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May 27: Operation First Casualty - NYC

IVAW repost, ( Photos courtesy Lovella Calica ) | In an effort to illuminate the true reality of the conflict in Iraq, members of Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW) will engage in a series of street theater actions around New York City on May 27. more...  0 Comments

Justice for Sean Bell

Michael Letwin | The undersigned New York City Legal Aid attorneys and support staff believe that the indictment of three police officers, for the fatal shooting of Sean Bell in a hail of 50 bullets, is too little and too late. more...  0 Comments

Empty Buildings, Crowded Shelters, and You

DMI Blog |

Vacant properties don’t just hurt the people who are forced to remain homeless while apartments languish.

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Tenants Mobilize for Affordable Housing (The Indypendent)

Matt Sollett | On May 23, thousands of tenants and more than 80 community groups will converge on Stuy-Town at 1st Ave. and 14th St. for a rally to kick-off the New York Is Our Home Affordable Housing Campaign. more...  1 Comments

Come to the Broadband Advisory Committee Brooklyn Public Hearing

People's Production House | It is especially important for people and organizations that aren't connected to the Internet to attend this hearing. If you engage this process now, you have an opportunity to shape how we will communicate across our city for the next 100 years. The Committee and the city need to know that you are paying attention to this process and care about its outcome.

Tuesday, May 22nd, Noon to 3 pm
in the Courtroom hearing room in the Brooklyn Borough Hall
(209 Joralemon Street in downtown Brooklyn) more...  0 Comments

Stores Close in Honor of Malcolm X

antrim caskey | May 19, 2007 would have been Malcolm X's 82nd birthday. A Black Power rally was scheduled but the rains dampened the festivities - a smattering of people were gathered around the stage listening to music and speakers.
Most shops along 125th were closed in observance though, to the surprise and bafflement of many shoppers.
With the shops closed, the sidewalks were not crowded as usual with people shopping - the sidewalks turned into the stage for some. more...  1 Comments

Pace SDS Bounces University President

Lauren | A victory for a student movement. A repressor is gone. A union busting, over-paid arrogant University President is out the door and it's all because of the pressure from the students. The students pushed the faculty to push votes of no confidence. The students communicated with other students about the issues and organized them. The students told outsiders about the repression going on inside the university's walls. It all added up until Caputo could take no more. more...  9 Comments

Honoring Malcolm X In The Streets! May 19

Amadi Ajamu | In commemoration of the 82nd anniversary of the birth of El Hajj Malik El Shabazz, Malcolm X, the December 12th Movement will honor his legacy in the streets of Harlem on Saturday, May 19th. The 17th annual Black Power march and rally will assemble in front of the Harlem State Office Bldg on 125th Street and Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd at 12 noon. All businesses along the 125th Street corridor will be closed from 1pm to 4pm in respect for Malcolm X and the community.
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NYC Starbucks Union celebrates 3rd anniversary

Diane Krauthamer | On May 17, Starbucks workers and their allies took to the streets in NYC and around the world to demand justice from the world's largest coffee chain for baristas and coffee farmers. more...  2 Comments

An Incarcerated APPO Counselor Reports Receiving Death Threat from the Governor

Oliver D. | David Venegas Reyes Visited in Prison by a Governor Emissary; Repression Against Autonomist Movements Increases more...  0 Comments

Jerry Falwell, 1934-2007

Steve Wishnia / The Indypendent | What transformed the Christian right from a bunch of lunatic clowns who thought the name of the band Kiss stood for "Kids in Satan's Service" to a powerful bloc in the Republican Party? The Rev. Jerry Falwell, who died May 15 at the age of 73, symbolized that change, when his self-styled "Moral Majority" emerged as a key force behind the election of Ronald Reagan. more...  6 Comments

Immigration Blues

DMI Blog |

Over a year has passed since the massive immigrant rights rallies of last spring. Millions took to the streets throughout the country to demand fair treatment for immigrant workers and families. Last fall, the most anti-immigrant candidates were swept out of us. The Republicans lost their majority in both houses of Congress. President Bush really could not be less popular.

