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Bronx Students Protest Metal Detectors

Bombs and Shields | Nearly 1/3 of all 4,600 students from DeWitt Clinton High School in the Bronx blocked traffic and marched almost two miles to the borough's Department of Education offices, to protest new regulations which require students to pass through metal detectors before entering the school and barred them from leaving campus during lunch. [More Coverage at Bombs and Shields] more...  7 Comments

Ghost Bike for Jen Shao

Visual Resistance | On Sunday, September 18, members of Visual Resistance created and installed a ghost bike memorial for Jen Shao, a 65-year old grandmother killed by a hit-and-run driver in the financial district last Friday morning. Ms. Shao was struck by a charter bus while attempting to turn from Governeur Lane onto Water St., a busy two-way street with no bike lane. The driver never stopped; police are classifying this as a hit-and-run, a potential felony. [Read More] more...  1 Comments

Welfanos Sing: "Ooo Ahh, Chavez no se va!"

Welfano News | President Hugo Chavez of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela was
welcomed to the Bronx yesterday by the cheers of "Ooo ahh, Chavez no se
va, Ooo ahh, Chavez no se va."

Pres. Chavez was in NYC for the Security Council meeting at the United
Nations where he blasted the council's initial document as well as the
council's undemocratic nature, citing the outdated veto ability of five
nation members of the Security Council. more...  1 Comments

"Walk the Tunnel" With the Campaign to End AIDS

c2ea | Thousands of people will be marching from Times Square to Washington, D.C. as part of the Campaign to End AIDS, and it all kicks off with a walk through the Tunnel. Help us stomp out AIDS one step at a time -- its a once in a lifetime New York City opportunity. more...  2 Comments

NYPD Stops Cindy Sheehan Speech, Cuts Mic, Disperses Enraged Crowd

todd | A rally of 150 New Yorkers at Camp Casey-NYC was cut short this afternoon when NYPD acting under Inspector MacEnroy broke through the human wall of Veterans for Peace and Military Families Speak Out activists surrounding Gold Star Mom Cindy Sheehan and cut off her microphone and took her amplifier. Cindy Sheehan was reporting on the successful Bring Them Home Now bus tour. One activist remains in jail.

Cops less directly involved in the attack and arrest retreated to the chair/bike ramp, chased by a chanting crowd of 60-70 from among 150 or so who had attended the dispersed rally. There they formed up a military line in order to remain in the park as New Yorkers chanted "police out of the park" and "who's f-cking park? OUR f-cking park!" during a sometimes-tense 20 minute standoff. Lisa Fithian attempted to calm the crowd but also said that in 23 cities, the Bring Them Home Now bus tour had not been treated as aggressively as in New York City.

[More Coverage ||Photos 1 || 2 || Video]

more...  13 Comments

4 Struggle magazine #5 is out | a very large and interesting online and print magazine of writings by political prisoners and prisoners of war more...  0 Comments

Sept. 20: NYC Indymedia Open House

imcista | 34 E. 29th Street.
2nd Floor

Members of all media working groups will be on hand to talk about media projects and invite new volunteers to be part of our media collectives. more...  0 Comments

The Mayoral Candidates and Overdevelopment

Big Cities, Big Boxes | It is high time for overdevelopment, including big box stores, to become a political issue in New York City. According to a piece called "Ferrer, His Candidacy Assured, Campaigns in Brooklyn," in The New York Times, voters are concerned about... more...  0 Comments

65 Year Old Cyclist and Grandmother Killed By Bus

Gustavo | A 65 Year old cyclist grandma was killed by a bus on the lower eastside. Jen Shao died on impact. In a community where the vast majority of residents do not own cars, and where bike ownership exceeds car ownership, it is the bikers who are at the mercy of car traffic that originates from outside. Aggrevating this situation is the fact that those who are entrusted with the task of respecting and protecting the community are the same people who engage in the most intense discriminatory measures against cyclists. The NYPD has hauled off 600 cyclist to jail over the course of the year, while at the same time refusing to perform their obligations in defense of these valuable residents. more...  11 Comments

New Yorkers Protest Australia’s Deportation of American Peace Activist

Pt'chang | Immediately following Australian Prime Minister John Howard’s address at the United Nations on Friday, a delegation of concerned New Yorkers demonstrated at the Australian Consulate and delivered a letter addressed to Prime Minister Howard expressing outrage at the deportation of American peace activist Scott Parkin. more...  0 Comments

Segal Pleads Guilty to Army Recruitment Fire

Bombs and Shields | Anarchist, David Segal pleaded guilty to felony "malicious mischief" in federal court Wednesday morning in relation to a January 31, 2005 attempt to burn down a Bronx military recruiting station. more...  16 Comments

NYC Rally to Block Roberts Nomination

contact your senators | Thursday, in Union Sq., we enjoyed an early evening rally organized by NOW which included speaking guests such as State Senator Tom Duane and numerous musical guests including "Disappear Fear".
more...  3 Comments

Washington Prepares for New Hurricane


Readers Comment on the Galloway vs Hitchens Debate

RFE / IMC Readers | "I am listening to the debate," says dr. b, "and Hitchens is creaming Galloway .. rhetorically and on the arguments .. Hitchens makes moral and historical arguments, has facts and figures .. Galloway has one liners and unrelated topics (new orleans, algeria, Marie Antoinette cake, Israel etc) .. but does not refute the arguments for the war that Hitchens gave (liberation of Iraqi peopel, Kurds, free elections and newspapers, etc)."

"No,Hitchens lost," Stan argues back. more...  13 Comments

Revised Info on "LGBT People Against the War" Sept. 24th contingent in DC

Gay Liberation Network | The "LGBT People Against the War" contingent for the big anti-war march in DC will be INSTEAD be meeting at 11 am (EST), Saturday, Sept. 24th on the Elipse. Look for the large pink banner, "Bring the Troops Home NOW" (topped by Pride flags!). more...  0 Comments

Free 6th Ave Bike Lane

Gustavo | The 6th ave. bike lane, from 39th st. to 42 nd st., has become a parking lane for numerous police barricades. The trail of wooden objects forces bike riders to squeeze into tightly congested car lanes. Exposed bikers on 20 pound frames are forced to negoiate traffic space with 1 to 3 ton vechicles. The City and the NYPD must be served notice that these actions represent wanton negligence and discriminate against a class of individuals. more...  2 Comments

The Shortwave Report 9/16/05 ¡Listen Globally!

Dan Roberts | A weekly 30 minute review of news and opinion, recorded from a shortwave radio. With times and freqs for listening at home. 2 files- broadcast and slow-modem streaming. Free to rebroadcast. China, Netherlands, Cuba, and Russia. more...  0 Comments

Four activists ejected from WNYC radio show on subway searches.

Sterling Brooks | Three men and one women, standing up for the fourth amendment and apposing subway searches, were ejected from the taping of the WNYC, Brian Lehrer Show monday night. One of the men said "to allow our radio waves to be used by racist, neo-con, propagandists must be stopped at all costs". more...  3 Comments

Block Roberts nomination

Final Hour | NOW: Rally Union Sq. TODAY 5:30 (Sept. 15)

NOW (National Organization of Women) has organized a rally to block Roberts' nomination to the Supreme court. His possible confirmation would mean a loss of liberty and rights not just for women however. Join this last hour rally to make your voice HEARD! more...  1 Comments

Indypendent Special Edition: Hurricane Katrina (PDF)

The Indypendent | Story budget to come, but in the meantime -- download the entire issue. more...  2 Comments

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