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Venezuela: El caso RCTV y la ficción democratizadora de la comunicación

Colectivo Editor de El Libertario, Venezuela | * El Colectivo Editor de El Libertario, vocero anarquista venezolano, hace publica su posición razonada en el debate generado a raíz del caso RCTV, donde el actual gobierno impone una salida donde pasamos de lo ruín que ha sido el oligopolio capitalista privado en la TV a lo pésimo que puede ser el monopolio por parte de un Estado burocrático y autoritario. more...  0 Comments

Policy Analyst Puts an Economic Face On the Iraq War

Paul Schrodt | Juhasz, author of The Bus$h Agenda: Invading the World, One Economy at a Time, spoke at the All Souls Church Wednesday night both as a policy analyst and as an activist, sporting an anti-war t-shirt and encouraging fellow dissenters to take change into their own hands. She explained in direct terms the economic interests that underlie the U.S. government’s invasion of Iraq. more...  1 Comments

Jeff Luers Benefit BBQ, Saturday, June 9th!

@ friend | Come out this Saturday and support political prisoner Jeff Luers! His sentence has been overturned, and could potentially get 15 years taken off his 22 year sentence, but he needs money to pay his lawyers. Come out, have something to eat and drink, and have solidarity with Jeff. more...  4 Comments

Films that Fuel Movements in 9 Minutes or Less

Amy Wolf | In “Rapping at Fear,” 13-year-old Andrés Tabares tells the story of his family being forced by militias to move off of their farm in rural Columbia to Bogotá. Using animation, rap and a rap-video format, Tabares, who has adapted exceedingly well to city life, shares his acute observations that “here everything comes in bags,” and “if you have money, you buy stuff, if you don’t, you can’t.” The bright colors and simple figures were a powerful and bizarre treatment of a child’s memory of terror. The film was co-produced by youth media network Listen Up!, a group that connects youth producers with opportunities and support internationally. more...  0 Comments

A Response to NYCLAW From the Leadership of US Labor Against the War.

USLAW via Nightwalker | An aside from Nightwalker: How many NYCLAW members would like to be judged by the same high standards to which they hold GFIW members, namely the purity of positions adopted by their respective national unions? more...  1 Comments

Community Forum with Former Senior CIA Analyst Ray McGovern

SWPeace | Come hear Ray McGovern, 27 year CIA analyst and meet other community members who are concerned about the war and occupation in Iraq. Ask questions and let us see what we can do about it. more...  0 Comments

CUNY Climate Change Lectures on Governors Island

peace fem | Take a 15-minute ferry ride to Governors Island and attended Professor Hendry's superb lecture on NYC's future climate. Goverors Is. is just off the Battery at lower Manhattan (Directions below).
more...  1 Comments

UFPJ: Again Sponsoring a Pro-Occupation Speaker?

New York City Labor Against the War (NYCLAW) | The General Federation of Iraqi Workers (GFIW) (formerly IFTU) is sponsored by the Iraqi Communist Party (ICP) and former U.S.-installed Prime Minister Iyad Allawi. These parties oppose immediate U.S. withdrawal, support Bush's "surge," and demand that the Iraqi puppet regime crush Iraqi resistance -- positions that are echoed by the GFIW. more...  6 Comments

Monday, June 4th Await Daniel McGowan's sentence at Bluestockings Books

Family and Friends of Daniel McGowan | The nitty gritty: June 4th, 12-?, Bluestockings Books, 172 Allen Street, Free.

Local activist Daniel McGowan will be sentenced today in Oregon Federal Court in Eugene, Oregon for two arsons claimed by the Earth Liberation Front that hurt no one. Come out and await the phone call from Daniel's family about what sentence Daniel gets and have some coffee and snacks. more...  6 Comments

Cuban 5 Picket Outside the New York Times

Izzy Jagninski | On May 30th, 2007, a dozen picketers outside the New York Times building on 42nd between 9th Avenue and Broadway to end the newspapers silence about the Cuban 5. more...  2 Comments

