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The Headline We Haven't Seen

No Land Grab |

TimesRatner Report

The price tag of Ratner's arena has ballooned to from $435 to $555.3 million. Norman Oder makes a good point in his follow-up blog to the report on the Times's coverage, that under normal circumstances this would be a big story. But Ratner's supersized megablockolis is anything but normal. [Read More]

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NYPD Bicycle Theft at Bedford Ave Station | Around 7 pm on October 5, 2005 the NYPD removed bicycles locked to the entrance of the Bedford Avenue L station in Williamsburg. Although signs indicate property attached to these MTA railings will be removed, there was no such warning for bicycles removed from nearby signposts. In fact, according to NYS Vehicle and Traffic Law Article 24, Section 1115, it is completely legal to lock a bicycle to a signpost, lamppost, bus stop pole, parking meter or any other public street fixture as long as it does not alter or interfere with the operation of public traffic signals and signs. more...  26 Comments

Breaking The Bank (The Indypendent)

Leijia Hanrahan | Reporting of direct actions during the September 24 protests in Washington D.C. more...  1 Comments

Theater Of War (The Indypendent)

Rachael Breitman | A review of several recent anti-war plays in the downtown theater scene. more...  1 Comments

A Rare Look Inside North Korea (The Indypendent)

Diane Mason | A DVD review of A State Of Mind from VeryMuchSo Productions by Daniel Gordon about lives in North Korea. more...  0 Comments

What's It Worth? (The Indypendent)

Diane Mason | Film reviews of Quanto Vale Ou E Por Quilo? , Mi Enemigo, and El Inmortal. more...  0 Comments

NYC Grassroots Media Coalition: make this netWORK event this Thurs 10/6, in Brooklyn

Jen - Paper Tiger | This is the third in a series of informal networking events organized to
create a space for grassroots media makers and social justice
organizers/activists to come together, get to know one another and make
the connections necessary to strengthen local campaigns and independent
media networks. more...  0 Comments

The A-String: Blues Folk Resist Oppression's Yoke (The Indypendent)

Steve Wishnia | This issue's music column The A-String covers Otis Taylor and an Oldie Of The Month more...  1 Comments

A Requiem for Critical Mass?

BikeBlog / Open Newswire |
Meanwhile, Peter writes about the most recent CM in NYC:

"I decided to do the Critical Mass bike ride again, (after a few months off, for good behavior). It was sad to see how few people showed up for the ride. Usually the whole back part of Union Square is filled with chatty cyclists of all shapes and sizes. This time, there were about 150 people, milling around the steps on 14th St." [Read More] || Police Threaten London CM || All the Critical Mass News Fit to Print || Critical Mass Call Out || A Happier Video: 30,000 Riders in Budapest more...  1 Comments

New, Creative not-for-profit Speaker's Bureau for community leaders

activists | New not-for-profit Speaker's Bureau for
volunteers, community, grassroots leaders and feminist activists. By listing
yourself in our Speaker's Bureau, people who want to contact you to be a
keynote speaker or a workshop speaker can get in touch with you
directly more...  0 Comments

On Language: Who Are the Real Eco=Terrorists?

Warcry | Forms of dissent which cannot be easily controlled and safely neutralized like marching, voting, lobbying, letter writing, etc. are increasingly defined as “terrorism.” more...  0 Comments

Bushes declare Open Season! (New Florida Gun Law)

C.Arnage | Bushes declare Open Season! more...  0 Comments

The New Yorker's Lopsided Debate on Iraq

Erin Thompson | The kind of lopsided debate that took place on September 23, at The New Yorker's "Town Hall Meeting on Iraq," exemplified the mainstream debate on Iraq, in which experts discuss the seeming impossibilities of withdrawal without even considering it as a genuine option. This kind of debate is also one of the main reasons for the impotence surrounding anti-war, anti-occupation stances. more...  3 Comments

Nov. 2nd meeting on MONDAY 10/03/05

joey | The world can't wait, and every day we see new atrocities- Robert's confirmation, 1000s of black people drowned and starved, 100,000s of iraqis starved then killed, we need to drive out the Bush Regime.

Nov. 2nd needs to be a beginning of a whole new movement taht has its sights set on actually bringing about teh conditions to drive this regime out.

come to the meeting and make this real!
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Don't Poison Kids-- Who Couldn't Sign-On to California Bill Against Pesticides in Schools


Fulton, NY Workers at Interafce Solutions Inc. Locked out by Management

Brendan Maslauskas Dunn | It was nearing ten o’clock, Sunday night (Sept. 25). I was driving my friend home to SUNY Oswego on Rt. 481 N. and there on the left side of the road, just north of the city of Fulton, I saw two workers boldly picketing in front of the Interface Solutions Volney Plant, a company that manufactures gaskets and paper backing for vinyl flooring. I was surprised to see them there. It was over a month ago that I had seen workers at the same picket line. I decided to turn around and find out why exactly they were picketing. more...  1 Comments

No Muslim Terrorist Threat in America

Umar ben-Ivan Lee | No Muslim Terrorist Threat in America more...  1 Comments

Ojeda Rios, Hampton, Shakur: Related Histories, Common Freedoms

Juan Antonio Ocasio Rivera | The repression against these three leaders result from a common historical dynamic: slavery, both individual and collective. For Puerto Rico, collective slavery in the form of colonialism is the key dynamic which shapes events like the FBI killing of Machetero leader Filiberto Ojeda Rios. The murder has shaken Puerto Ricans of all political lines, and hopefully, will spur movement towards decolonization. more...  0 Comments

Bush to Mother Earth: Bring It On!”

(Associated Press Internacionalé) | WASHINGTON, Sept 28 - In the wake of devastation wrought by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, the Bush administration today announced a dramatic shift in national security policy. “While our attention was focused on fighting evildoers,” said the president. “Our country was attacked by a new enemy, Mother Nature. But from now on America will be prepared,” said Bush. “To you Mother Nature, I say ‘Bring it on!' more...  1 Comments

New Issue of Left Turn Now Out

Visual Resistance | The new issue of Left Turn is hot off the presses, with a beautiful cover by one of our favorite artists, Cristy Road. Left Turn is probably the best radical magazine currently being published in the US. The magazine always looks good, and the content informative and well-written. Unlike most radical publications, they manage to have strong political positions without being dogmatic or sectarian. Their writers aren't cranks or armchair critics - they're usually young activists and new voices. [Read More] more...  27 Comments

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