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Terrorism Enhancement Decision Today For McGowan and others

A Friend | Daniel McGowan and his co-defendents will be finding out today whether an Oregon judge will be applying the terrorism enhancement to them.

This would have major implications for both the sentencing for this case, and for activism in general. more...  3 Comments

Dave Zirin and Chuck D in NYC

IMCista | Chuck D and Dave Zirin speaking at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, 55 Malcolm X Blvd., this Tuesday, May 15, at7 pm.

"Welcome to the Terrordome." Public Enemy's 1990 hip-hop anthem was a call to arms against a world—and a popular culture—gone mad. A real Terrordome emerged in the New Orleans Superdome in the horrifying aftermath of Hurricane Katrina—a gruesome collision of sports and politics as thousands sat stranded in a sports arena where most could never have afforded even the cheapest ticket.
Today the "Terrordome" is a twenty-first century sports world that is frightening, ridiculous, horrifying, and inspiring…all before the next commercial break. From Don Imus' racist comments to the inspiring, yet mixed, legacy of Muhammad Ali; from the stormy marriage between hip-hop and the NBA to Zinedine Zidane's head butt—it will get you talking and thinking.
Welcome to the Terrordome. You'll find heroes and villains. You'll find oppression and protest. And you'll find an engaging and provocative look at the world of sports like no other. more...  0 Comments

Reverend Al Sharpton Joins East Side Residents to Protest Hunter Land Grab

Amy Wolf | The Julia Richman Education Complex, a six school complex (housing four high schools, a pre-K-8 elementary school and a middle school for children with autism) has been an inspiration to schools across the country. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has called JREC "the best example in the United States of a multiplex with a group of schools that are showing really outstanding results." Yet, it is being threatened by Hunter College in a proposed land grab that would displace this historic school.

Rev. Al Sharpton says, "Hunter College has other options, our children don't. Hunter has a million square feet of property on 25th St. to build itself a state-of-the-art science building. Instead, Hunter and the DOE want to push our kids out of the upper east side to an inaccessible location on the FDR Drive between two major hospitals. This is an outrage. Hunter and the DOE have made a real estate deal that sacrifices our children." more...  2 Comments

Antiwar Protesters Picket Office of Congressman Crowley, Call for Impeachment

World Can't Wait/Jackson Heights | The Queens office of U.S. Rep. Joseph Crowley (D-NY) was the site of a picket last Friday afternoon as constituents
called for the Congressman to introduce legislation to cut off funding for the war in Iraq and to impeach Bush and Cheney for war crimes. more...  2 Comments

0% MARKET SHARE deunionizing apartment building construction in New York City

Gregory A. Butler, local 608 carpenter | The shocking story of how million dollar coops are built by $ 7/hr non union labor - and why the construction unions have stood by and let this happen. more...  4 Comments

Free Speakout: Education or Indoctrination; at Vox Pop May 11, 6 p.m.

Vox Populi | Here's how it works: it's a free speech open mike for political expression for one hour and a half, while the audience listens, speaks out, eats, and drinks. Then, we close the last half hour with a performance artist or poet singing or reading poetry specific to that evening's subject matter. Local and national politics discussed civilly with dinner, drink and good company. Everyone has the opportunity to speak or just observe.
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Freeing 3 Million Bus Riders from the Tyranny of Traffic

DMI Blog |

After two weeks of fixation on the $8 that a 5% minority of drivers would pay to enter Manhattan below 86th street, New Yorkers are waking up to the benefits of the Mayor's congestion pricing plan.

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Flee, Freedom Fighter, Flee: Israeli Anarchist on Azmi Bishara

Yonatan Pollak | Due to its inability to deal with the demand that the state change from a Jewish ethnocracy to a real democracy, Israel is these days opening a new front in the attack on its Palestinian citizens. This front has taken shape in the form of Shabak [Israel's General Security Services - equivalent to the US FBI] statements to the effect that the demands of Israeli Arabs for equality is subversive and will be terminated even if it is not against the law, in the definition of Israeli Arabs as a strategic threat, and most of all in the invention of a criminal case against one of the most prominent leaders of the the Palestinian public in Israel - Azmi Bishara.
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