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Event: When Neoliberalism Implodes

Karl Marx | A Discussion with Robert Brenner & Sam Gindin. Moderated by Vivek Chibber
Fiday Dec. 7th at 7:30 pm at the Brecht Forum more...  0 Comments

Ex-professor speaks truth to power about Middle East.

Alex Kane | It seemed only fitting that on the day of the “historic” meeting in Annapolis, Maryland between Ehud Olmert and Mahmoud Abbas, Norman Finkelstein would set the record straight. Around 300 people were present at Judson Memorial Church right near Washington Square Park, and all the chairs were filled as well as a few hagglers standing up. more...  2 Comments

The Murder of Lazaro Tista

Stanley W. Rogouski | There is a quiet apartheid today in most of America that, like the devil with his greatest trick, has convinced us that it doesn’t exist. But it does. The Bantustan is that carriage house behind the dilapidated old Victorian in the Midwest or the one bedroom apartment in Queens that houses three families in rotating shifts. There is now a silent, hidden underclass of over 10 million undocumented immigrants, people who pick your fruit, throw your takeout pizza in the oven, deliver your Chinese food on a bicycle, or do the hard construction work on your MacMansion. They have no right to vote, little or no access to social services, and they are, in effect, long-term residents but not citizens. These people have broken the law but they are not criminals. As individuals, they are more sinned against than they are sinners. But a disenfranchised underclass with no right to vote or organize unions and an expendable pool of temporary workers is a weapon of class warfare that the rich can use against the lower part of the working class, and as such they are already having a destructive effect on civil society and on American democracy. more...  1 Comments

Carlitos Cafe to Close on Nov. 29

Eliana | I am proud of all the accomplishments of Carlitos. In only a few years, we have provided a venue for many organizations to meet, many collectives to get started, many artists to express themselves and many activists to convene and network. We have provided a venue for people to learn, reflect upon and analyze issues that we sometimes overlook. We have provided a place for people to fall in love, to get a job, to get an apartment, to find information, to come up with ideas, and to meet people they might not have otherwise met during the course of their life.
more...  0 Comments

Youth on the Move Gives Bronx Cheer to NYPD School Cops (Indypendent)

Renee Feltz | The video may be the only public record of how students feel about this force. “The youth are the ones who really know what is happening in the schools,” said Chloe Dugger, field organizer for the NYCLU’s Police Accountability Project. Dugger said that is why the NYCLU supplied Youth on the Move with cameras to make the 4-minute film in July during three workshop sessions with a documentary filmmaker. While students are heavily affected by the agents, Dugger said they have no way to file a complaint if an agent behaves abusively or inappropriately. || NYC School Security by the Numbers more...  1 Comments

11/27:Norman Finkelstein at Judson Memorial Church

Brecht Forum | Embattled professor and penetrating analyst of the Middle East, Norman Finkelstein will examine the roots of the conflict between Israel and Palestine and the prospects for peace. more...  1 Comments

Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping's Buy Nothing Day March!

Trevor Jones | Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping are on a mission: to spread the word about the evils of global capitalism, consumerism and wasteful spending by the good people of America. To counter the lemming-like behavior that is "Black Friday", the Reverend, his choir and band of striking elves walk down 5th Avenue and over to Times Square, between 12pm and 1pm. more...  0 Comments

Statement on Black Friday Banner Drop at the Westchester Mall

Westchester Rebel Alliance | The Black Friday banner drop at The Westchester represents a stand against the mindless consumption of the Christmas season and commodification of culture at the expense of workers and the environment. more...  3 Comments

Listing the New York Left (Indypendent)

Alex Kane | From upcoming pickets by striking workers, and rallies for universal health care or affordable housing to freegan workshops and announcements about progressive film showings, readings, or good old antiwar protests, the New York City Activist and Protest Calendars have become indispensable resources for many in New York’s progressive circles. more...  0 Comments

15,000 Demonstrators Demand Closing of School of Americas

John Tarleton | Arriving at the gate, marchers attached crosses, photos, flowers and hand-written messages to an eight-foot high chain-link fence topped with three lines of barb wire. Before leaving, I tore a page out of my reporter’s notebook, wrote the name of an old friend— “Bradley Roland Will, 36, Indymedia”—rolled up the piece of paper and wedged it into the chain-link fence between three small white crosses that bore the names “Jesus de Antonio Garcia, Colombia”, “Israel Marquez, 80, El Mazote” and “34-year-old pregnant woman, El Salvador.” more...  1 Comments

