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Alternatives to Incarceration

DMI Blog |

In the early 1980's, the United States already incarcerated the most serious violent offenders. So how does one explain a prison population that has risen by 628% since 1970, so that today there more than 5.6 million living Americans having spent time in a state or federal prison?

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23 Arrested: NYC Anti-War Direct Action: March 12th, 4PM

Tommy M | Around 100 activists occupied the military offices for close to two hours, surrounded by NYPD and FBI agents, who arrested 23. more...  21 Comments

New York Fire Tragedy a Lesson for Muslims and Non-Muslims

Umar Lee | With the cost of living sky-rocketing in NYC and housing prices so high ( which translates into high rents for most people) those that are in New York and have to work hard for a living are forced to live in cramped conditions often times and there is a housing crisis for the working-class and the working-poor in New York as more and more ground is made way to gentrification and development. If something is not done about houisng in this city we are likely to see more tragedies in the future. more...  0 Comments

Why is it News when Restaurant Workers Protest?

DMI Blog |

Anthony Ramirez of the New York Times reported last week that restaurant workers were locked out of an Upper West Side restaurant after protesting against working conditions and refusing to sign what they called an illegal contract stating that they earned $7.15 /hour when in fact they often earned less than $2/hour. The article profiles one restaurant employee in particular, a 23 year old deliveryman from Fujian, China, with limited English proficiency. After he was robbed at gunpoint while on the job, the restaurant owners required that he pay them back the $300 that was stolen from him. In protest of all these injustices, 30 workers picketed outside with placards.

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Endless War Memorial-All Week in Times Square

nycnion | At dawn on Sunday, March 11th as we approached the fifth year of the invasion of Iraq, people of conscience started reading the names of the war dead, both civilian and military. We will continue reading from sunrise to sunset for six days, through Friday, March 16th more...  6 Comments

D.A. Ignores Evidence of Police & Mayoral Misconduct

thomas paine | If you were in NYC during the RNC, or know someone who was, and witnessed the fascist preemptive mass arrests, you know the truth. The cops - brass - and civilian commanders - the Mayor - should be charged for civil rights offenses. Such contempt for the law by law enforcement and high officials should not be allowed to pass without a response.
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Photos from March in Oaxaca

John Gibler | Photos of Oaxaca march more...  2 Comments

IWW WINS LABOR BOARD RULING - Workers reinstated at Amersino

Worker Freedom | IWW WINS LABOR BOARD RULING - Workers reinstated at Amersino more...  3 Comments

IWW picket this Saturday!

D | In an attempt to rise out of sweatshop conditions, workers in the Brooklyn wholesale food distribution industry have engaged in strikes, protests, and filed lawsuits alleging minimum wage and overtime violations. Over 20 workers from two warehouses were fired in the past few months in retaliation for their union activities. This is a direct assault on workers, and we want to show the bosses that we won't stop the fight! more...  0 Comments

March 19: Wall St. Direct Action

M19 COALITION | MARCH 19 - DIRECT ACTION IN NYC AT WALL ST! Stop the opening bell! Mass convergence to SHUT THEM DOWN!

More Upcoming Anti-War Events:

We Interrupt This Empire: The March 19 Peace Actions Coalition presents a screening of "We Interrupt This Empire..." a film about the Antiwar Takeover of SF Sunday, March 11, 6:00pm, St. Mark's Church, northwest corner of 10th St. & 2nd Ave., Manhattan

A Ride to End All Wars: A Ride to End All Wars is an inter-borough bike ride for peace in conjunction with the March 19 Peace Actions Coalition, taking place on Sunday, March 18th, 2007.

Root Force!: Sunday, March 18 - 6pm, Time's Up! Collective Space - 49 East Houston St. (between Mott & Mulberry); Are you tired of talking about "the system" and ready to do something about it? Are you looking for a way to fight the onslaught of corporate globalization beyond summit hopping and buying fair trade? more...  32 Comments

An Appeal to Philippine President Arroyo

various | Stop agrarian violence and killing of farmers!

Implement agrarian reform in contentious landholdings!

