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Searing heat forcast for the east on the eve of NY hosting Climate Summit

2o | Just as New York is about to play host to mayors from around the world to talk about climate change The Independant (UK) reports the Eastern US is in for searing heat in the summers if greenhouse gasses are not dramatically curtailed. more...  0 Comments

IndyKids Brainstorming Meeting this Saturday

IndyKids | IndyKids is a progressive current events newspaper and teaching tool for grades 4-8.

Get IndyKids Newspaper for Your Classroom!

IndyKids is a newspaper and teaching tool that aims to inform children on current news and world events from a progressive perspective and to inspire in kids a passion for social justice and learning. It is geared toward kids in grades 4 to 8.

Visit to subscribe, see previous issues and for more information. more...  0 Comments

Counter- Protest at Huge May 6th Salute to Israel Parade

Emily Allan and Izzy Jagninski | A diverse group Pro Palestinian demonstrators that included anti zionist Hasidic Jews protested the May 6th Salute to Israel parade. With banners and slogans, they denounced Israel's occupation of Palestine. The Pro Israel marchers responded with jeers and obcsenities In an emotionally charged atmosphere, both sides lashed out at the other and vociferously argued their cause. more...  2 Comments

Vlogging 101, Part of the Community Media Workshop Series

MNN | Don't Miss Vlogging 101
Part of the Community Media Workshop Series
Community Media & Outreach, Manhattan Neighborhood Network
Friday, May 11, from 3p-6p
MNN (537 W 59th St. bet 10th and 11th Ave, 3rd Fl) more...  0 Comments

Sarkozy's Election Victory

Hoipolloi Cassidy | Meet the new colonialism, same as the old colonialism more...  57 Comments

Buying the War on Palestinians: The US Media, The New York Times & Israel

Patrick O'Connor | After four disastrous years of US military occupation, Bill Moyers’ April 25th PBS special “Buying the War” attempted to hold the mainstream US media accountable for its complicity in selling the war on Iraq to the US public. Moyers documented how the US media, with The New York Times in a leading role, bowed to financial and political pressure, succumbed to an environment of patriotism and fear of terrorism, and uncritically reported false US government claims. Tragically, despite the terrible consequences of 60 years of Israeli oppression of the Palestinian people, there is still no significant movement to hold the US mainstream media accountable for a similar, dramatic failure in covering Israel and Palestine, and for its complicity in the US’ uncritical support for Israel.
more...  3 Comments

Radical Emergency Preparedness

Aftershock Action Alliance | September 11th wasn’t first and Katrina wasn’t the last. Capitalism, Nation states and a culture of consumerism have conspired to make our planet more and more unstable. The fear inspired by disasters plays into the hands of those destroying people, animals and the planet for profit. Our governments (technologies, religious leaders, etc.) can not protect us but they can certainly get us killed. The time is now to organize to protect our friends, neighborhoods, and our planet. more...  1 Comments

Call for Action - 40 Years of Occupation in Palestine - June 6-12

Zionism, Irrelevant Within A Generation | Please join in a week of international actions marking the European Zionists' perpetual war to wipe Palestine off the map. more...  1 Comments

Judith Miller Defends NYPD Repression of Antiwar “Terrorists”

By Bill Van Auken | Judith Miller, the former senior correspondent of the New York Times who played a key role as a conduit for the fabricated intelligence about Iraqi “weapons of mass destruction” used to drag the American public into the Iraq war, has found her way back into print—this time as a mouthpiece for selective and self-serving intelligence released by the New York City Police Department.

Miller left the Times with a hefty severance package a year and a half ago, posing as a martyr for the First Amendment and—as she wrote in her parting statement—a hapless victim of “public fury over the intelligence failures that helped lead our country to war.”

Her dubious claim to First Amendment credentials stems from her spending 85 days in jail for defying a court order to divulge a confidential source. While the principle of press freedom from judicial coercion is no doubt important, in Miller’s case the source she was protecting was the since-convicted chief of staff for Vice President Cheney, I. Lewis Libby. By all appearances Libby was collaborating with the New York Times reporter in the scheme to punish Joseph Wilson—who blew the whistle on the Bush administration’s false claims about Iraq seeking to buy uranium in Niger—by exposing his wife, Valerie Plame, as a CIA operative. more...  1 Comments

NY Senate Introduces Domestic Workers Bill of Rights

DWU | New York, NY -- Last week, the New York State Senate introduced S.
5235, a comprehensive set of labor standards for the invisible, yet
critical and growing industry of domestic work. Known as the Domestic
Workers Bill of Rights, the Bill would set a living wage and other
protections for workers who are employed as housekeepers, nannies, and
elderly caregivers in homes. more...  0 Comments

Where Will New York’s Working Poor Live?

