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On objectivity, neutrality, and integrity in covering the Atlantic Yards

Norman Oder | [From my remarks at the Grassroots Media Conference. A lively crowd of about 50 came to listen to and question the panel, organized by Stuart Schrader of Picketing Henry Ford. Also participating were Lumi Rolley of NoLandGrab and Candace Carponter of Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn. Attendees might notice that this version differs slightly from that delivered orally.]

I’m the most mainstream person sitting on this panel, and I don’t think there’s a contradiction between using mainstream training and experience in the service of grassroots media.

In fact, I think that grassroots media, held to professional standards, can be more intellectually honest and more responsible than the mainstream media.

I try to read everything. I read all the press. I read the documents regarding Atlantic Yards. There's lots of information in documents. That was the lesson from I.F. Stone in the 1950s and that's still true today. more...  0 Comments

March For Stolen Lives – TONIGHT in Brooklyn

October 22 Coalition-NY | March 1, 2007
House of the Lord Church
March to Gowanus Projects at 7:30pm more...  0 Comments

Neo-Nazi Working For Top Family Court Judge in Brooklyn

One People's Project | One People's Project has an article about a white supremacist working for Judge Jane Pearl, Supervising Judge of Kings County Family Court. more...  3 Comments

Jesus Camp Review

pointer | Nothing is scarier to me than adults who isolate and attempt to brainwash children. Be it the SS Youth movement, the Evalangelicals in this movie, or Tom Emanski with his baseball videos. The head Reverend in the movie states that Palestinian websites have photos of five year-old children being trained to die for their cause. She was pleaing to the masses to catch up on training their children to be troops for god and the Christian way. When did leading a pious life equate into signing up for a religious war? more...  7 Comments

SOAP Box Radio Collective Debuts

Elliot Dee, the Crooked | A new decentralized, independent, and non-hierarchical radio project, SOAP Box Radio, kicks off. more...  1 Comments

2 More Pedistrians Killed By Traffic, Quinn To The Rescue?

OnNYTurf | I just saw this over at Streetblog.

3 Peds Hit on 9th Ave. 2 Dead. Mayor Mike: Where Are You?

...the Clinton / Hell's Kitchen Pedestrian Safety Coalition, the community group that has been organizing the Ninth Avenue Renaissance project, broadcast the following news and call to action:

...City Council Speaker Christine C. Quinn and the Chair of the Public Safety committee are hosting town hall meetings to give community members the opportunity to voice concerns about and suggest improvements to current police operations in their neighborhoods. more...  0 Comments

Panel Discussion on NYPD Surveillance

Time's Up | Discussion with lawyer Gideon Oliver and others about the new laws regarding police surveillance and domestic spying

Thursday March 1st 8 pm
at the Time's Up Space
49 E. Houston, New York City more...  6 Comments

David Brooks Doesn't Like Your Kid's Clothes

DMI Blog | This is more than just a ploy to post the latest photos of my adorable son online. The point here is what he's wearing. What's so special about it? Well, it was made in the USA and purchased here in New York with no regressive sales tax. And it's got the hip slogan.
more...  2 Comments

Hugo Heats Up the City (Indypendent)

Mary Heglar | After providing subsidized heating oil at a 40 percent discount last winter as a pilot project at several South Bronx housing cooperatives, CITGO, the U.S. subsidiary of Venezuela’s state-owned oil company, has expanded the program to all five boroughs and looks to provide as much as 25 million gallons of discounted heating oil to as many as 100,000 low-income New York City households. more...  0 Comments

Continuing to Fight Atlantic Yards

Gotham Gazette | It is time for opponents of the Atlantic Yards mega project in downtown Brooklyn to accept defeat, writes Errol Louis in the Daily News. “The smart course of action now for community activists,” he writes, would be “to accept the reality of the plan and see what can be done to make it better.” [...] more...  0 Comments

NYC Critical Mass to Smolka: Ride Free!

bento | 200 Critical Mass cyclists and pedestrians gathered in a frigid Union Square tonight accompanied by radical marching band, The Rude Mechanical Orchestra. The Rude Mechanical was there to lead everyone in a joyous celebration of the retirement of assistant police chief Bruce Smolka. This was the last ride before the old-new-old parade permit rules go into effect, and the first ride with the new-old-new police surveillance restrictions. Word was spread throughout the crowd that the ride would start on foot so as to avoid police harassment. For almost a year now, the NYPD has been writing bogus tickets as the cyclists set off from Union Square. Walking together down the sidewalk with the band in front, riders wondered what the police scooters would do. Would they ticket Critical Mass for walking their bikes instead of riding them? Or would they let them continue on unimpeded? more...  10 Comments

Greetings from the NYC Taxi Workers Alliance!

