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Silent Vigil Held on Opening of Khalil Gibran

Ula Kuras | The first day of school at Khalil Girab International Academy (KGIA) drew a crowd of about 75 community members for a silent vigil in support of the opening of the dual-language Arabic school.

Rabbi Ellen Lippman, an organizer and one of the few present who spoke to the flurry of press during the vigil said, “We want to ensure that students can enter peacefully and proceed with their day peacefully.” more...  0 Comments

The Coming Attack on Iran

Paul Craig Roberts | "Bush has declared himself to be the "decider." The "decider" decides whether Americans have any rights under the Constitution and whether Iran has any rights under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. As the "decider" has decided that Iran has no such rights, the "decider" decides whether to attack Iran." more...  0 Comments

King Coal Thanks Bank of America

antrim caskey | A small group of activists performed a hilarious street theatre piece in front of a large Bank of America branch on Manhattan's Fifth Avenue Friday evening, September 31, 2007. The costumed activists represented a gloating "King Coal," who gleefully thanked patrons walking in and out of the branch for their money, and several other coal- smeared opponents, who stood for the land and people of Appalachia. more...  1 Comments

August NYC Critical Mass report

roger m | It was the 3rd anniversary of the mammoth (5000 est.) Republican National Convention Critical Mass. The police presence at Union Square was substantial and intimidating. But for the 3rd month in a row the eventual ride was inspiring, cop free and without incident. more...  2 Comments

Public Housing Residents Seize New Orleans Government Office

Mike - Community Voices Heard | Public Housing residents from around the country have just taken over the Housing Authority of New Orleans (HANO). The public building that they have occupied has been surrounded by the National Guard, the New Orleans Police, including a SWAT team. It is now two years after Katrina and New Orleans public housing residents are still prevented from returning to their homes. Public housing residents and advocates from Miami, New Orleans, Georgia, Texas, Rhode Island, Chicago, California, and New York have taken over the HANO offices at 4100 Touro St. to demand that public housing, both in New Orleans and around the country, is saved, preserved, and expanded. more...  4 Comments

Free 9/11 Video Showing, Sept. 8

Felton Davis | 9/11 Documentary to be Shown
at the Catholic Worker
Saturday, Sept. 8th more...  0 Comments

Workers fight for their rights against Socialist president?

BBC, repost by Thomas Riggins | BBC Report seems to indicate that the Socialist president of Chile is on the wrong side of the barracades, this leads to the question of what's the point of a Socialist president of a neoliberal government? more...  0 Comments

Movement to Save Kenneth Foster Wins Historic Victory

Lee Wengraf, Campaign to End the Death Penalty | Family members and supporters of Kenneth Foster, Jr. are jubilant in the reaction to Texas Governor Rick Perry's today's announcement today that he would commute the death sentence of Kenneth Foster, who was convicted under the controversial "Law of Parties" for a 1996 murder in which he had no actual involvement. The Board of Pardons and Paroles had recommened clemency by a vote of 6-1. Foster's execution had been scheduled for tonight. || Houston IMC Coverage || Background From the Indypendent: "Worst of the Worst? Texas Premeditates the Murder of a Man Who Killed No One." || "Welfare Poets Slam Death Penalty: A Review of “Cruel and Unusual Punishment.'" || Indypendent Reporter Renee Feltz on Democracy Now more...  5 Comments

For a Just and Lasting Peace in the Philippines, Free Prof. Jose Maria Sison

AJLPP-New York | he Alliance for Just and Lasting Peace in the Philippines (AJLPP or Alliance Philippines) vehemently condemns the arrest and detention today, August 28,2007, by the Dutch authorities of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) chief
political consultant, Prof. Jose Maria Sison.