DMI Blog |

As the New York City Rent Guidelines Board (RGB) begins to debate how much more the millions of tenants who are protected by rent stabilization laws will be paying when leases come due next year, they will be factoring some interesting and conflicting data (see this article from last week’s Times). The RGB’s staff puts out a few reports each year to help inform the debate on how much rents should go up, and the Income and Affordability Study released last month reveals that while the NYC economy is strong, incomes among rent stabilized tenants are stagnating (i.e., the rich are getting richer and the poor are... you know the rest). After first citing “increasing Gross City Product, falling unemployment rates and public assistance cases, and increasing employment levels,” it then acknowledges “an increase in the number of food stamp recipients…falling real wages and escalating gross rent-to-income ratios.”

more...  0 Comments

Anti-Immigration Policies Across America

Nora Grenfell | Monday night at the Brecht Forum, panelists Max Blumenthal (The Nation), Solana Larsen ( and Omar Enriquez (Immigration Campaign, SEIU) discussed the financial and ideological connections between the different factions of anti-immigration groups across the nation, why immigration is a racial issue, and why the public needs to be educated about the origins of popular figures. more...  4 Comments

Mayday! Police Attack in NYC and LA; tens of thousands march for Immigrant Rights in NYC and millions nationwide; see video

RealFreePeople (and imc) | The video shows a violent arrest of participant at the NYC Mayday march, and a subsequent near-riot as crowd became outraged at the NYPD. Antrim Caskey writes, A violent melee that ended in at least one arrest, broke out during the May Day Immigration march on Broadway, near Astor Place, "had nothing at all to do with a mask," said one New York City Police officer on the scene.
Photos: Samantha Gorelick | Gothamist

In Los Angeles, Police Attack May Day Demonstration with Tear Gas and Rubber Bullets | Police Terror in the Park | More at Democracy Now

In San Francisco and the whole Bay Area, thousands march to support immigrant workers

In Chicago, over 150,000 demonstrate for immigrant right

For more stories of Mayday from all over the United States, check out and Democracy Now. And read about world wide demonstrations as well from amor y resistencia

Commentaries: For a World Without Borders | The Migrant Trap, and the Migrants' Way Out: May 1, 2007 | A Look at the Forces Behind the Anti-Immigrant Movement more...  3 Comments

Mayday plus one - save Children's Magical Garden

JK Canepa | Gerson wants to see if the community wants to save the Children's Magical Garden, the only garden I know of that's dedicated just for children in the city, and one of the very very few in the Lower East Side below Houston Street. He wants to know if he should ask Serge Hoyda, the developer who owns 1/3 of the garden, to keep the existing garden as is by donation or exchange for the land, making all the children very happy! Or if we'd be just as happy to have the garden bulldozed by Serge, and replaced with an apartment building with over 70% luxury units.
more...  0 Comments

Come to Boston for Biojustice 2007!

Belac | BioJustice 2007 is a week long celebration of sustainable food and alternatives to corporate healthcare. It is being developed by a wide coalition of public interest groups, activists, farmers, scientists, and concerned citizens, working together in response to the biotechnology industry's international convention scheduled for the new Boston Convention and Exhibition Center during May 6-9, 2007. more...  0 Comments

Studenty Re-occupy Radio Universidad In Oaxaca City Today

Barucha Calamity Peller | At approximatly 5pm today in Oaxaca City, Radio Universidad was re- occupied by APPO sypatheziers and students from different departments of the Bentip Juarez Autonomous University.who are sypathetic to the APPO. With protests songs and political informtaion, the transmissions inciated to spread information about the different mobilizations planned for the the first days of May. and other community members, retook Radio Universidad in Oaxaca City, in support of the marches planned for tomorrow the !rst of May. Tomorrow, a national labor holiday, teachers from section 22 union, together tih other social organizations will march to the Zocalo of the Capital City to protest the continuing governanace of ulises Ruiz, ousted by popular demand sinse June of last year. more...  0 Comments

Students Re-Occupy Radio Universidad in Oaxaca City Today

Barucha Calamity Peller | At approximatly 5:3O today, Radio Universidad was re-occupied by students sypathizing with the APPO in order to show support for 1rst of May mobilizations more...  1 Comments

UNCIVIL SERVICE municipal forced labor in New York City

Gregory A. Butler, local 608 carpenter | Why does a city with the strongest civil service unions in the nation operate the largest forced labor programs in America - WEP and the so called "community service program"? more...  0 Comments

"¡Gigante: Despierta!" After the March on May Day!

Tommy SP-NYC | 339 Lafayette Street (between Bleecker & Bond), Manhattan, NYC.
Hit buzzer #11; come up to the Muste Room on the 3rd Floor.
(Note, we're up a couple of flights of stairs.)
DIRECTIONS: Take 6 train to Bleecker Street or F/V train to Broadway/ Lafayette. more...  1 Comments

NYC Critical Mass Rides Free

smolkya | Tonight's Critical Mass was the most succesful in months, some say years. Despite the cops attempt to close down the Union Square subway station as a crime scene, bike riders, revelers, and media activists took public transportation to undisclosed location(s), taking over the streets for hours late into the night. The Mass rode without police escort for hours. Highlights included Critical Cookies and a VJ afterparty at you know where. more...  6 Comments

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