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Nepal's Revolution in Progress, a Global Perspective

Mike Ely | Something remarkable is happening. A whole generation of people has never seen a radical, secular, revolutionary movement rise with popular support. And yet here it is – in Nepal today. This movement has overthrown Nepal’s hated King Gyanendra and abolished the medieval monarchy. It has created a revolutionary army that now squares off with the old King’s army. more...  12 Comments

Sean Bell Summer

Aman Gill | More than a month after the notguilty verdict in the Sean Bell case, community organizations are trying to build momentum to implement NYPD reforms, including establishing an independent prosecutor’s office and reducing the presence of armed police in schools, while starting neighborhood initiatives to film police activities. more...  0 Comments

A Victory for Public Education

James Trimarco | Opponents of a plan that would relocate one of the city’s most successful experiments in public education in order to make way for a new Hunter College science center won a victory on May 21 when members of Community Board 8 voted in favor of a resolution opposing the plan.

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Photos - Union Sq. Protest - June 5th

Andrew Hinderaker | Hundreds gathered today in Union Square to protest the building of a new restaurant. more...  2 Comments


NAFCON | Approximately 100 parade marchers from the National Alliance for Filipino Concerns (NAFCON) and BAYAN USA were met with repetitive harassment by the New York Police Department (NYPD) and security forces of the Philippine Independence Day Celebration (PIDC) Committee last Sunday during the annual Philippine Independence Day Parade. The joint contingent was projecting issues of the rice crisis in the Philippines and protesting the local commercialization of the annual Philippine Independence Day parade and fair along Madison Avenue. Constant harassment from the NYPD, in connivance with the PIDC organizing committee and Philippine Consulate, ended with the arrest of two members of the Filipino community fraternity, Kapatirang Pilipino, or Kappa Pi.
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Adalah-NY Statement On Sunday's Salute To Israel Protest

Adalah-NY | Members of Adalah-NY: The Coalition For Justice In the Middle East were shocked at the unprecedented levels of hatred and racism on display at the "Salute to Israel Parade" on Sunday, June 1st in Manhattan. Adalah-NY organized one of a number of contingents of protesters that converged on 5th Avenue between 58th and 59th streets. more...  0 Comments

Hayden Labels Obama Classic Yankee Imperialist on Cuba

Jonathan Shannon | Former Senator and radical '60s activist Tom Hayden had strong words for Barack Obama at a talk on social movements, May 29. He decried the views in Obama's speech to the Cuban American National Foundation, calling them the views of a "classic Yankee imperialist. Obama's said he supports the war in Colombia, supports the drug war, supports the war on the streets ... He's sounding very hawkish." more...  8 Comments

Pictures from GHI-HIP Privatization Protest

Alex Nathanson | This past Friday a group of about 18 people met to protest the privatization of GHI-HIP. more...  1 Comments

Revolution Clubs lead ongoing Sean Bell protests

Alex Nathanson | On May 29 the Harlem Revolutionary Club organized at Union Square to protest the Sean Bell verdict. more...  2 Comments

E-Z Supply Ordered to Pay IWWs $1 Million

Stephanie Basile | Legal action is one of the many tools the IWW uses to put pressure on the boss. Several favorable rulings have recently come down. more...  3 Comments

Palestinians Don't Salute Israel

Soozy Duncan | Approximately 120 demonstrators lined Fifth Avenue on Sunday as the "Salute to Israel" parade held its 44th annual revelry. This year marks the 60th anniversary of what Zionists celebrate as the founding of Israel and Palestinians remember as the Nakba, Arabic for "catastrophe". more...  5 Comments

This Tuesday: Find Out What's Really Happening in Iraq

Gen. Petraeus | It's not a "mistake". It's a crime! Independent journalists Seymour Hersh, Jeremy Scahill, Chris Hedges and Laila Al-Arian will appear at the Town Hall (123 W. 43rd St.) on Tuesday night to pull back the veil on the U.S. occupation while also looking at what lies ahead as the war moves into its sixth year and the Bush administration threatens to expand the conflict to Iran and beyond. See for ticket info. more...  1 Comments

New Yorkers Protest Proposed Healthcare Privatization

Coalition Against Privatization | On Friday May 30th, the Coalition Against Privatization held its second street demonstration against the proposed conversion (privatization) of GHI/HIP to for-profit status. more...  3 Comments

Guantanamo Protesters Sentenced

Felton Davis | Thirty-four of the 80 arrestees at the Supreme Court on January 11th, were convicted in a 4-day bench trial before Judge Wendell Gardner in DC Court, and sentenced to either probation or brief jail terms. more...  1 Comments

Neo Nazi groups gather for Troodos summer camp

Freedom | CYPRUS has been named as a summer camping destination by two European far right political organisations.
The National Democratic Party of Germany (NPD), led by Udo Voigt, is considered to be a de facto neo-Nazi organization.
The NPD has had a turbulent history marked by a federal government bid to ban it in 2003, while a year later it won 9.2 per cent of the overall vote in the Saxony state election. more...  0 Comments

Residents Continue to Rally Against Gentrification in Harlem

Stephanie Basile | Movement for Justice in El Barrio and other neighborhood groups are fighting for their dignity and their right to safe and affordable housing. more...  1 Comments

Human rights in The Philippines

by Pesante-USA | Human rights groups in Eastern Visayas attributed over 1,000 human rights violations to the military since 2001 during a hearing conducted by the House committee on human rights.

But the military denied the allegations and maintained that their personnel were not involved in human rights abuses.

The committee, composed of Representatives Lorenzo Tañada III, Saturnino Ocampo and Liza Maza, held a six-hour hearing on human rights violations in the region last Thursday.

The human rights group, Katungod-Sinirangan Bisayas, made a presentation on the alleged human rights abuses that included testimonies of the family members of the victims.

Lawyer Katrina Castillo, regional coordinator of the group, claimed that there have been 1,475 human rights violations committed by the military in Eastern Visayas since 2001, the year President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo assumed office.

Out of this number, 108 involved extra-judicial killings, Castillo said. more...  0 Comments

UAE representatives in NY affirm boycott of Israeli settlement-builder Leviev

Adalah-NY | Officials at the United Arab Emirates Mission to the UN affirmed their government’s commitment to boycotting the businesses of Israeli settlement-builder Lev Leviev in a meeting Tuesday afternoon with representatives from Adalah-NY and Jews Against the Occupation (JATO). Leviev is attempting to open jewelry stores in the Emirate of Dubai and to sell his diamonds there. The UAE officials promised to pass on to their government photos from Dubai, one taken on May 27th, showing that Leviev’s local partner Arif Ben Khadra is currently advertising and selling Leviev’s products in Dubai in defiance of the Emirate boycott policy. more...  8 Comments

What's new at the 123 Community Space

@ friend | This past May, things have been heating up at the 123 Community Space, with all sorts of new projects and events, and of course with a little help from global warming. more...  2 Comments

US political author Norman Finkelstein arrested, denied entry to Israel

repost from wire services, Democracy Now! | Jerusalem - The US political author and critic of Israel Norman Finkelstein was denied entry to the Jewish state on Friday, his lawyer said.
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