Pace Denies SDSers Degrees on Political Grounds

Pace SDS | After walking at the Pace University undergraduate commencement on May 23rd, 2007, Pace University adminstration officials have decided to withhold Lauren Giaccone's and John Cronan's degrees pending the resolution of criminal and disciplinary charges stemming from their arrests at a protest in November 2006. more...  4 Comments

Smashing 'The Face' of the Anti-War Movement: The Paradox of Cindy Sheehan

Chris Anderson | "This is my resignation letter as the 'face' of the American anti-war movement. This is not my 'Checkers' moment, because I will never give up trying to help people in the world who are harmed by the empire of the good old US of A, but I am finished working in, or outside of this system."
--Cindy Sheehan, in an open letter, May 28, 2007.

"Carly, this is her last quarter at university, and she’ll be graduating. You know, I want to be there for her to help her through this. She’s majoring in history. I majored in history."
-- Cindy Sheehan on Democracy Now, May 30, 2007 more...  0 Comments

Sheehan 'Resigns' as War Protest Leader

cypher | However, when I started to hold the Democratic Party to the same standards that I held the Republican Party, support for my cause started to erode and the "left" started labeling me with the same slurs that the right used. I guess no one paid attention to me when I said that the issue of peace and people dying for no reason is not a matter of "right or left", but "right and wrong." more...  1 Comments

What to Do About Barry Bonds? | Barry Bonds sucks. He could be the last great African American baseball player for a generation as many African American youth turn to basketball and football as their sport of choice but he still sucks. more...  12 Comments

Photos: Protest and Counterprotest At West Point

Stanley W. Rogouski | A group of about 200 anti-war protesters and about 50 pro-war protesters squared off in the town of Highland Falls just outside of the United States Military Academy at West Point. more...  8 Comments

Woman Assaulted at West Point Protest

Kathy Devlin | West Point anti-war protest became interesting when a small group of Pro-War Pro Busher’s tried with microphones and insults to drown out the voices that spoke truth to power. I was actually assaulted by one of the Scripture Quoting counter demonstrators. I crossed the street and was punched in the kidney numerous times. The police would not allow my husband or son to come to my defense. I have been going to protests my whole life and never saw a more vicious bunch of animals then those counter protesters today." more...  24 Comments

World Press Freedom Is in the Eyes & Ears of the Beholder

Trish Schuh | Representing half a million media professionals around the world on behalf of the International Federation of Journalists was Judith Matloff, a Professor at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, and a member of the International News Safety Institute. Professor Matloff implored the international community to uphold UN Security Council Resolution 1738 which prohibits the killing and targeting of media, and protects free speech and freedom of the press globally... In a followup conversation by telephone on May 25, I asked Prof Matloff for her opinion on how UNSCR 1738 applies to Lebanon's Al Manar TV and the LMG communications network- Lebanese media outlets bombed by Israel during the 2006 war, and officially censored as a "terrorist organization" by the US Congress. more...  1 Comments

"Dial-up is a thing of the past...": New Yorkers testify at Broadband Hearing

Erin Thompson | On Tuesday May 22, the second of five scheduled public hearings on the topic of broadband access in New York City took place at Brooklyn’s Borough Hall. The hearings are a product of Local Law 126, passed in 2005, which created a fifteen-member committee to hear testimony from community members and experts in all five boroughs on the topic of broadband access in New York City. more...  1 Comments

"War is a serious business"

orion | "No End In Sight: The American Occupation of Iraq" is a powerful new documentary examining the US involvement in Iraq and the consequent destruction of the country. This article reviews a screening of the film followed by a panel discussion with the director and academics at an open screening in California. more...  0 Comments

Democrats Sell-Out Over Iraq is Now Complete

Barry Grey | The Democratic congressional leadership on Tuesday formally accepted a supplemental war-funding bill that abandons any timelines for withdrawing US troops from Iraq. The bill further gives President Bush the power to waive economic penalties should the Iraqi government fail to meet a series of “benchmarks” for stabilizing the country and opening up its oil resources to exploitation by American oil conglomerates.

The agreement is a full and abject capitulation by the Democratic Party to the Bush administration. It is the inevitable and predictable outcome of months of antiwar posturing by Democratic leaders. more...  6 Comments

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