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Final Day For Mermaid Queen's Hunger Strike To Oppose Coney Land Grab

Michael O'Neil | Mermaid Parade Queen's Bid To Save Coney Island From Land Grab Gains Support While Coney Sellout Recchia Under Investigation For Conflict Of Interest Loan more...  1 Comments

Video of June 19th Healthcare Demonstration

CAP | Listed below are videos of the June 19th National Day of Protest Against Private Health Insurance Companies in NYC. more...  0 Comments

The Supreme Court, Habeas, John Yoo and Murdoch's Wall Street Journal

Stephen Lendman | war criminals and their media allies more...  0 Comments

Passed HR 6304 Domestic SPY AMENDMENTS—choke 1st Amendment Rights

Dan Scott | House SPY AMENDMENTS—State, Persons Exercising 1st Amendment Rights “may be Considered” Agents of a Foreign Power. more...  1 Comments

2004 RNC protest videotapes subpoenaed by NYC government

I-Witness Video | I-Witness Video, which documented the police at the 2004 Republican National Convention in association with the National Lawyers Guild, has received two subpoenas from the City of New York in connection with civil lawsuits related to the RNC arrests. The subpoenas are so broad that we believe the City's true motivation is not defending themselves from lawsuits about false arrests, but rather intelligence-gathering. We have moved to quash the subpoenas and are fighting their demand to turn over the names of individual videographers.

more...  0 Comments

Harlem Fightback Continues

Jaisal Noor | Whether it be in Occupied Territories in Palestine, New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, or right here in New York City, the world is witnessing a new wave of corporate seizure and destruction of already scare affordable housing. This is just one part of Mayor Bloomberg's plan to transform New York, albeit the most ambitious. Under the current plan, 70 local businesses and hundreds of minority local residents will be displaced to make way for multi-billion dollar corporations to set up shop and continue to exploit our communities. more...  1 Comments

Protest Against Health Insurance Companies

Alex Nathanson | Protesters gathered outside the Midtown offices of GHI and United Health. more...  0 Comments

New Yorkers March For Healthcare

Coalition Against Privatization | The GHI section of the protest was high-energy. There is currently a proposal to “convert” GHI & HIP into a merged for-profit company. Many speakers spoke against this proposal and in favor of H.R. 676. more...  7 Comments

New deal to give Western oil companies domination in Iraq

Thomas Riggins | After 36 years Iraq's oil will again be under control of the four companies making up the old Iraq Petroleum Company. more...  0 Comments

UNICEF Rejects Support From Israeli Billionaire and Settlement-builder Leviev

Adalah-NY | A senior advisor to UNICEF’s Director said in a letter today that UNICEF will reject all partnerships with, or financial support from, Israeli billionaire Lev Leviev. Leviev had previously provided UNICEF with support by sponsoring fundraising events in France. Leviev’s past support for UNICEF is featured in a number of places on his company’s website (
more...  0 Comments

NYC Police Beat Up Rap Group Members Rebel Diaz

Davey D & Jenny on the Block | Looks like the NYPD are living up to their reputation of being bonafide 'dipshits'. We are just getting word that NYC Police located in what was once known as Fort Apache-the 41st Precint in the Bronx, have shown that police terrorism is alive and well. The word is in a unprovoked attack they badly assaulted two members of the Rap group Rebel Diaz. more...  14 Comments

N.Y. Assembly Passes Medical Marijuana Bill

Dan Bernath | For the second year in a row, New York Assembly members have voted to stop the heartless policy of labeling the seriously ill as criminals for relieving their suffering in accordance with their doctors' advice. To ask your state senator to follow suit, please visit: . To watch patients' testimonials, visit more...  0 Comments

Revolution Books Celebrates Opening of New Store

Soozy Duncan | Following 3 months of relying on borrowed space, Revolution Books again has a home in New York. The radical bookstore celebrated its return to circulation on Tuesday night with an evening of speakers and performers. The new store is located at 146 W. 26th Street between 6th & 7th Avenues. more...  19 Comments

Rebel Priests Push for Torture Abolition at West Side Church Appearance

Inni Chowdhury | Two priests who were jailed for demonstrating at a U.S. military base where soldiers are trained in torture techniques spoke at an Upper West Side church on Thursday night, hours after the Supreme Court ruled that detainees held at Guantanamo have a right to challenge their imprisonment before a judge. more...  0 Comments

Siegel and Sen. Adams continue call for special independent prosecutor

Jonathan Shannon | Civil rights attorney Norman Siegel and State Senator Eric Adams D-Brooklyn continued to argue for a special independent prosecutor at an 80-strong community forum June 12, in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. The pair have been calling for reform since the verdict of the Sean Bell trial in April. more...  1 Comments

Shepard Fairey’s Image Problem

Liam O'Donoghue | As if Wal-Mart didn’t have enough controversies to deal with, imagine the consternation in the PR war room when news hit that the retail giant was selling t-shirts bearing a Nazi SS skull. As the story unraveled, it turned out that Wal-Mart’s designer had ripped off the image from pop art superstar Shepard Fairey, whose reference for the Gestapo logo was 1960’s “biker culture.” Oops. more...  4 Comments

SCOTUS Ruling on Guantanamo Bay Restores Right to Challenge Detention

NYC IMC & AP | The Supreme Court ruled Thursday that foreign terrorism suspects held at Guantanamo Bay have rights under the Constitution to challenge their detention in U.S. civilian courts. more...  0 Comments

Crane failure/System failure

Gregory A. Butler | Why are young construction workers falling from the New York City skies? Why do the gleaming hirises of this city have workers blood pooled on the sidewalks in front of them? Read the story you won't get in the mainstream media, from a worker/activist/writer on the inside.... more...  3 Comments

Daniel McGowan Transferred - Threat of Madison Grand Jury

Family and Friends of Daniel McGowan | Daniel McGowan has been moved to the Columbia County Jail in Portage, Wisconsin. The reasoning for his move is unknown, but could be related to an as yet to be convened grand jury in nearby Madison. more...  0 Comments

PROTEST human rights abuses of sex workers in Cambodia (Wed. 6/11)

Women's Network for Unity Cambodia | WEDNESDAY - JUNE 11, 2008
327 E 50TH STREET NEAR SECOND AVENUE more...  2 Comments

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