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Race Is Back: Bloomberg Goes to Africa

OnNYturf | Well, that didn't take long. Just when we thought race baiting was out of NYC Mayoral politics...Its Back! Representatives Jerrold L. Nadler of Manhattan and Gregory W. Meeks of Queens are upset with Staten Island congressman Vito Fossella over his comment that a Ferrer victory would mean going "right back to the antagonistic years under David Dinkins." [Read More] more...  0 Comments

Documenting White Skin Privilege

Bartelby | After working closely with both historical passenger manifests for Ellis Island immigrants and evacuee lists for hurrican Katrina I can tell you with absolute certainty that white skin privilege in the early 20th century extended as far as the docks in Europe where immigrants were boarding. more...  4 Comments

Dispatch from DC

Adrienne Maree Brown | I am not a fan of marches in general, because they don't turn out people of color in large numbers and often there is not a clear sense of accountability associated with the use of people's time. My girl Malia Lazu has written up a brilliant missive on this, which you should read. But direct action that is purposeful and well-planned, I love. And Cornell West at the front of the march is a nice sight. [White House CD Photos || Sheehan Statement || Anarchists || Black Bloc || Falsified Numbers? || "Size Doesn't Matter" || "The Mother of All Anti-War Rallies"] more...  0 Comments

Hundreds Protest FBI Assassination of Puerto Rican Nationalist

Juan Antonio Ocasio Rivera | Hundreds of people packed the sidewalk at Federal Plaza Monday, rallying against the FBI intervention and assassination in Puerto Rico of respected Nationalist Filiberto Ojeda Rios. [See Pictures of the Rally] || [Coverage From Visual Resistance] more...  1 Comments

Standing Up Against Marty

No Land Grab |


From the Brooklyn Downtown Star:

Mattera worked it into her opening statement, attacking Markowitz for his support of the proposal, which she called "the biggest sweetheart deal that has ever been done," and she continued to provoke him throughout the debate.

"I don't know if he was clueless about the scope of the plan or he just didn't care," Mattera said about Markowitz.


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Amtrak Delay Keeps New Yorkers from DC Demo

David Wilson/ NY Activist Calendar | A major problem in Amtrak's Northeast Corridor service the morning of Sept. 24 kept hundreds of New Yorkers from taking the train to join a massive antiwar demonstration held in Washington, DC that day to protest the US occupation of Iraq. more...  0 Comments

There's an explanation for all this

Richard Mellor | “It will be a hard pill for many Americans to swallow--the idea of doing with less so that big business can have more...Nothing that this nation, or any other nation, has done in modern economic history compares with the selling job that must be done to make people accept this reality.” (Business Week 10-12-74.) more...  0 Comments

Gruesome Iraq War Photo Exchange Uncovered Online

Chris Anderson |

Indymedia NYC originally reported on this story in late August. Also in late September, additional, "extremely credible" reports of Iraqi prisoner abuse by the 82nd Airborne began to appear in the press.

(Original IMC Report on 8/31): As a New York City judge appeared ready to the deny the ACLU access to additional abuse photographs from the notorious Abu Ghraib prison, information about a website that offers US soldiers free access to porn in exchange for bloody photos of Iraqi corpses has just begun to appear in the European press.

The exchange instructions on the Netherlands-based pornographic website [WARNING: Gruesome Imagery. Viewer discretion strongly advised] are clear: "if you are a U.S. Soldier stationed in Iraq, Afghanistan, or any other combat area and would like free SUPPORTER access for the site," writes a site moderator, "you can post real pictures you or your buddies have taken while you have been deployed. This section is for the gory ones so that people who do not wish to see that kind of stuff can just not go in here."

