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Local activist Daniel McGowan needs your help

Family & Friends of Daniel McGowan | Daniel McGowan needs letters of support written to his sentencing judge. Info below.
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3rd Annual Israeli Apartheid Week - NYC - Feb 10-17

Adalah-NY | Israeli Apartheid Week will be a weeklong series of events held concurrently in different cities around the world to contribute to a growing public discussion of Israel as an apartheid state and to gather support for the international boycott, divestment, and sanctions campaign called for by more than 170 Palestinian civil society organizations in July, 2005.

For schedule and events, read below. more...  2 Comments

Movement for Justice in El Barrio presents "Message from the Zapatistas"

Movement for Justice in El Barrio | Movement for Justice in El Barrio is a grassroots organization of Mexican immigrants fighting against gentrification in El Barrio and is part of the The Other Campaign. In November, a delegation from Movement for Justice in El Barrio screened a video message from Mexican immigrants in NYC to the Zapatistas for Subcomandant Marcos. He responded in this interview with a message for Mexican immigrants and the Other Campaign in New York! more...  0 Comments

Anti-War Student Strike At Columbia On Feb. 15

columbiawatch | A coalition of anti-war students at Columbia University and Barnard College issued the following call for an anti-war student strike at Uptown Manhattan's Columbia University on Thursday, February 15, 2007. more...  22 Comments

War Opponents Occupy Congressional Offices

Mike Ferner, CounterPunch | From Alaska to Washington, D.C. yesterday, peace activists escalated their tactics and occupied Congressional offices, demanding elected officials vote against George Bush,s request of $93,000,000,000 to extend the war. more...  3 Comments

SMOLKA SMOKED: NYPD Chief Responsible for RNC and Critical Mass Arrest Resigns

I-Witness Video | "After 26 years on the police force, two-star NYPD Chief Bruce Smolka is retiring and leaving for a security job at Revlon. The timing of his departure is both striking and curious."

maybe he had a little PUSH!
This news article includes VIDEO!
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“All Diamonds Are Blood Diamonds” Demonstration in New York a Success

African People's Solidarity Committee | The “All Diamonds Are Blood Diamonds” demonstration and press conference called by the African People’s Solidarity Committee (APSC) in New York City Monday was a great success. APSC is a white solidarity organization working under the leadership of the African People’s Socialist Party, which leads the Uhuru Movement. more...  1 Comments

Unlawful Anti-Union Retaliation Continues in Brooklyn Food Industry Warehouse

T^M^ | At 5:00 AM Monday December 18, 2006 IWW members from Top City Produce, along with a delegation of IWW members marched on Top City Produce to demand justice. Workers at Top City refused to go to work until the boss agreed to obey the law and start paying minimum wage and overtime. That afternoon workers at top city went back to work after the boss agreed to start paying the legal wage and open dialogue to discuss owed back wages.

On Saturday February 3rd workers were all suspended from work. The bossed handed each workers a letter saying Top City Produce will close from February 3 rd until February 24th in order to restructure to be able to pay off debts. Another 6 workers are jobless in retaliation for organizing a union, enforcing minimum wage laws, and demanding respect. For background info about the organizing drive among immigrant workers in the Food Warehouses check out more...  1 Comments

Day 75 of Hunger-Strikes at Canada's "Guantanamo Bay" Prison

WEDNESDAY, 7 February 2007

Canada's Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Minister seems to think that human rights violations are okay as long as prisoners have access to chocolate sauce. Canada has its own mini-version of Guantanamo bay, a new six-cell prison that was opened in April 2006 specifically for immigrants and refugees who are detained without charge or trial, under secret evidence, indefinitely, under threat of deportation, to places where it has been recognized that they are at risk of torture.

Canadian Consulate General - New York City
1251 Avenue of the Americas
Concourse Level
New York, New York
Tel: 1 (212) 596-1628
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VIDEO: Rev. Billy arrest 2/3/07

Diane Krauthamer | On Saturday afternoon, Feb. 3, Reverend Billy was arrested as he theatrically exorcised the cash register at Astor Place Starbucks. He was joined by the Church of Stop Shopping, along with supporters. more...  6 Comments

Brooklyn Peace Delegation "Disappointed" With Senators Clinton and Schumer

Mary Nolan/Brooklyn Parents for Peace | Peace advocates repeatedly emphasized the need to use the "power of the purse" to rein in a Chief Executive, who seemed increasingly reckless. A particular concern was the mounting tension with Iran. Would the two Senators support the Byrd amendment, requiring President Bush to seek Congressional authorization before attacking that country? The staff members would make no commitment. Brooklyn Parents for Peace|| The Occupation Project || Voices for Creative Nonviolence more...  1 Comments

The Barclays Backlash

Atlantic Yards Report | From Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn (DDDB.NET)

Barclays Imbroglio Continues...

