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Homophobic Attack in West Queens

Marisa Ragonese | In aftermath of Monday’s assault on Father Braxton, Director of Carmen’s Place, a homeless shelter for LGBT youth, participants gather to discuss hostility they face daily in school and in the streets of Queens more...  0 Comments

4 Years After ICJ Ruling, Call to Bring Settlement-builder Leviev to Justice

Adalah-NY | Thirty human rights advocates held a spirited protest in the rain outside the Leviev jewelry store on Madison Avenue today, demanding that Israeli billionaire Lev Leviev be brought to justice for his companies' construction of Israeli settlements on occupied Palestinian land. Many protesters held signs featuring a large cartoon mug shot of Leviev emblazoned with the words, “Wanted, Lev Leviev, For Violating International Law.” more...  2 Comments

Starbucks Union Demands Reinstatement of Fired Baristas

Inni Chowdhury | A dozen protesters gathered in front of the Starbucks on 17th and Broadway on Saturday July 5 to protest the termination of two union organizing baristas. The event was just one of dozens around the world, as part of an IWW-organized Global Day of Action. more...  2 Comments

July 4th in the Park

Jamie Lehane | In Central Park by the Upper Westside entrance near 72nd street, people stop to honor John Lennon at Strawberry fields. On July 4 roughly 100 people gathered to continue he message of peace. more...  2 Comments

Call for Solidarity with Counter-G8 Protesters in Japan

The No! G8 Legal Team | Activists and organizers are asking local groups and individuals to call, e-mail, visit and protest at Japanese embassies over the unjust arrests, detentions, deportations, and repression occurring around counter-G8 mobilization in Japan. more...  2 Comments

film: the new attack (Chiapas)

cine rebelde | Interview with Ernesto Ledesma (CAPISE) about the Mexican State's new offensive against the zapatist indigenous communities in Chiapas / Mexico. more...  0 Comments

Happy July 5th!

Kristen Hackett | Jennifer Steverson, Public Programs Curator at the Weeksville Heritage Center, and this year, Weeksville’s July 5th Celebration coordinator, would like to invite all to join together this Saturday to commemorate the emancipation of African Americans in New York State. This event will take place at the Weeksville Heritage Center located in Bedford Stuyvesant in Brooklyn with festivities beginning at 5pm and wrapping up around 8pm. more...  0 Comments

Keep Public Parks Public!

Jamie Lehane | Keep public parks public was the rallying cry Wednesday Night at the “Push Back Picnic” organized by the Community Improvement District and Reverend Billy to stop the privatization of Union Square park. more...  3 Comments

7 Groups Call on Susan Sarandon to Follow UNICEF & Cut Ties with Leviev

Adalah-NY | As seven diverse groups committed to justice, human rights and peace, and representing hundreds of organizations and tens of thousands of people in the US, Palestine and Israel, we call on you as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, to follow the lead of UNICEF which told Reuters on June 20th that it was cutting all ties with Israeli billionaire and diamond mogul Lev Leviev. UNICEF took this action due to Leviev’s companies’ construction of Israeli settlements in occupied Palestinian Territory. more...  3 Comments

Surveillance in South Crown Heights

no_absolutes | Shortly after midnight, a police helicopter began circling the Jackie Robinson apartment complex on Empire Boulevard in the Lefferts Gardens area of Brooklyn. We're now used to police standing on corners throughout our summer and fall, lest something undecorous happen in an otherwise quiet residential community that is, for the most part, entirely peaceful. But are we supposed to get used to helicopters with searchlights circling our homes every night? more...  1 Comments

Immigration Issues Debated at Alwan for the Arts

Inni Chowdhury | Professionals and scholars were brought together by Alwan for the Arts, an Arab awareness group, on Thursday June 26 to discuss immigration in the United States. Alwan had previously organized three similar events, with the intention of promoting frank discussion among the participants. The focus group included residents form Long Island, Westchester County and Manhattan, hailing from backgrounds as diverse as medicine, finance, real estate, art and law. more...  1 Comments

Con Edison Workers and the Real Face of Privatization

Counterhegemonic | One can only hope that the Utility Workers Union is serious about its strike threat. Pulling the workforce off the job for a protracted amount of time may help New Yorkers see that vital city functions such as the operation of utilities cannot be run privately. more...  0 Comments