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Against the Not-So-Freedom Center

OnNYturf | If you are a person who is interested in freedom and freedom of expression you should oppose the placement of the Freedom Center at the World Trade Center site. The development of anything in lower Manhattan that can fairly represent freedom has fully been quashed by the political process. Those who fight for free speach and the free exploration of ideas now should be concerned about is creating an institution which will function practically as a propogandist tool for blind patriots and conservative zelots. [Read More] more...  1 Comments

Interview with Bush's Speechalist

Harlan Mcraney | Clips from Bush speeches juxtaposed with interviews of Mcraney and Arriana Huffington. more...  2 Comments

Freddy's Turn

Housing Works | Will he challenge Mikey on AIDS?

FERRER: A chance to speak up.

Other than confirming that it'll be a Bloomberg-Ferrer mayoral smackdown in November, last week's Democratic primary elections didn't shake things up much on the AIDS tip. Across the board, incumbents retained their seats, with the unsurprising exception of Queens city councilmember Allan Jennings, who has long faced allegations of mistreatment of female staffers and sexual harassment.

We'll say this for Ferrer: No matter how slim his current chances of trouncing way-popular Mike, the race provides him a terrific bully pulpit for highlighting those gaps where Bloomberg has been lousy on AIDS. Yes, to his credit, the Billionaire Mayor has locked into place robust funding for HIV/AIDS programs among the city's heavily affected communities of color, frankly supported syringe-exchange expansion citywide and generally nurtured an overall increase in dollars for AIDS prevention.

[Read More] more...  2 Comments

The Current Disaster

Luckey Haskins | What we see in Katrina is a failure of our government. We've seen this before in our daily lives or in past disasters, blackouts, scandals, and acts of war. But Katrina has provided a set of examples of this failure that are astoundingly clear, well-publicized and deadly. more...  0 Comments

1950's Harlem Organizer, Jonnie "Pat" Lumpkin Ellis, Dies Aug. 29.

Obituary | Ms. Ellis devoted her life to labor and community organizing in Buffalo, Harlem, and Chicago. more...  0 Comments

Marshal's Law, a new cartoon by Frank Reynoso (Indy)

Frank Reynoso | Check out the website for the full series! more...  0 Comments

Schiavo's Revenge: New Movie Echos Far-Right Talking Points (Indy)

Susanna Thomas | JUST LIKE HEAVEN
Directed by
Mark Waters
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Hard-Right Turn for the Supreme Court (Indy)

The National Lawyers Guild | Supreme Court nominee John Roberts has demonstrated an appalling lack of understanding of the circumstances of ordinary people and turned a blind eye to their constitutional rights. A right-wing ideologue from the days when everyone, including the late Justice William Rehnquist, wore sideburns, he remains obedient to his corporate and Republican masters. more...  0 Comments

Media Madness: Black and White in Living Color (Indy)

Chris Anderson | After Hurricane Katrina, close readers of the news could be forgiven for feeling a sense of schizophrenia. The devastation jolted many of TV’s talking heads out of their slick circus acts, turning them into something resembling real journalists. At the same time, many media outlets utterly failed to grasp the magnitude of the disaster, falling back on platitudinous hand wringing and racist, classist clichés. more...  0 Comments

Blackwater Down: Mercenaries in New Orleans

Jeremy Scahill | In the October 10, 2005 issue of The Nation, Jeremy Scahill reports on the private security firms operating in New Orleans. It contains new information on Israeli paramilitaries, more info on Blackwater and its ties to the White House and one very disturbing story about BATS security, an apparently unregistered firm, whose chief security officer admitted that he "shot up" some "black gangbangers" in New Orleans. more...  2 Comments

The St. Patrick's Four: The Feds Confront the Anti-War Movement

James Petras | On September 19 the first federal conspiracy trial of civilian war resisters to the US invasion of Iraq will take place in Binghamton, New York, a declining and decaying city in upstate New York, 3 hours northwest of New York City. This is the second trial of the “St Patrick’s Four” – over a year ago a jury in Ithaca, New York voted 9 to 3 in favor of acquittal in which the presiding Judge David Peeble conceded that the four had represented themselves “probably better than some of the attorneys that practice in this court.”

Complete Trial Coverage on Binghampton IMC

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