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IWW President's Day March Round-Up

Diane Krauthamer | Hundreds rallied in the cold for hours to protest the illegal union-busting in Brooklyn's food industry warehouses; major news outlets covered. more...  1 Comments

NYU Republicans Plan Disgusting, Virulent Anti-Immigrant Action

catarina eufemia | Fwd: NYU Republicans play "find the illegal immigrant" thursday
There will be a protest, right off of the east side of Washington Square Park, on Washington Place, NYC.
more...  56 Comments

Report on Feb 17th Sean Bell Family Solidarity Vigil and Speakout

October 22 Coalition-NY | Report on the rally and speakout in solidarity with the family of Sean Bell on February 17, 2007, called by October 22 Coalition to Stop Police Brutality, Repression and the Criminalization of a Generation more...  0 Comments

Bruce Smolka retirement party!!! FRIDAY 7pm Union Square

CMER | Think its too cold to ride a bike on Friday's Critical Mass, you're not alone. You can join in the festivities as we celebrate the retirement of police cheif Bruce Smolka, the kind soul who started the crack down on those bicycle terrorists. If it wasn't for him, thousands of cyclists would be able to ride their bikes every month in peace and fun.

See also: Victory for Critical Mass! more...  8 Comments

Workshops Announced for 4th Annual NYC Grassroots Media Conference.

NYC Grassroots Media Coalition | The NYC Grassroots Media Conference Organizing Committee is happy to announce
that the full conference program including workshop descriptions is now
available on our website.

Read descriptions of all of the workshops at the conference:
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(Great White) Father Knows Best (Or Windbags Critique the Venezuelan Revolutio

Eugene Weixel | Ah, armchair revolutionaries of the imperialist North, ever vigilant and on the lookout for sellouts and misleaders, particularly those found confronting the world's only superpower. Of course these are "sellouts" of the Third World who are actually responsible for the well being of their countries.
more...  4 Comments

Life in Prison (IndyKids)

Lucine Kasbarian | Book Review of "Life In Prison" Written by Stanley “Tookie” Williams with Barbara Becnel. As a teen, Stanley “Tookie” Williams thought prison was glamorous. He joined a notorious gang in Los Angeles called the Crips, and eventually became the gang’s leader. Convicted of killing four people and sent to prison, Tookie was sentenced to death. While held in prison, Tookie decided to reach out to kids who are at risk of following in his footsteps, show them that there is nothing glamorous about prison, and urge them to make better life choices than he had.

more...  1 Comments

Paying For Attention (IndyKids)

Abby Gross | Every year in winter, families gather to watch the Super bowl, but not everyone watching is interested in football. more...  0 Comments

Make the Right Moves (IndyKids)

Jonathan Turbin | Here’s what some New York City kids say about the grand game of Chess: more...  0 Comments

Major NYC Antiwar March to Target Senator Clinton

Steven C. | On February 17, thousands of protesters will assemble in Times Square NYC at 1:00 pm and then march to the NYC offices of New York Senators Hillary Clinton and Charles Schumer. The two senators have offices across the street from each other on 48th Street and 3rd Avenue. || Also See: Coverage of Columbia Feb. 15 Protest more...  3 Comments

Columbia University Owns $4 Milliion In War Stock

columbiawatch | Although some Columbia University administrators and professors might claim that they oppose the Pentagon's war in Iraq, as an institution, Columbia University still owns over $4 million in U.S. corporations that manufacture the weapons that the Pentagon needs to continue the Bush Administration's endless war in Iraq. more...  4 Comments

Get On The Bus! April CIW mobilization in Chicago

fairfoodnyc | 2007 McDonald's Truth Tour and major Chicago mobilizations quickly approaching! * Major rally outside McDonald's global headquarters - Friday, 4/13, Oak Brook, IL * Carnaval and Parade for Fair Food, Real Rights, and Dignity - Saturday, 4/14, downtown Chicago more...  0 Comments

RNC 2008 Call to Action

RNC Welcoming Committee | Every four years, in two very lucky cities, big money gets thrown around while look-alikes from opposite ends of a closed circle step up to their podiums and spout nonsense. RNC. DNC. Whatever. The point is that once the conventions are over, once November is come and gone, once the inauguration is only an unpleasant memory, people across this stolen land find themselves in pretty much the same place as before: a bad one. more...  0 Comments

Solving New York's traffic problems

StayFree! | My new favorite blog, Streetsblog, recently posted a fantastic video interview with transit guru Sam Schwartz (aka Gridlock Sam). Schwartz's thirtysomething years as a traffic engineer give him the kind of historical perspective we haven't seen for years among New York's powers that be. How much traffic congestion does closing roads create? Do wider roads create less congestion? How reliant are New Yorkers on cars? Schwartz punctures a lot of myths in just under a half hour. I loved this interview so much that I transcribed it. You can read the full edit below the fold.

more...  1 Comments

Here's a Tip for Grocery Stores - Pay Your Workers!

DMI Blog |

Yesterday's New York Times ran an infuriating story about widespread exploitation of workers in the grocery industry, Long Treated as Volunteers Tips-Only Supermarket Baggers Take Up Fight for Hourly Wage.

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"The Wheels of Justice are Flat" - New York Speaks Out Against the Death Penalty

Ali Winston | In the wake of Ronell Wilson's death sentence, four exonerated prisoners and death penalty spoke out against the death penalty and New York state's flawed criminal justice system at the National Black Theater in Harlem on February 6th, 2007. more...  0 Comments

Two dozen demand NYSE stop trading animal suffering

blank | Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) is a company that profits off the brutal
testing of cosmetics and drugs on animals. Every single day 500 cats,
dogs, monkeys, mice, and other animals are ruthlessly murdered at HLS for
useless consumer items like Splenda and food coloring. more...  13 Comments

Justice for Bell, Benefield & Guzman!

forwarded by Skinny John | A Grand Jury is being convened for a possible indictment against the
cops involved in the shootings. The day AFTER the grand jury decision, come to Union Square, in Manhattan, to show that WE WILL NOT BE SILENCED. more...  3 Comments

Black History in Action: Brooklyn Students’ Campaign to Revive New Orleans

Jeffrey Buchanan | Students at Benjamin Banneker Academy for Community Development in Brooklyn, New York go beyond the textbooks, and apply the lessons of Black History Month to their daily lives. Banneker Academy students have pledged $5,000 the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN), a grassroots social justice group based in New Orleans and are challenging 1,000 other fundraisers to come forward and match their efforts. more...  0 Comments

Haiti: Massive Demonstrations Catch UN by Surprise

Haiti Information Project | Challenging recent assertions made by the United Nations that the Lavalas movement is dead, crowds estimated at well over 100,000 took to the streets of seven major cities throughout Haiti on February 7 to demand an end to the UN occupation, freedom for political prisoners and the return of exiled president Aristide. || Indypendent: Cite Soleil: Ballots & Bullets in Haiti more...  0 Comments

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