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Harlem Protest on Columbia U. Sends Clear Message

John O'Hagan | Protestors marched on Harlem to protest the planned expansion of the Columbia campus into working class neighborhoods in Harlem, as well as the concern for the safety of a planned biological research laboratory. Student hunger strikers joined the protest as well. more...  4 Comments

Columbia Students Hunger Strike: Take Back the University

Elliazer Crooks | Five Students at Columbia University began a hunger strike five days ago as part of a series of actions in order to get the University to Agree with their demands. The demands were created and consensed apon by various student groups and students in an attempt to create a University where man worlds can exist. Where critical examination and the wellbeing of students and the community are held in higher priority than profit and public image. more...  1 Comments

Washington, DC Advocacy Trip a Success for Friends of Brad Will!

Friends of Brad Will | Washington, DC Advocacy Trip a Success for Friends of Brad Will!

Planning to Stop ‘Plan Mexico’

While Friends of Brad Will joined Brad’s family in D.C. to lobby for justice for his murder and for other people murdered in Oaxaca, Atenco and elsewhere, the Mexican authorities which Bush would like to lavish with ‘drug war’ money were busy arresting activists and mourners in Oaxaca.

Here is the report on our convergence on D.C. more...  2 Comments

Illinois HS students Face Expulsion, Police Charges After Antiwar Sit-In

cimc repost | Over 30 anti-war protestors at Morton West High School in Berwyn, Illinois face expulsion for a sit-in against the Iraq war last Thursday. more...  9 Comments

Residents of Savoy Park protest at Credit Suisse, "Financing abusive landlords"

John O'Hagan | Vantage Properties purchased Savoy Park two years ago with a refinancing from Credit Suisse for $350 million. The new landlords have done little to improve the decaying infrastructure of the building, and are attempting to raise rent and drive current residents out, tenants allege. more...  1 Comments

Shame on Schumer

d.o. | New York Senator Charles Schumer has thrown his support to a U.S. Attorney General nominee who refuses to call waterboarding torture. Shame on Charles Schumer and shame on any New Yorker who would not condemn Schumer for his action. more...  4 Comments

“No War No Warming” Oil Rig Direct Action in D.C. Oct. 22

jessica, NYC IMC | Nearly 200 antiwar activists and environmentalists joined together for a day of direct action at the U.S. Capitol in an attempt to draw the connections between a war-driven country and global warming. A group of Iraq combat-veterans and antiwar activists erected an Exxon oil rig in the intersection of Pennsylvania Avenue and Third Street to disrupt politics-as-usual. more...  0 Comments

Rising Tide's Greenwash Guerillas disrupt NYC Carbon Trading Expo

Rising Tide | New York City – Protesters with Rising Tide North America’s “Greenwash Guerrillas” paid a surprise Halloween visit to the Carbon Market Insights conference in New York City today. Posing as delegates, two protesters took the stage at the exclusive event and presented the 700 attendees with a “Deed to the Atmosphere,” denouncing Carbon Trading as a sham approach to the fossil fuels crisis. The action was the first in the US to target the growing Carbon Trading industry.
more...  3 Comments

The Battle for the Block—And Another World: A Dispatch fom the Encuentro

Michael Gould-Wartofsky | In East Harlem, they have organized building by building to reclaim El Barrio from those who would “develop” them out of it. In Chinatown, they’ve rolled out a rent strike to win the repairs needed for tenants suffering from landlord neglect on Delancey Street. In the West Village, they’ve mobilized LGBT young people of color to stand up for their right to gather on the Christopher Street Pier. And on the Lower East Side, they’ve built a tenants’ union to defend “what is most beautiful about New York, the city that welcomed everyone…[that’s now] welcoming only money.” more...  2 Comments

City Councilperson tries to 'buy off' activist from Movement for Justice in El Barrio

Movement for Justice in El Barrio | Open Letter to Council Member Melissa Mark Viverito from Movement for Justice in El Barrio more...  11 Comments

Halloween Critical Mass

rachel | At the October Critical Mass, police cracked down hard of the riders, issuing citations and heavily perusing the ride itself. more...  6 Comments

2 hand grenades thrown into Mexican Consulate

anon. | two hand grenades thrown into mexican consulate more...  4 Comments

Friends of Brad Will Demand Hold on Mexico Military Aid

Friends of Brad Will | The Friends of Brad Will, a network of friends and associates of Brad
Will, the U.S. journalist, have urged House Speaker Pelosi and Eliot
Engel, the Chair of the Western Hemispheric affairs subcommittee to
oppose U.S. support for Mexican military and police forces. Mr. Will,
the 36 year old reporter, was murdered in Oaxaca, Mexico a year ago,
on October 27th, 2006. Witnesses and photographic evidence implicate
members of the Mexican government, including a police chief. more...  8 Comments

Residents of Savoy Park in Harlem targets of harrasment by landlords

John O'Hagan | Residents of Savoy Park protested on Lennox ave and 59th street on Monday, in front of the offices of their landlord.
Residents have accused the landlords of a campaign of harassment to drive them out of the building, so that the landlords
can build condos in there place. more...  3 Comments

Images from NYC Taxi Workers' Strike, Take Two

Michael Gould-Wartofsky | The New York City Taxi Workers' Alliance staged the second strike of the fall today. Thousands of cab drivers idled their cars and came out to the picket lines, united behind the demand "No GPS, Yes to Health Care." These images are from the mass strike rally today outside 40 Rector Street, home of the City's Taxi and Limousine Commission. more...  4 Comments

Taxi Drivers Second Strike Deemed More Successful

John O'Hagan | Taxi drivers demand the halt of GPS units being installed in cabs, as well as union recognition. The New York Taxi Workers Alliance has taken the GPS issue to federal court. more...  0 Comments

Showdown at Columbia

Michael Gould-Wartofsky | When David Horowitz returns to Columbia University next Friday to mark his organization’s much-hyped “Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week” (IFAW), he will find a determined and “dangerous” opposition, coming from a coalition of concerned students and up to nine of Horowitz’s “101 Most Dangerous Professors.” more...  5 Comments

Cable TV/Video interview with WBAI Justice & Unity candidate

David Moffett | Saturday's episode of the Battle for Progressive Media will feature long-time anti-racist activist Lisa Davis, a WBAI Local Station Board listener member seeking re-election. more...  1 Comments

Iraq Moratorium events taking place tomorrow, the third Friday of the month.

John O'Hagan | Tomorrow will see three events being held for the Iraq Moratorium. One by Military families speak out, the second by New School SDS and the third by Harlem residents asking for peace. more...  1 Comments

Execution witness: We don’t need the Supreme Court to know lethal injection is cruel

Renee Feltz | “So I saw the most horrific experience of my entire life,” Becnel said. “I saw his body contort to the point… his contractions went so deep… it was unnatural. You could see his rib cage. It was the worst thing I ever saw in my life and it went on for nearly 10 minutes.” Becnel said she went from praying for Williams’ life to be saved to asking God to “take him now.” || Previous Death Penalty Coverage in The Indy: Decision Time for Tookie || "Respect Life": Freed Prisoners Rap Death Penalty || Texas Premeditates the Murder of a Man Who Killed No One || Dems Dance Around the Death Penalty || Death Row Miracle || Barbara Becnel more...  15 Comments

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