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Victory! HSBC Stops Making Pre Tax Time Loans

DMI Blog |

Who says I never have good news to report in my blogs?

Last week, HSBC, one of the largest makers of "holiday" and "paystub" loans, announced that it would cease making two particularly noxious and abusively expensive forms of short term loans made through tax preparation companies. H&R Block and Jackson Hewitt are among the tax preparation companies that essentially served as brokers for HSBC loans.[Read More From DMI Blog]

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Picket line and press conference to demand Palmera's freedom!

M | Ricardo Palmera goes on trial for a second time on March 26th. Palmera, known in Colombia as Simon Trinidad, is a political prisoner of George Bush and the U.S. government. Palmera's first trial resulted in a hung jury and Judge Hogan was forced to declare a mistrial. more...  0 Comments

Beatnik Haven Jazzes it up on the Lower E

Gillian M. Kalson | Cafe 5C, while fighting an evil landlord, strives to serve the community a dish of culture in the beatnik tradition, offering music lessons, tutoring, jazz and poetry. more...  1 Comments

Brecht Forum Tonight:Teaching Current Events in the Classroom

IndyKids | Why should even young children be informed on community and world events? Mainstream educators may feel that children should be shielded from the violence, inequities and complex problems facing society, while many feel that examining critical issues is as important as basic literacy. more...  0 Comments

Queers and Leprechauns Need Not Apply

Gillian M. Kalson | Coverage of protest groups at St. Patrick's Day Parade. more...  0 Comments

M20: 400 Anti-War Marchers Swarm Downtown New Brunswick, NJ

evil | 400 anti-war students, activists, local residents and veterans against the war commemorated the fourth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq by walking out of class and work, swarming the streets, taking a highway and blocking a Marine recruitment station. There were no arrests. more...  24 Comments

So, is it completely fucking hopeless then?

frank zapatista | So, lets get a rundown of the anti-war events this weekend:

* A fairly small protest in DC is upstaged in the media by facistic counter-protesters.
* A few hundred are arrested there for no reason.
* 1000, at most, people do the usual pen and cattle drive in the cavern of midtown. No one notices or cares.
* People bike around
* A day of direct action lasts about 5 minutes, and a group of people dressed like clowns make a sad spectacle of themselves.

Does anyone else feel completely hopeless? more...  11 Comments

A Ride to end all Wars -- a shocking success

time's up! | While the war still surges, one battle was won : the battle of nyc streets. The ride to end all wars proved that it is possible for 50 riders to ride through the city, without a permit, and without significant police harrassment. more...  3 Comments

IndyKids Needs Writers!

IndyKids Staff | Help Plan Issue #9
Monday, March 19, 2007
7:30 – 9:00 pm more...  0 Comments

Family of Murdered Independent Journalist Brad Will to Visit Mexico City and Oaxaca

The Family of Brad Will | The family of Bradley Roland Will, the independent US photojournalist shot and killed last October 27th in Oaxaca, will visit Mexico from March 19th to March 23rd, 2007. The purpose of the Will family's visit is to push for a legitimate investigation into Brad's murder and to insist that the responsible parties be held accountable. more...  3 Comments

Photos from NYC anti-war protest - March 18, 2007 | Photos from NYC anti-war protest - March 18, 2007 more...  0 Comments

Irish Queers dedicate St. Pat's protest to communities under police attack

Irish Queers | "While we stand here – watching tens of thousands of NYPD officers march in a parade with an explicit message of hate – African-American communities and other New Yorkers are gathering in Times Square to hold the NYPD to account for the murder of Sean Bell. Like us, they are standing up to fight the NYPD’s willful discrimination, its indifference to communities, its strong-arming of our streets, and its failure to take responsibility for creating a culture of violence." more...  5 Comments

March 17 Photos: March on Pentagon

Stanley W. Rogouski | About 10,000 protesters and 1000 right wing protesters marched in DC on Saturday. || Pentagon Focus of a Spirited Peace Demonstration more...  40 Comments

NYC Reacts to Sean Bell Grand Jury Verdict

fred askew | A diverse group of activists held a rally in Union Square to demand community control and police accountability. The group then marched down Broadway closing the entire street until reaching City Hall. || More Description and Call For Tuesday Gathering || Video || More Video more...  3 Comments

Correction: Complete Info on This Weekend's Antiwar Events at Judson Church

Indypendent | Here's the complete, correct information on this weekend's antiwar events at Judson Church. Apologies to the organizers of this great event. For more, see more...  1 Comments

SAT-MON, NYC: A weekend of preparation & action against the wars

M19 Coalition | NYC peace groups and activists are planning a weekend of coordinated antiwar actions and events to protest the start of the 5th year of the Iraq War. As the culmination of a weekend of actions, we are planning a nonviolent mass civil disobedience to take over Wall Street and converge on the New York Stock Exchange, a symbol and organizing center of the greed driving our country on a path of war. We need your energy, creativity, solidarity and commitment to take another step in bringing the power of the people of New York City against the war machine. more...  3 Comments

Memorial to the War Dead In Times Square Comes to an End.

Sharon Swerdlow | Thousands passed by it, by few people stopped to hear the names of the war dead.The Granny Peace Brigade's Endless War Memorial paid honor to the memories of thousands of war dead, from March 11 through March 16, 2007. Often standing in the cold and rain, their voices muffled by traffic, members spoke the names, ages, occupations, and dates of death of thousands of Americans and Iraqis. Sadly, most passers-by did not take even a moment to stop and show respect for the Memorial. more...  2 Comments

Stand for Bell, Guzman, and Benefield

Rosa Clemente | The Malcolm X Grassroots Movement is asking every member of the Hip Hop generation, to take ten minutes today to became a friend on MySpace and Facebook, we are moments away from a decision from the Queens grand jury that may or may not indict the four police officers, who murdered Sean Bell and attempted to murder Joseph Guzman and Trent Benefield. || Amsterdam News: "New York City is on tender-hooks." || Complete Indypendent Coverage more...  15 Comments

ROOT FORCE! Road Show - Sun 18th, 6pm, Times Up, Free!

root force | END THE WAR . . . AT ITS ROOT!

The Root Force Road Show is coming to New York City!

Sunday, March 18 - 6pm
Time's Up! Collective Space - 49 East Houston St. (between Mott & Mulberry)

Root Force is a strategic campaign designed to exploit weak points in the global economy and hasten the system's collapse. Using direct action, Root Force pressures all those involved in specific infrastructure construction projects in Latin America to end their participation in ecocide and genocide. more...  0 Comments

Italian Journalist Giuliana Sgrena to Speak in NYC Wednesday

Center for Constitutional Rights | As the fourth anniversary of the war approaches, CCR would like to invite you to an event this Wednesday featuring Amy Goodman, host of Democracy Now! ; Giuliana Sgrena, the Italian Journalist abducted in Iraq and shot at by U.S. forces when returning to the Baghdad airport after her release, and Vincent Warren, the Executive Director of the Center for Constitutional Rights. more...  4 Comments

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