYC Air Awarded Dirty Distinction

Kempshall McAndrew | According to the most recent Environmental Protection Agency data, New York City has the dirtiest air in America. In the whole country, no city population has a greater risk of getting cancer from breathing air than residents of our five boroughs. more...  1 Comments

Activists denounce Hollywood collusion with diamond industry, protest 2/5

African People's Solidarity Committee | At the recent Golden Globes ceremony, many of Hollywood's taste-makers participated in a new marketing campaign entitled “Raise Your Right Hand For Africa.” This campaign was launched by the Diamond Information Center (DIC), a marketing arm of the De Beers diamond cartel. They’re advertising that women should buy a diamond ring to be worn on the right hand as a show of support for economic development for African people. more...  1 Comments

Freedom for Anarchist Prisoners in Oaxaca! Freedom for Oscar and Sacramento!

love and resistance | Anarchists and anti-authoritarians have played a vital role in the struggle against the government of Ulisses Ruiz Ortiz in Oaxaca.
Among the many prisoners being held in jails around Mexico are anarchist activists Oscar Santa Maria Caro and Sacramento Delfino Cano Hernandez who were arrested on November 30th in Oaxaca.
more...  0 Comments

Images from the Picket Line: Wobbly Workers Fight Back 1/20/07

Michael GW | Wobblies, fellow workers, community and anti-capitalist activists come together to fight back. more...  0 Comments

A Critical Mass of Anti-War Proportions

nyc cm | So NYC critical mass isnt what it used to be. . .

While im not ever going to give up on it, i think its important for nyc critical mass riders to experience a critical mass in a less hostile city, at least once a year. it keeps you sane.

more...  2 Comments

8 Former Black Panthers Arrested and Indicted in 1971 Homicide

Center for Constitutional Rights | January 23, 2007 - New York ­ Authorities in San Francisco today announced the arrests and indictments of former Black Panthers in the 1971 killing of police officer Sgt. John V. Young despite the use of torture to obtain confessions. Attorneys with the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) compared the documented torture by law enforcement of Black Panthers arrested in New Orleans in 1973 to the documented torture the U.S. government has practiced recently at Abu Ghraib and Guantánamo.

more...  4 Comments

Alberta oil sands and nuclear energy surge: outrageous proposals

Joan Russow | The Alberta oil sands have been proclaimed as the greatest greenhouse gas producer in Canada. Now there are two outrageous proposals to quintuple the supply for US greed and consumption and to address the climate change issue by using nuclear power to fuel the oil sands production.

More stories on the Environment: Earth First Enemy, Pacific Lumber Co. files bankruptcy | Global Warming in North Central US | Earth is Losing its Ability to Absorb CO2? | Global Warming: Here Are the Hard Facts | Climate Change: Rising Seas creates 70,000 Climate Refugees more...  0 Comments

City Cannot Keep Materials from Republican National Convention Secret, Federal Court Rules

NYCLU | In a sweeping decision, federal judge James C. Francis IV ruled that the
NYCLU is free to make public extensive NYPD documents, deposition
testimony, and videotapes about all aspects of the Convention, including
mass arrests, conditions at Pier 57, and various policies deployed by
the Department during the Convention. more...  1 Comments

New Orleans Tenants Face Eviction by Unnatural Causes Right Now!

Tommy SP-NYC | A friend of mine called last night from New Orleans; he and several other people are occupying apartments in the St. Bernard Housing Development, which the Housing Authority of New Orleans plans to demolish and redevelop, leaving thousands of tenants homeless. The city of New Orleans plans to get an injunction against the residents returning to their apartments, as well as against the occupation, as early as tomorrow. The folks inside suggested an email/phone campaign to bring the occupation and the demands of the occupiers to light. For background, you can go to
or more...  6 Comments

Indypendent Open House, Tuesday Jan. 23rd., 7 pm,

Indy | Built by volunteer journalists, artists and activists, The Indypendent is now in its seventh year and still thriving on the energy and dedication of its volunteer writers, editors, photographers, illustrators and graphic designers. To find out more about how to get involved, come to our Winter Open House on Tuesday Jan. 23 at 7 p.m. at our office on 4 W. 43rd St., Suite 311. We will have lots of food, drink, Q & A discussion and a screening of a short film about The Indypendent by NYC Indymedia videographer Amy Wolf. || || Community Reporting Workshops || The Indy Sweeps the Ippies || Where I Can Find The Indypendent || "There isn't a better place to develop a love of journalism." || Most Recent Issue more...  0 Comments

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