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PROTEST ISRAELI WAR CRIMINAL Ehud BARAK: 3/18 5pm @ Waldorf Astoria

Waldorf Astoria on 50th Street & Park Avenue, Tuesday March 18, 2008 at 5:00 pm. more...  0 Comments

Pictures - Times Square Armed Forces Recruiting Station Bombed

arrojalabomba | Bringing the war home, a hooded bicyclist bombed the Times Square Armed Forces recruiting station this morning. There has been no statement regarding this thus far, and perhaps there will not be, although in this case, perhaps the medium is the message. Unlike the bombs dropped by the US armed forces on various brown people around the world, no one was hurt. more...  28 Comments

Ash Wednesday Vigilance: Local Group Stands Up for Detained Immigrants

Amy L. Dalton | The Interfaith Refugee Action Team–Elizabeth (“IRATE” for short) held its regular ash Wednesday vigil on Feb. 6 outside of the Elizabeth Detention center, a privately run prison that confines refugees while their cases are pending. More than 150 participants from New York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey Gathered at the prison for prayers and song, and received the traditional marking of ash on their foreheads. Groups represented included Pax Christi, the National Association of Social Workers, the New York New Sanctuary Movement, Sojourners Prison Visitation Project, the Haitian Solidarity Network of the Northeast, the May 1 Coalition, the Globe & Port Coalition, and at least a dozen churches and faith-based communities. more...  0 Comments

Downward Arch (Indypendent)

Alex Kane | In what was billed as a “memorial” for Washington Square Park, an estimated 100 people gathered at Judson Memorial Church Feb. 6 to protest plans to radically redesign one of Greenwich Village’s most iconic public spaces. more...  2 Comments

Tenants' Voice Column (Indypendent issue #116)

Bennett Baumer | Are your lights out in the hallway? Is there a non-payment notice posted on the door? If a bad landlord has got you down, you are not alone. And soon you will have legal recourse. more...  1 Comments

Radical Homosexual Agenda Flips HRC the Bird, Demands Trans Rights

RHA | On the evening of Saturday, February 23rd, noise reverberated throughout the enclosed entrance to the midtown Hilton Hotel as approximately 50 motley LGBT demonstrators hoisted three-foot tall, pink-painted cardboard middle fingers, drummed and chanted to protest a fundraiser for the Human Rights Campaign, a national gay rights group. more...  3 Comments

Brecht Forum Panel Discusses Left Views on the Economy

Aman Gill | The economy’s been in the news recently. But most economic discussion is from the perspective of investors and other profit-makers, who generally assume that falling housing prices are universally bad, and that free markets are good. At the Brecht forum in Manhattan on Thursday night, February 21, a full house of 40-50 people heard a panel of speakers including Lewis Lapham, Doug Henwood, Nomi Prins and Noah Rosenblatt offer leftist analysis on the topic "The Big Bust: Is the Economy About to Crash?" more...  0 Comments

Redlining: Why So Few Harlemites Own Property (Indypendent)

Renee Feltz | Redlining is the unethical practice in which financial institutions, such as banks or mortgage lenders, refuse to lend money in neighborhoods populated by people of color. It is one of the main reasons so few Harlem residents own real estate in their community more...  0 Comments

125th Street on the Line (Indypendent)

Renee Feltz | While real estate developers dream of luxury high rises, many harlemites worry that massive redevelopment of 125th street could change their neighborhood forever. more...  0 Comments

WWII Conscientious Objector Ralph DiGia Dies at 93 (Indypendent)

Judith Mahoney Pasternak | Ralph DiGia, World War II conscientious objector, lifelong pacifist and social justice activist, and staffer for 52 years at the War Resisters League (WRL), died Feb. 1 in New York City. He was 93 more...  0 Comments

ABC No Rico (Indypendent)

James Trimarco | A group of volunteers gathered in ABCNo Rio’s community arts center gallery on a cold Saturday morning in early February. The topic under discussion was grave. The future of No Rio — an open space for New York’s radical arts and squatter communities for nearly thirty years — was at stake again. more...  7 Comments

Bloomberg Squeezes Student Funds (Indypendent)

Joseph Huff-Hannon | Hundreds of New York City public school students gathered at the Department of Education’s doorstep this Valentine’s Day — and they weren’t there to deliver a candygram. The students chanted “Asian, Latin, black or white, to fight the cuts we must unite” and “We give Tweed an F!” down Chambers Street in Lower Manhattan on the chilly winter afternoon. more...  1 Comments

Omowale Clay Responds to False Accusation By LSB Member Mitchel Cohen

Omowale Clay | (Poster's note: By court order the WBAI election is not over until February 23rd when ballots are due at the Wbai election postbox. Eligible voters who need replacement ballots can get them by writing For details go to: more...  0 Comments

Disruption at Plan Mexico Hearing

kirby | Soon after a panel of representatives from Homeland Security, the Border Patrol, and other US officials was introduced at today's Congressional hearing on Plan Mexico, an activist from the Friends of Brad Will, stood up to challenge this plan to send weapons, counter-insurgency training, and other resources to the Mexican government. After a representative demanded that he be silent, he was carried by Capitol Police out of the crowded hearing room and arrested. more...  2 Comments

Linking 'The Dream' to Today's Reality (Indypendent)

Alex Kane | On Jan. 21, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, nearly 1,000 people marched in freezing weather from WABC headquarters on West 32nd Street to CNN headquarters on West 58th Street. They invoked King’s message of racial equality while focusing on present-day race relations, including the anti-immigrant sentiment espoused by CNN anchor Lou Dobbs, the NYPD shooting death of Sean Bell and the Jena Six case. The Indypendent caught up with some of the marchers, who discussed how they connected King’s message to present day struggles. more...  1 Comments

NYPD Shills Terror Bill (Indypendent)

Jonathan Bennett | “When air monitors have been outlawed, only outlaws will have air monitors!”

The slogan, which has become the unofficial rallying cry of an ad hoc coalition of labor unions, environmental groups, elected officials and community activists, was environmental activist Bob Gulack’s reaction when he heard a report about the New York City Police Department’s plan to require a permit for any independent environmental sampling used in the city. more...  0 Comments

50-Shot Cops Duck Jury Trial in Sean Bell Case (Indypendent)

Erin Thompson | More than a year after Sean Bell was killed by a barrage of police bullets on the night before his wedding, the chance for justice in his case remain uncertain. After a 10-minute hearing on Jan. 25, State Supreme Court Judge Arthur Cooperman agreed to a request by the three police officers indicted in Bell’s shooting to hold a bench trial in their case, sparing them from having to face a jury trial. The decision came just two days after an appeals court turned down a request by defense lawyers to move the trial outside of New York City. more...  1 Comments

Ralph DiGia: December 13, 1914 – February 1, 2008

WRL | Ralph, 93, has been the heart and soul of War Resisters League since he came on staff shortly after the end of WWII and his release from federal prison, where he had served a term for refusing service as a conscientious objector. more...  0 Comments

GHI/HIP Merger Threatens City Workers

Socialist Party USA (NYC Local) | The latest case which will yield answers to these questions is the proposed merger of the health care organizations GHI and HIP. Proposed first in 2005, this merger had faced opposition from state and city officials fearful that it violates anti-monopoly laws. For municipal workers covered under these carriers the merger presents the very real threat of premium increases and limitations on care.
more...  0 Comments

Emails reveal Starbucks spied on staff looking to establish union

Worker Freedom | Published: 11 January 2008

Starbucks managers monitored internet chatrooms and eavesdropped on party conversations in a covert campaign to identify employees agitating for union representation at the coffee chain, internal emails reveal. more...  0 Comments

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