Harlem Is Not For Sale: Images from People's March Against Ethnic Cleansing

Michael Gould-Wartofsky | On June 21, the people took to the streets to voice their opposition to ethnic displacement and corporate centered development sweeping through Harlem. more...  2 Comments


Bayan USA | BAYAN USA, a national alliance of Filipino organizations in the US, together with several other allied groups, coordinated R.A.T.s in several cities in protest of Arroyo's visit, claiming the President will funnel any foreign aid, especially US aid, towards the proliferation of human rights violations, including militarization, counter-insurgency, politically-motivated killings, and abductions in the Philippines. Ironically, the Philippine government was recently elected a vice-presidential post in the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC), a major point of controversy for the families of over 1000 victims of extra-judicial killings and enforced disappearances in the Philippines. more...  2 Comments

PTH & RHA Turn The (Buffet) Tables On Bloomberg's LGBT Dinner

Radical Homosexual Agenda | A coalition of homeless people and their allies, queers and straights, lined the streets in front of Gracie Mansion. Inside, Mayor Bloomberg welcomed LGBT constituents for a dinner and a reception. On the streets, Nikita Price, an organizer with Picture the Homeless, led us in raucous chants so loud they could be heard even behind the mansion. more...  3 Comments

NYC Venezuelan Consulate to Sponsor Independence Day Celebration Monday June 30

Simon Bolivar | Venezuela, along with our sister countries of Latin America and the Caribbean, is building paths toward a new independence from neo-colonialism. Find out more about this process Monday night from Bernardo Alvarez, Venezuela's ambassador to the U.S., Dr. Adina Bastidas, Executive Director of the Inter-American Development Bank, Maria Fernanda Espinosa, Venezuela's ambassador to Ecuador and Sen. Piedad Cordoba of Colombia who is working to facilitate a just and peaceful end to her country's civil war. This free event starts at 6:30 p.m. and will be held at the SEIU-32BJ Building at 101 Avenue of the Americas, one block north of Canal St. Trains: A, C, E. 1 to Canal St. more...  0 Comments

Nader Rallies NYC Supporters, Suggests Obama Will Be 'Greatest Disappointment'

Inni Chowdhury | About 100 diehard Naderites welcomed their hero on June 18, when he came to New York’s Upper West Side to tout his third-party campaign for the White House. Ralph Nader and his running mate Matt Gonzales will be on the Independent Party ticket. For the man on the top of the ticket, his vision for the future is simple; he wants “to wage peace, not war.” Nader is against anything becoming “corporatized,” a process that has reached its peak under President Bush. Nader also had strong words for the Democrats presumptive nominee, saying he wished the Senator well, but thought “Obama will be the greatest disappointment.” more...  1 Comments

New York Jews Support UNICEF's Decision to Cut Ties to Leviev

Jews Against the Occupation/NYC | New York Jewish human rights organization Jews Against the Occupation today released a statement supporting UNICEF's decision to cease accepting money from billionaire Lev Leviev, whose companies build illegal Israeli settlements on occupied Palestinian land, mine diamonds under appalling conditions in Angola, and displace neighborhoods in NYC through gentrificondo projects from Gowanus to the Upper West Side. Replying to the Anti-Defamation League's recent attack on UNICEF for the decision, JATO/NYC called on the ADL to follow UNICEF and OXfam's lead and cut its ties to Leviev. more...  1 Comments

Official Statement from Rebel Diaz on Police Attack

kilroy | An official statement from Rebel Diaz on the recent armed, warrantless raid on Gonzalo Venegas (aka G1)'s apartment. more...  0 Comments

Adalah-NY: ADL demand that UNICEF reinstate Leviev as donor outrageous

Adalah-NY | The New York rights coalition Adalah-NY today labeled as “hypocritical and outrageous” the June 24 demand by The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) that UNICEF reinstate Israeli billionaire Lev Leviev as a donor. In a June 24 press release, ADL Director Abe Foxman criticized UNICEF’s decision to sever ties with Leviev, saying that it "smacks of selective political discrimination.” UNICEF announced last week that it would no longer accept donations from Lev Leviev due to his involvement in the construction of Israeli settlements in violation of international law. UNICEF’s decision came after they received letters criticizing Leviev’s activities from groups including Adalah-NY, Jews Against the Occupation, Jewish Voice for Peace, and a visit by UNICEF officials to Jayyous, one of the West Bank Palestinian communities where a Leviev company is building Israeli settlements.
more...  0 Comments

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