NYC Rights Activists Escalate Protests Against Leviev Over Palestine Land-Grab

Adalah-NY | In a loud, festive protest this evening, 40 New Yorkers chanted, danced Palestinian Dabka and performed street theater. Protesters were faced by a cordon of police officer who leaned against the LEVIEV store windows, blocking any view of the expensive jewelry in the showcase. No customers entered the store during the hour and a half protest. more...  7 Comments

I Don’t Want To Be a Gypsy Anymore

Ella Veres | Many Eastern European immigrants carry over to the USA their racism and homophobia. This is an account of two incidents that i had to go thru in NYC as a part-Gypsy writer. more...  6 Comments

11/20 TUE: Anti-HRC Demo to Support Trans Rights

Radical Homosexual Agenda | We have a horde of pink middle fingers to point in the direction of HRC supporters. We'll remind them that queer means way more than lesbian, gay or bi. more...  0 Comments

WBAI Election Extended

Repost of Casey Peters ruling with explanation | Election Extension Details & Getting a Replacement Ballot more...  0 Comments

Friends of Brad Will Launch Intervention at Congressional Hearing on Plan Mexico

NYC Indymedia Congressional Reporter | At the November 14th U.S. congressional hearing on the Merida Initiative which is part of Plan Mexico, four Friend's of Brad Will shifted the talk from a 1.4 billion dollar package to bolster Mexico''s security against narco-trafficing to a discussion on Mexican government impunity to commit human rights abuses against pro-democracy dissidents, labor activists, and journalists. more...  24 Comments

Brooklyn for Peace Event: "Media, History and Late-Breaking News in the Israel-Palestine Conflict"

Brooklyn for Peace | Palestinian and American journalists discuss the prospects for Middle East peace, expectations for the U.S.-initiated Annapolis conference, and the ways old and new media frame the issues. more...  0 Comments

TODAY at NOON! Fight for Justice for Low Income Seniors

K. Franklin | The NYC Coalition for a Right to Counsel for Senior Citizens is asking the public to show up in large numbers for their RALLY at CITY HALL, TODAY at NOON to urge the city to establish a right to counsel for low-income seniors in housing court. more...  1 Comments

Glitterati at Leviev’s New York Gala Stunned by Palestinian Rights Protest

Adalah-NY | Over 100 well-dressed, well-heeled New Yorkers attending the invitation-only opening of diamond mogul Lev Leviev’s Madison Avenue jewelry store this evening appeared stunned and aghast to find their evening derailed by a noisy protest against Leviev’s construction of illegal West Bank settlements. Gala attendees set down their champagne glasses and gathered by windows to view the signs and Palestinian flags, and hear protesters’ chants.
more...  9 Comments

Indy Benefit With Naomi Klein Event Canceled; Hunter College Forum Nov. 30

The Indy | Due to venue-related circumstances beyond our control, the Nov. 16 benefit for The Indypendent featuring Naomi Klein and Jeremy Scahill has been postponed. A new date for this event has yet to be determined. To hold you over, there will be a Indypendent forum at Hunter College on November 30, starting at 6:30, featuring a discussion of radical media history, the "artwork of the Indy," a multi-media presentation, and more.


Indypendent Forum
Friday, Nov. 30
Hunter College, 695 Park Ave
Room: 543 Hunter North ("The Black Box") more...  0 Comments

From the Indy Archives: Reporting From Pakistan

Sarah Stuteville / The Common Language Project | As turmoil engulfs Pakistan, the Indypendent takes a trip back through its archives for recent firsthand coverage of the country.

(from the June 29, 2006 Indypendent): "Walking Out of Slavery: For Pakistan’s Bonded Laborers, Freedom Is The Beginning Of A New Struggle."

(from the January 10, 2007 Indypendent): "Reflections from Pakistan." I was in Pakistan for a little over a month last year reporting on the issue of bonded labor and debt slavery in the country. Though Pakistan was only one of the ten countries I visited in an eight-month tour, it looms the largest in my memory. I was fascinated by this country so at odds with itself: as feudal as it is modern, as isolated from as it is harassed by the international community, as hospitable as it is hostile. But the real reason Pakistan is still on my mind is because America won’t let me forget it.

More on the Common Language Project more...  0 Comments

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