Constance D. Sisk | My name is Constance Sisk. I work with the New York City Taxi Workers Alliance. In mid-March, we will be hosting taxi drivers from across the US and Canada, as we come together to found the first international alliance of taxi workers. We are asking you to support this historic effort, by purchasing space for a message from your union or organization in a journal we are putting together to mark our gathering. This journal will be distributed to over 50,000 taxi workers and allies in total. more...  1 Comments

Good Riddance: NYPD Assistant Chief Bruce Smolka Retires Abruptly

Sam Alcoff | A scandal-prone NYPD assistant chief’s abrupt retirement this month has many video activists wondering if they’ve helped topple a giant. Bruce Smolka, the Manhattan assistant chief responsible for carrying out the city’s heavyhanded crackdown on protest, announced that he is leaving this month in the midst of several lawsuits and online videos of him roughing up protesters.

“The question is ripe,” said I-Witness Video’s Eileen Clancy, “he’s a powerful chief who loves his job, but he knows the trials are coming up and that the videos are going to be seen more widely. Did we help usher him out?” more...  3 Comments

Mapping a Radical New York

Sam | - Capitalists map the city for the purposes of profit and authorities do so for control. Radicals, of course, have a different agenda.

This map is the first installment of a larger project dedicated to highlighting important sites of social struggle in New York City. At present, the map only covers a small (albeit important) sliver of the city and quite incompletely at that. I plan to expand, enrich, and refine it in near future. I welcome any suggestions or comments.

Map: more...  1 Comments

In Transit

Housing Works | Housing Works opens talks with the Transit Authority about its transgender sensitivity policies more...  2 Comments

“America, Think Downscale!”

William Hughes | America is headed for “a long emergency,” according to author, James H. Kunstler. He’s convinced that the days of the economy running on a cheap supply of fast-fading oil will soon be history. He spoke at Loyola College in Baltimore, MD, on Feb. 20, 2007. Kunstler said it’s time for the country to think: “Downscale!” He sees hard times ahead. Kunstler also doesn’t think much of how the U.S. looks either. He said much of it is a “piece of crap.” more...  1 Comments

Bronx High School Students Make Connections Through Struggle

Susan Chenelle | Many zine, book or CD-release parties in New York take place in swanky downtown lounges with hipsters sipping cocktails and DJs slinging beats. The celebration at Bronx International High School’s “Connections Café” on Thursday, Feb. 15, was a little different. more...  2 Comments

Zapatismo vs. McDonald's

zapagringo | How did a small group of Mayan indigenous people armed with machetes, sticks, and a few guns-certainly no military threat to the Mexican regime-force the then-ruling PRI to make more concessions to the political opposition of their country in the three weeks following the Zapatistas' 1994 uprising than they had in the 50 years prior?

How did the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW), a 2,500 member organization of farmworkers with no legal rights to organize in the USA, bring the world's largest restaurant corporation, Yum! Brands (Taco Bell, Kentucky Fried Chicken, A&W, Long John Silver’s, and Pizza Hut), to its knees in an age of rising corporate power and declining worker unionization?

Well, neither of them did it alone for one, so see below for how you can join the CIW this April in Chicago and support them in the meantime. You'll also find below a few connections between the CIW and the Zapatistas...not the least of which there statement of adherence to the Sixth Declaration of the Lacandon Jungle, translated into English (for the first time?) here at more...  0 Comments

PlanNYC 2030: What makes a Community Sustainable?

streetsblog | A few weeks ago I attended the first of the Community Leader meetings for the PlanNYC 2030 Sustainability initiative. I thought Streetsblog readers might be interested in some reflections on this from a neighborhood environmentalist perspective.

more...  0 Comments

From George Washington to a Broomstick for a President

William Hughes | When Rep. Elijah E. Cummings (D-MD) met with President George W. Bush, in the White House, on Feb. 15, 2007, he got the distinct impression that Bush’s “soul was shut down,” and that on the Iraqi War that his “mind was shut tight.” Non-binding Congressional Resolutions will not stop Bush’s “Surge.” Cutting off funds for the war will. Antiwar activists are showing the way on this issue by taking their campaign directly to the U.S. Congress. more...  0 Comments

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