More on the Barclays naming-rights matter in breaking news from the Brooklyn Paper website, where the paper makes a correction to a glaring error, but stands by the substance of its initial article on the issue:From the editor: Our Barclays coverage (Editorial)

Barclays: No ‘blood money’ here
By Dana Rubenstein
A British bank that is under fire from black leaders for profiting from the slave trade centuries ago is fighting back, issuing a long-awaited statement that claims the allegation “is simply not true.”

Letter sent from Barclays to the Brooklyn Paper.

London calling
The Independent, a British national newspaper, published on Friday an account of the controvery surrounding Barclays bank in Brooklyn.
ArticleAnd Norman Oder, who was the recipient of a letter from Barclays Bank as well, writes this followup: The Barclays backlash; call for retractions met with resistance, questions

Barclays Capital is fighting back, sending strongly-worded letters to journalists who've written about the reported links between the company and slavery, and asking us to "immediately retract and cease making any further misrepresentations of this sort." Barclays two weeks ago announced a more than $300 million deal for naming rights to the Atlantic Yards arena, to be known as the Barclays Center.

I received a copy of the letter emailed to two different email addresses as well as hand-delivered to my workplace. The latter was delivered some five hours after I emailed several pointed questions to Barclays, asking for backup information. No response was forthcoming by the end of the day.

Brooklyn Paper stands ground, mostly...

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8th Anniverary Amadou Diallo Memorial Film Screening

Christina Z | Hundreds of people gathered at Riverside Church for film screening contrasting and commemorating the lives and tragic deaths of Amadou Diallo and Jesse Thyne, an American Peace Corps volunteer living with the Diallo family in Guinea, West Africa. more...  1 Comments

IPCC Releases Summary Report on Climate Change

IPCC | Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) releases summary of new report on climate change.

Some of the findings:

-- Sea ice will shrink in both the Arctic and Antarctic, and late summer sea ice in the Arctic could disappear almost entirely by the latter part of the 21st century;

-- Heat waves and storms involving heavy precipitation will continue to become more common, as will droughts;

-- The number of hurricanes will decrease, but the ones that do occur will be more powerful;

-- Ocean currents responsible for such things as the Gulf Stream will slow, possibly by as much as 25 per cent. The report said it's “very unlikely” that currents will have abrupt changes during the 21st century, but longer-term alterations “cannot be assessed with confidence.”

-- Global temperatures in 2090-99 are likely to be 1.7 degrees to 4 degrees warmer than the period from 1980-1999;

-- Current models suggest global warming of 1.9 to 4.6 degrees would lead to a “virtually complete” elimination of the Greenland ice sheet and a rise in sea levels of about 7 metres, if sustained for millennia;

-- Sea levels will probably rise from between 0.28 metres and 0.43 metres, although there is a chance the increase will be larger if Greenland and Antarctic ice discharges continue to grow.

Download pdf summary

More stories on climate change:

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Listen Gore: Some Inconvenient Truths About the Politics of Environmental Crisis

Mitchel Cohen | Al Gore's film lays out the case against global warming. But what solutions does Gore offer? After all, he was in the seat of power in the U.S. for eight years. more...  3 Comments

Wasting Our Money

DMI Blog |

The Community Service Society recently published a report on The Concerns of the Working Poor that shows New Yorkers biggest concern is the lack of affordable housing. This is an issue that Mayor Bloomberg could certainly do something about. While he has laid out an ambitious plan to build affordable housing, the Mayor has failed to even approach the amount of affordable housing needed by New Yorkers.

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SOA 16 Trial: Grand Island and Syracuse Residents Sentenced to Federal Prison

SOA Watch | New York residents Alice Gerard and Julienne Oldfield of Grand Island and Syracuse, respectively, were sentenced to federal prison today by the Columbus, Georgia federal court. more...  0 Comments

Eminent Domain at Atlantic Yards Mapped

OnNYTurf | has a nice new map showing just how much property Bruce Ratner and the State of New York need to take from people to build the Atlantic Yards project more...  0 Comments

OPEN CALL: How can Indymedia improve discussions and coverage?

hey all | It's been a while since I saw a discussion here about the quality of coverage and the typcially nasty comments that plague this open-publishing. We need Indymedia for what it can do at its best (Think F15, The Indypendent, the RNC). But for too long, the wire has been dominated by cranks despite the best efforts of the site's administrators. So what is to be done with Indymedia? How can NYC Indymedia improve this situation. more...  51 Comments

Some Reflections on Science and the Gayness of Sheep

Thomas Riggins | Scientists studying the causes of homosexuality in sheep have been been criticized by some activists for having an anti-gay agenda. Is this criticism justified? more...  0 Comments

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