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Bringing It Back Home, Building the 2007 US Social Forum

Eric Tang | The USSF offers no guarantees. It will be what we make of it. So arrive in Atlanta not only with the intention of being convinced and inspired, but with the desire to convince and inspire others. Certainly, the program promises to be dynamic, yet the forum as a whole will require the self-initiative of a restive and hungry social-movement left -- those ardently seeking to return their hearts "back home" -- to make it truly extraordinary. more...  4 Comments

(Event) Friendly Fire: An Independent Journalist's Story of Being Abducted in Iraq, Rescued, and Shot by U.S. Forces

Events coordinator | While reporting the effects on civilians of the U.S. bombing campaign in Falluja, Giuliana Sgrena was taken hostage on Feb. 4, 2005, and held for one month. On the day of her release, as she was being escorted to Baghdad Airport by Italian security, U.S. forces fired on her vehicle, killing Maj. Gen. Nicola Calipari, as he shielded Sgrena. Mario Lozano, the soldier who shot at her vehicle, will be placed on trial April 17th for voluntary manslaughter. Giuliana Sgrena demands that the Pentagon be held responsible for the shooting-a product of the U.S. occupation of Iraq, and not the actions of an individual soldier. more...  0 Comments

New Yorkers Come Out in Support of Black Panther 8

Sam Alcoff | For three hours on Friday night, over 100 activists came out to Manhattan's Community Church of New York in support of eight recently arrested veteran members of the Black Panther Party. Yet the night skipped any mourning or weariness as host Lumumba Bandele of the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement quickly pledged both a new wave of activism to free these activists as well as a resurgence in the movement to free all political prisoners: the crowd's prolonged response suggested a willingness to fight. more...  18 Comments

US Congress Demands Answers in Murder of Brad Will

Friends of Brad Will | The Friends of Brad Will attended the Subcommittee on the Western Hemisphere Oversight Hearing Overview of U.S. Policy Toward Latin America on March 1st to press for the appropriate investigation of the murder of US journalist Brad Will in Oaxaca, Mexico in October of 2006. The Friends of Brad Will is a national network working with the Will family for justice and accountability in his murder, and for an end to the impunity of human rights violations in Oaxaca, Mexico.
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Tragic Fire Highlights South Korea's Inhumane Treatment of Migrant Workers

Robert Prey and Seoul Radical Language Exchange | A recent fire that killed 9 migrant workers at a detention center in South Korea has brought attention to this country's brutal crackdown on undocumented migrant workers and the conditions that all migrant workers face in South Korea, where they do much of the "3D" (Dirty, Dangerous and Difficult) jobs. more...  2 Comments

Video: The Invasion of Nablus

a-films | The IOF focused especially on the Yasmine and Qariyon neighborhoods in the old city. During the first day of the operation, tens of thousands of people were confined to their homes. The Israeli army raided dozens of houses, detaining and arresting scores of people. This military operation is one of the biggest of its kind in the last two or three years that happenend in Nablus.

Here are the links to short video clips done by indypendent media activists in Nablus. This short film is produced by the Research Journalism Initiative (RJI) and the anarchist film collective "a-films". We're trying to keep up with the current happenings as far as the circumstances allow us to do so.

Videos: Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 4 more...  0 Comments

Stale anti-war movement you say? Ya Basta!

tfg casper | We are the moderate multitude that has marched, chanted, and testified against an imperial project of brutality and arrogance for 4 years. We are the nameless ones who have seen the powerful unmoved by millions marching, chanting and crying out. This journey has brought us to a question: Is there nothing more? and an answer: There is, and we must make it ourselves. more...  2 Comments

Leftover Crack Benefit for Daniel McGowan CANCELED

Family and Friends of Daniel McGowan | @ more...  4 Comments

City Council Set To Vote on Pedicabs, New Regs Will Crush Industry

OnNYTurf | What started as a very positive process to bring much desired regulation to the growing pedicab industry has been completely turned on its head, and this afternoon city council is scheduled to vote on a bill that has become so twisted that the sponsor took his name off it and another cosponsor has done the same. more...  1 Comments

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