The arrest of Prof. Joma Sison impedes the course of a just and lasting peace in the Philippines. The incident derails the prospect of the resumption of peace talks between the Government of the Republic of the Philippines (GRP) and the NDFP. The Filipino people’s prosperity and future depends on the resolution of the protracted civil war raging in the Philippines and the determined principled pursuit and eventual conclusion of GRP-NDFP peace talks. more...  2 Comments

Appalachian Grandfather Seeks Justice in NYC; School children & communities at risk

antrim caskey | West Virginia grand-father Ed Wiley, 49, will arrive in New York City's Rockefeller Plaza at 7:00am on September 1 , 2007, to voice his concerns about the safety of some 230 elementary school children in the southern West Virginia coalfields. Targeting the live cameras of the "Today Show" and the crowds at Rockefeller Plaza, Wiley will stake out his spot to draw the nation's attention to the dirty business of Mountaintop Removal / Valley Fill Coal Mining that is ravaging the Appalachian region and its people.

more...  3 Comments

Analysis of the Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn Campaign

Journal Editor | In the new issue (#5) of the Journal of Aesthetics & Protest (, NYC based writer/artist Jes Cannon looks at how particular choices by the Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn Campaign perpetuated class distinctions among the Brooklyn residents. more...  14 Comments

Providence Protesters Urge 'Justice'

By Mark Arsenault and Lynn Arditi | NORTH PROVIDENCE — Clenched fists raised, close to 200 protesters yesterday denounced the North Providence police and demanded "justice" for a protester seriously injured two weeks ago while demonstrating at an Asian restaurant on Mineral Spring Avenue.
more...  5 Comments

Newark Anti-War Rally

Stanley W. Rogouski | Between 500 and 1000 people organized by a coalition of between 25 and 50 progressive, anti-war, Marxist and community organizations braved the sweltering heat in Newark New Jersey to protest the war in Iraq and to call for univeral health care. more...  5 Comments

Bushwick Anti-Gentrification Protest

baku lost | Last week, over 60 Bushwick residents and Make the Road by Walking members descended upon a recent condominium implant in a predominantly low-income and people of color neighborhood on 358 Grove Street, Bushwick, Brooklyn.
Watch the video of the protest. more...  0 Comments

The Lights of Xanica

Carolina | People in the Zapotec community of Santiago Xanica in the Sierra Sur of Oaxaca continue to struggle for their right to choose their municipal president in an assembly by means of traditional practices and customs and to gain the freedom of the first political prisoners of the Ulises Ruiz regime in the face of threats, harassment, and arrest warrants on the eve of the municipal elections of August 26. more...  0 Comments

Rally and Block Party In Brooklyn Against Evictions

SBLS | Fifth Avenue Committee invites you to a block party against evictions, where we ask landlords Deanne Cheuk and Andrew Wiesmayr to be good neighbors and not throw low-income families out onto the street more...  24 Comments

Forced resignation of principal incites protest

Ula Kuras | Over 200 supporters of the Khalil Gibran International Academy (KGIA) gathered yesterday evening outside the Department of Education to protest the forced resignation of Debbie Almontaser, the former principal of the school. more...  0 Comments

NYC Confrontation with Ulises Ruiz

For the Ulises Ruiz Welcoming Committee | Ulises Ruiz, governor of Oaxaca, attempted to make an appearance at the Mexican Consulate of New York City on Saturday. Dozens of protesters made sure he never got further than Salute! Restaurant. Images from the action below.

More Photos: 1 2 more...  8 Comments

Washington Heights Anti-War Demonstration

Stanley W. Rogouski | A coalition of anti-war groups held a demonstration in Washington Heights.

More Photos: Alex Nathanson more...  3 Comments

“Bookin’ For Daniel” Marathon Fundraiser Breaks Finish Line

Bookin' for Daniel | Of the thousands of runners who participated in the 2007 San Francisco Marathon on Sunday, July 29, many were running to raise funds for good causes. One runner in particular had a compelling cause propelling her towards the finish line: all of the pledges that had been made for eco-defense prisoner Daniel McGowan’s education fund. more...  0 Comments

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